More on the latticework on which you hang new knowledge to become worth a damn

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Latticework can be likened to a Christmas Tree.

I once had a boy friend who bought tree ornaments as gifts every Christmas. Even to people who didn’t have a tree… ;-/

One of the barriers to real knowledge, I have found in my students, is compartmentalizing.

The opposite of compartmentalizing is the integrative approach…

I first saw this phenomenon in 1988, when i first read the famous book, What Color Is Your Parachute.

The core of that book is completely wasted on 99% of the readers. The core that talks about portable, transferable skills.

The reason people don’t get it, because they cannot see the integrative aspect…

All in all… if we look through spiritual capacities, the issue is that people look through a narrow cone of vision.

My strengths is that I can see the sameness, the belonging together in a nearly 360 degree cone of vision.

But even if you look at the world through a wide cone, unless you can detect patterns that connect seemingly disparate stuff… you’ll still lack the capacity to have a latticework of knowledge that will give you the worth a damn factor.

Seeing patterns is another group of capacities. It consists of three… one of them is to be able to filter out the irrelevant and accidental.

What is irrelevant and accidental? The elements that are not repeatable.

Like cloud formations. Or winning the lottery.

If and when you cannot connect the dots… a new piece of knowledge will go through you like a sieve… or will be an isolated piece… useless.

I remember when I was in a training program and we had to read the Art of War… I could not, for the life of me, see why that would be relevant to anything.

Which means: I didn’t pop out of my father’s head in full armor, like Pallas Athene from the head of Zeus.

I had to develop seeing, connecting the dots, looking for the similarity.

Which means: this capacity can be turned on by appropriate action… looking for the connection.

The Korean series I am watching illustrates this really well: the baduk boy sees that he was trained for LIFE, and corporate life, in his case, by the 18 years of training to be a Baduk champion. 2

Your childhood activities, sports, musical instrument, languages, choir, photography, without creating a context that shows their proper place in creating a life, and a latticework of knowledge, is quite useless.

Unfortunately most parents don’t know any of this and cannot help. And the same with coaches, trainers, teachers.

Unless they are personally part of the 1% that has life as a context, unbroken, seamless life… no compartments, they will not be useful for you.

Religion is trying to create an unbroken life, but what they are weaving a latticework with is mostly memes, memes that don’t serve you… When you get to me, I have to work for at least a year before you are able to, or willing to accept anything inconsistent with those memes.

There is an expression I really liked in Misbehaving, the book by Richard Thaler, 2017 Nobel Prize winner in economics: “Theory induced blindness”

You can replace the word “theory” with “what you know”, religion, dogma, what is MY profession, what is MY degree in, what do I know how to do… and you can see that all of those induce blindness… and a kind of stupidity… and inflexibility.

I have found that this inflexibility causes more harm that most things: people I did the skill finder exercises with were unwilling to accept that they need to build on their skills, they need to build on their strengths. Instead they all continued hitting walls with their heads… the walls didn’t care.

This unwillingness to look is still a puzzle to me. I don’t understand it, and therefore I have no coaching to unstuck it.

Sometimes this is not unwillingness… this is still not looking, but caused by some meme… like I should already know… or why would I have to look… or if it were important she would have told me.

Or maybe for the same reason as horse owners put blinders on horses… so they don’t get overwhelmed by the big wide world?

Maybe it is an inability, like riding the bicycle… once you get the hang of it, by someone holding you while you learn…

All my life I wanted someone to hold my hand. To share the hurdle with me, so I don’t have to invent it for myself.

Someone who says: it is as important to me that you learn it as whatever is important to me.

Unfortunately that is such a high vibration way of being, caring, that I have not found even one person who has it.

This is where talk is cheap. Showing it is cheap. Only caring will do… unfortunately.

When I discovered that I have the ability to feel what someone is doing inside… it started to help me as handholding would.

And that is when i truly started to learn.

In my coaching I strive to be the one who hold your head.

There is only one problem: it only works when you are attempting to do it on your own. Darn… eh?

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  1. Baduk is a board game, as difficult and as strategic as chess.
  2. Baduk is a board game, as difficult and as strategic as chess.

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