Eating by appetite… not hunger… but do you know what appetite is?

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If you need to eat 2 by appetite, but you seldom have appetite… you are, instead, hungry.

When I mention appetite, I get puzzled silence in return.

Most of you don’t know what appetite is.

Your body has a language (like cats! lol) that is nonverbal. If you don’t speak the language then you are out of touch with your body, and likely your health is low. You have symptoms that tell you: you are doing the wrong things.

My new attitude to mistakes and such is this: it is guidance. It tells me to correct something… my behavior.

No one teaches how the body is talking… you can buy a book on cat talk… but not on the body’s talk… what a world we live in, eh?

I am working on deciphering… and it is a hit and miss process.

Let me look at hunger, the feeling of hunger, then at appetite, and then at heart burn.

But also there is feeling hot, restless, lightheaded, hyper, and a lot more… all sentences the body doesn’t use words for.

Of course there is pain, there is tiredness, there is yawning, there are cramps, dizziness, nausea, throwing up, sleeplessness… you see, the language is rich… but the reception has lost the key…

You and I walk around unconscious, unaware, deaf and dumb.

We are a lot like medical doctors: you complain about something and they know instantly what is wrong with you… NOT.

My next door neighbor has been diagnosed with cancer. Metastasized 4th stage cancer. Six years ago.

Chemo, losing her hair… she is not getting better, she is not getting worse.

Muscle test says: she doesn’t have cancer. 4th stage cancer doesn’t hang around for six-seven years…

The memes that “guide” the medical doctor and you tell you to close in on the culprit and kill it.

Life tells you: open up. Keep it fluid.

The Art of War says… stay open. Stay aware. Don’t just the gun.

I am practicing that… and i can tell you: every fiber of my being wants to rush ahead and declare victory before its time.

We do this everywhere. In relationships. In parenting. At work. At school With our bodies…

I am, by nature, this jumping jack.

I destroyed every chance to relationship by declaring “I love you” early on, with every guy… I could not stand the tension of keeping it open, keeping it fluid.

You celebrate without knowing what’s going on, and grieve without knowing what’s going in.

Or you get cancer treatment without having cancer.

In my experience, the hunger you feel is a signal from your cells that they are struggling. Your cells are dehydrated. And you need energized water.

You can have hunger with the rumbling of your stomach: that IS hunger for food. No rumbling: you are not hungry.

Appetite is the body’s signal that it is ready to receive nutrition.

It shows it by salivating and the image of the food together

Pavlov’s dog is not hungry, even dogs behave as if they were always hungry. Pavlov’s dog has an appetite for the food.

When you feel hungry, according to my observation, there is no salivation… it should be a clue.

energized waterFood you eat when the body asked for energized water, will cause indigestion. Heaviness.

Indigestion is another cause of feeling hunger… it does feel the same… but it is a sign that you ate things together that don’t go together, that you ate when you didn’t have an appetite.

Heart burn is also complicated.

Most of the time it is a sign of filling your stomach too much. Result: indigestion. The stomach didn’t know how to handle the food you gave it, and filled itself with lots of acid… hoping it would make it work.

90% of the time it doesn’t work… so the too much acid spills out… thus heartburn.

I get heartburn because I have damaged my esophagus and the ring/valve between it and the stomach. Anything that irritates the esophagus lining will cause me to have heartburn.

Anything that is somewhat acidic. Chocolate, candy, prepared foods, too much protein in one meal.

Fructose sensitivity or intolerance is a good indication that you’ll have heartburn. Fructose and similar chemical formation foods damage the esophagus lining… causing dermatitis like symptoms, inside you.

Maybe the hardest attitude to master is to master A is A.

A is A means that it is the way it is. But it also means: something caused A to be A. So A is supposed to be A.

If you want to effect the outcome, you first need to accept that A is supposed to be A. Settle in that it’s OK. And then when you are all clear that A is really A… no doubt about it, then you can look to alter it: to take it to B… Or to prevent A to recur… reoccur, to repeat until you learn that A is A for a reason.

We don’t often see the cause… but we can safely assume that A is always an effect… The cause may be deep in the invisible 99%. But it’s there.

All effects point to the invisible cause… you pay attention and you may become the next Nobel prize winner… like Richard Thaler did…

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  1. everyone has a way that they need to eat to be the healthiest... the eating mode. It's one of the things I measure when I give you an individual health "reading"
  2. everyone has a way that they need to eat to be the healthiest… the eating mode. It’s one of the things I measure when I give you an individual health “reading”

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