Can you predict the future? Can you pick the next big winner?

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My last article, the shotgun method has missed its target… few even understood what the heck I was talking about.

Regardless, I am continuing on the theme, because this is one of the stumbling block for most of you… so although you don’t know what is eating your lunch… although you have no idea how you are screwing up, I do, and I am here to help you till you get it. I already have a third article in the pipeline… ;-/

About a month ago I finally and suddenly got ready to pick a marketing mentor. Terry Dean is his name… and as soon as I can afford it, I’ll also book one-on-one coaching with him. It’s expensive…

I like his approach to business, I like his approach to life.

His email from today is an excellent illustration to what he teaches. Don’t get stuck saying: I don’t need marketing. Because life is holographic, you can transfer what he says to any area, or to all of life… especially to the area of becoming worth a damn…

He lives what he teaches. I watched him live, behind the scenes, back in 2007 I think it was. A guru who lives what he teaches is as rare as rare can be…

I decided to have him as my mentor… but first I had to deserve him… 10 years it took. Hey, it is what it is.

I am sharing the email because it fits in with my article on the shotgun… pelting method, vs the strait and narrow. The Anna Karenina principle… is a principle because it applies, holographically to every area of life…

Here is the email:

You’ve probably already started receiving a bunch of predictions about 2018.

And it’s no surprise. Those emails get excellent open rates as we’re all looking for predictions about the future.

Will Bitcoin make fortunes or go bust? Will the stock market keep going up or crash in flames? What’s going to happen in US, North Korea, and other parts of the world.

My honest answer is I don’t know.

I don’t know if the world will experience feast or famine next year.

Everything goes in cycles.

What I do know is that you have choices to make for 2018.

Will you hope in fate or make a decision to build skills and systems that empower you to create whatever you want in life?

That’s right. I said “skills and systems.”

A lot of people will be making New Year’s Resolutions next week.

Lose weight. Make more money. Meet the right person.

Most of those resolutions will fall by the wayside within a few days of the new year.

Make goals. Nothing wrong with those.

But make goals that require you to develop new habits (that lead to new skills).

Don’t just go on another diet. Instead, develop an exercise habit. Find something fun. If you don’t enjoy it, you likely won’t continue. Turn it into a game.

Don’t just ‘start’ an online business. Develop good habits. Write an email each day. Or create daily videos. Or start running small ads on Facebook while systematically tracking your results.

Practice and build your skills.

In the beginning, reaching your goal isn’t the most important thing. Who really cares if you miss your short-term financial goal by 50%? Developing the habits, skills, and systems that allow you to consistently generate income will profit you today…tomorrow…and years into the future.

So instead of making New Year’s Resolutions…Think about New Year Habits.

What will you practice as a daily habit?

One of the skills I’d recommend is learning how to Sell Without Selling.

Selling is a dirty word in business opportunity circles.

Many of us remember that salesperson who tried to manipulate us and twist our arm. We have expressions like, “Sell ice to the Eskimos.”

Why in the world would you want to do that?

And even if you could…that sounds like hard work!

I’d much rather share my message with a hungry, ready-to-buy audience.

Good marketing attracts ready-to buy clients.

Ethical persuasion is NOT manipulation.

You can guide, encourage, and share value with your customers even before they ever spend a single penny with you.

You’ll find the step-by-step blueprint in my book, “How to Sell Without Selling.”

You can pick it up on Amazon in Kindle or paperback versions.

You may have time to get the print edition for Christmas if you have Amazon Prime.

Or you can have the Kindle version in your hands within seconds.

Nobody need another ugly sweater.

But there are multiple people you know who need a step-by-step formula for attracting ready-to-buy clients…

Merry Christmas,
Terry Dean
“The Internet Lifestyle Mentor”
Earn More. Work Less. Enjoy Life!

Obviously 99% of the world follows the lottery approach to life, wanting to bet on winners only. Big winners.

But if you ask people who are consistent winners in life, in business, in love, in fulfillment, they bet differently.

Jeff Bezos asks different questions than the 99% asks, than you ask.

This results in two important things:

  • 1. He saves a lot of time… he doesn’t have to follow the trending media
  • 2. He wins consistently.

You ask: what is the next big thing? What will change so I can win big?
He asks: what will, reliably, stay the same?

And then he doubles up on giving all his energy to doing what will stay the same.

My magazine was successful, but it was not as successful as it could have become. I violated the ‘give more energy to “what will stay the same” rule.’

My current business is doing better since I have been looking at what will stay the same…

My health: it is doing well, because I am putting in the work in what will stay the same… the reliable, fundamental basics.

My fulfillment, my growth, my relationships: I strengthen what will always stay the same… and I am experiencing a steady upward movement.

I call it the strait and narrow…

There are short term and long term views of life.

I have tried both. There is a lot more satisfaction, a lot more winning in the long term view.

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