Raising your intelligence will pay off in spades?

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Billionaires are rare creatures.

One of the things you can learn about them is this: they could have become billionaires in almost any business. Not just the one they actually did.

I mean it. But they chose the business they chose, and they chose based on what they saw.

One thing the non-billionaires share is that they can see less clearly than billionaires.

Their view is cluttered with memes… and remember that memes are words that block them from seeing, block them from even looking…

So we could safely say, that billionaires see more memes for what they are… rules invented by someone else… lies invented to dupe you.

You can’t see that all memes, all ideas, all thoughts are rules someone else invented for you to stay the same.

And I am offering you the 67 steps, together with my coaching program, as a cleansing regimen. It will cleanse you of many of the memes that cover your eyes. If you do it for a minimum of 18 months, one step a day.

And if you don’t do it as a learning program. It isn’t. If you take what he says as yet another meme, it will make you stupider…

Now, will you achieve billionaire level clarity in 18 months?

You could. But it really depends on where you are when you started, and on the amount of accurate work you put in.

My best student started at 130 vibration. That was at the time just a tad above average. Not enough to make him a winner. He already started to work BEFORE he signed up to the coaching program…

Not the work he thought he should do… but the work I asked him to do: The Amish Horse Training Method, The Meme hunting, actively creating context, etc.

While doing that he started to SEE wider and deeper, started to make connections between seemingly disparate things…

Will he get to billionaire clarity? Probably not… because he is only doing some of the work… and yet he is the best student.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Meaning: below billionaire there are still levels, and many levels at that.

If you did more accurate work than he does, you could catch up with him…

But what stands in your way, what prevents you from doing the work?

Memes. Delusional Memes.

I watched this short video on how to learn, and it struck me that you were sold a lie, early on, telling you that if you heard it you know it.

The Dalai Lama said something like this:

  • I hear and I forget.
  • I see and I remember.
  • I do and I understand.

Turns out he was repeating another wise man’s saying, Confucius’.

But this video says something even simpler:

Even if you are very smart and very good at listening, you only catch a small percentage of what was said.

and in addition to that, it will be overwritten by things said later, by you or by someone else.

So the secret of learning is repetition. Not repeating what you heard verbatim, but repeating the listening/reading. Increasing the amount of information that sticks in your brain.

The brain is like a sieve. It takes a lot of training to make it more like a vessel. For things to stick. But more importantly: it takes a latticework of knowledge to hang things on.

Most of you are profoundly ignorant, and nothing sticks. And you don’t even know it. You can’t tell.

In my childhood there was a funny paper in Hungary. Its motto was: There are no old jokes, only old people. For an infant every joke is new.

I am amazed at the amount of inquiries from developing countries for products that increase memory. Memory power. They, people in developing countries are less delusional about their brainpower than you are.

Unfortunately no course will increase the capacity to remember… because, I think, the capacity to comprehend, the capacity to see, especially see the connections, is missing. And that is a DNA capacity that needs to be activated by constant use.

If you look at your activities thus far, very few required you to see connections, to see patterns, to recognize stuff…

Unless you challenge yourself nothing will happen.

And if you argue for your limitations… You know what happens: nothing.

And that is the worse thing: nothing.

That’s why you never learn anything, regardless of how much you think you have invested into learning?

I retain 30% of what I hear or read once. 50% if I hear it or read it soon after… 70% if I listen for a third time soon after… And 100% if I teach it.

A normal person with a lot of noise (memes) competing with what is being said or read, normally retains less than 10% of the information, especially if the individual components are not understood. Then a lot less…

Lots of bs. information is sold about this phenomenon,

90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.
75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.
50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.
30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration.
20% of what they learn from audio-visual.
10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.
5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from lecture.

I would argue with the numbers, but it is immaterial. Unless you do something with what you learned, you didn’t learn anything.

What is clarity?

Clarity is a measure of how much of what is there to see, you actually see. Accurately with high resolution.

Resolution is a word I took from photos on a computer. We used to scan a photo with a scanner (remember: I was a magazine publisher before I became whatever I am now) at 300 dots per inch… but printed at 70 dots per inch. The information was there, the accuracy was there, but the person who looked at the photo in the magazine only got a quarter of the data we had… so his clarity was lower.

This is true for any data, for any information.

  • They have the data.
  • they tell you some of it.
  • you get some of what they tell you.
  • and you then forget most of it…
  • and then you tell everyone, and
  • you believe that you know what you know.

A billionaire would know that this is how it is, and they would do their own looking, their own research, get their own knowledge.

My second best student errs on this account: he retains what he heard i said, but NEVER considers it 10%, always thinks that he got what there is to know…

He does better than the Average Joe, but much worse than a billionaire would.

You always want to set your compass to billionaires…

You are ultimately competing with yesterday’s you… but it has to go in a certain direction. It’s not their money you are aiming at, it is what made the money: clarity, attitude, knowledge.

What is interesting is this: Tai’s clarity (I measure it in vocabulary. Why? It makes sense to me…) is 10%. Jeff Bezos vocabulary is 30%. We could also measure his truth value: how much of what he sees is accurate: 50%.

And yet, you can benefit from Tai’s lectures. Tai’s truth value: 10%

But surprisingly enough, you can learn more from someone who is closer to your level if you set your eyes higher than him

Tai’s 67 steps combined with my coaching can take you to a 10% word clarity and 30% truth value. If you read. A lot. And if the input from meme sources, internet, friends, family, newspaper, TV is minimized.

Want to spend the next 18 months growing? An hour a day on average…

Get the audios of the 67 steps on your mobile
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