Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds good

Being a coach sounds easy to you if you have no idea what they are doing, because you have never done it.

You just do what everyone else does, and hope for the best.

A “normal” coach only knows what they learned. Tree of Knowledge. Not worthless, but not authentic.

Most coaches have a mixed bag: they did some things, and learned others.

And a master coach is someone who not only has done it, but has done it successfully… and has produced success.

I have never played team sports… I am an introvert, and I also hate competing with my own team mates. So no, I have never done team sports…

But through listening to the 67 steps, I have some idea about what good coaches do, say. They keep working on the basics. Whatever the basics is for the one sport.

In the “sport of living Life”, the most important basics is to get into power.

Getting into the position to have power, confidence, and flow.

Because underneath of every emotion there are words (memes)
Because ever emotion tells us what to do and how to do it
Because the words tell us what is the situation

the basics in the “sport of living Life” is to gain mastery over the words.

The moment you stop attending to them… you start slipping backwards.
And if anyone with eyes to see watches you, they can tell where and what aspect of words you haven’t mastered.

It sounds way too simple, way too easy, but don’t be mistaken: Life is about how you play your part… and the how all comes from the words.

power, confidence, and flow

There are many many many, too many “coaches” out there, who coach Tree of Knowledge stuff… including how words matter.

  • Positive thinking coaches
  • Law of Attraction coaches
  • Enlightenment coaches

All the type of coaches that have never done it consistently and successfully, and therefore cannot teach it.

So everyone comes to me somewhat tainted. More or less.

But Power, Confidence, and Flow… the word mastery, is a lot like water skiing.

In water skiing you are told to keep your arms holding the rope that pulls you, to hold them steady and straight.

It is counter intuitive: it “feels” safer and surer to pull the arms next to the body… it is obvious. It makes sense. It feels like a bad coaching to keep the arms straight.

So you pull your arms in, because you are smarter, and that very moment you fall.

But it must work, you think. And you turn around and start coaching the many people who want to learn water skiing… and tell them to listen to their intuition, listen to their body, that their instincts will never lead that astray.

You fell, but you consider it irrelevant. You never try again… instead you teach it.

And a whole generation of people come out of your hands, believing every word you say, but lack power, confidence, and flow.

They have found the truth… and the truth is supposedly will set them free.

Except what they found is not true.

In my coaching program there is only one thing missing: hearing me coach another participant. To learn by proxy.

I am creating opportunities for that… but the space needs to be safe.

This past Wednesday I got lucky, and no new, uninitiated person showed up at my Talk to me webinar. So I could coach, and I could blast… But there were only three people on the call.

The upcoming Playground, a workshop series, looks like a place where I could train students in word mastery… talk to one and train them all.

I’d love to have more students. Maybe three more?

Three students that are either somewhat trained by me, or are up to something in their lives… and could use more power there.

If you haven’t practiced the Amish Horse Training Method, if you haven’t been on the hunt for memes that run your life, you are really not a good prospect for that workshop because you lack the basic training.

Unless… of course, you are also in the coaching program where you can “talk” to me every day, maybe even several times a day about what you are doing and how you are doing it…

Even if you are in the coaching program, but you don’t communicate with me frequently enough to get frequent adjustment, it may take too long to figure out where is the strait and narrow.

What is special about my two best students is this: when I wake up I find their communication to me. It is detailed, almost like a movie. And I answer, almost like I just watched one of their inner/outer movies, and saw something that can be tweaked, nudged, corrected, enriched, redirected, explained…

So they are never “lost” for longer than a few hours.

Contrast that with a student with a different pattern of communicating: I cannot see what they are doing… I get a story every week or two, that regales some interpretation of what happened.

I am not a psychic. I can’t see what you are doing. I can’t hear what voices you are listening to. YOU can.

If I only see “you” once every week/every two weeks, I won’t know where you “lost” the thread, what you are not doing, what you didn’t get.

One of these “lost” threads is “what is a meme” or What am I supposed to listen to when I am doing the Amish Horse Training Method?

The missed voices/memes are mostly of a personal nature. The ones that say that you can’t, that it will never happen, etc. I made a list in the last post.

Especially if you have a large gap between who you think you are, and who you really are, by your behavior.

What YOU say that generates the emotions is a lot more important than what “society” or even your mother says…

And, of course, these are harder to hear as noise, after all you said it.

Your judgment, your good ideas, your superiority, your all-knowing, your self-badgering, your self-arguments… they are all MEMES!

But until you get up close and personal… the Playground will still be wasted on you.

There are at least two weeks till the workshop starts. You can get up to speed in two weeks!

If you are willing to work hard now, so you can get the results you want.

Now, one more thing: Fear.

Fear is a sneaky thing. It is always a racket. What do I mean by racket?

A racket is a front of the hand/back of the hand phenomenon.

On the front you are a victim. In the back you are a perpetrator.

Fear is never authentic, or almost never.

The fear that you are conscious of: it is inauthentic fear. It protects you from becoming all you can become.

Because who would ask you to do anything new, brilliant, extraordinary, given how afraid you are… poor thing.

If you listen keenly, you can hear the racket giggling with glee… around your stomach, as you got off the hook… again.

Two parts: you are a sneaky little fraud. And you feel fear. Now get off your butt, and do what feels scary… And prove it to your self that it is smoke and mirrors.

We’ll give this special attention, along with all the rackets, in the Playground.

Just this can turn you from a perpetual chicken who never wins, into a winning chicken.

Rackets don’t leave… they need to be managed vigilantly. That’s one reason you have a coach: to be forced to catch it before it takes over your life… again.

OK, with that: go to the sales page for the Playground, and decide if you are a good match.

If you are, I’ll take you. And make you jump through hoops if I need to.

Remember: soup Nazi had a line around the block to get “abused”… because the soup was worth it.

The soup is your life…

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