How to stop rotting away at home

Jordan Peterson: His vibration is 170. The truth value of what he says is about 10%. That is not as bad as it sounds, the truth value of your knowledge is less than 1%, so who are you to judge?

Anyway, 170 is not bad, and some of the things he does with what he has is quite brilliant. One of the capacities is to find patterns in disparate dominions and connect them.

Watch his body language… it is mighty difficult to hold it together…

It is definitely worth watching.

I am curious what you hear… so if you feel generous, let me know what you heard, for yourself. OK?

It’s even worth watching twice

This is the ancient “science” that underlies the shotgun/lottery/chasing mirages approach to life you practice, and the process driven approach I teach.

Where do I teach it? In every article. In every course of mine. In every webinar. In my coaching…
If you hoped to find the answer in just one post… you are doing the lottery approach to life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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5 thoughts on “How to stop rotting away at home”

  1. I don’t think I’m answering the question correctly. I’m giving an interpretation of what I think I understood he was saying. I remember hearing him say about that a person doesn’t get something right the first time they try; but as they continue trying to do the same thing again, they get better at being more accurate. My interpretation of that was “just keep swimming.” I put a question mark, because I’m unsure if understand. I’m thinking if effort eventually pans out as a person getting more accurate at what they are trying to do, then it’s worth it to “just keep swimming.”

  2. there is no “correct answer”…

    any time you understand things about the mythic “they” you are inauthentic.

    Understanding is the booby prize… are you out there, trying stuff, or are you rotting away home is the ultimate question.

  3. This is a very thought provoking video. Choosing to stay at “home” is easy because you know what’s there. Choosing to go and create life is difficult because of unpredictability and fear of the unknown. By staying at “home” we are not learning all the bad we are and good we can become while the process of going somewhere and doing something will change us. The process of getting to the beautiful place we want to get, is what really gives meaning to life. I can clearly see this with the bible story about Jews.

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