What you see… is it reality?

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The view is different from the foot of the mountain than from the top

One of the weird thing about humans that they are stuck in their limited view of reality.

They don’t even suspect that there is a different view from different points.

This is why almost every otherwise worthless therapist or coach can cause temporary results… because all they need to learn is to ask you to look a different way, through a different perspective, and voilà… magic happens.

The problem is that when you are left to your own devices, you rarely if ever think to activate the magic. The magic that is magical, but isn’t magic.

Things look different from different perspectives, because that is what perspective means. Duh.

And because your life is given by what you see, if you are stuck, which seems to me is always, all you need to do is change the perspective.

I hardly know anyone who volunteers to do that.

You are stuck in victim mode… And what keeps you there is that you are sure you see things the way they are.

People who buy stuff from me… cannot see what is front of them. They see what SHOULD BE there… not what is. It is a lot like pushing on a pull door… again and again and again… never actually looking at the writing.

One of the things that happen when you manage to raise your vibration is that you become lighter on your feet.

You are more willing to move left and right, or maybe even squat to get a different angle on things.

Or you can climb up to the top of a ladder and look from there…

You may be able to tell what filter you are looking through.

A filter is a lot like a context, but while context opens up, filter shuts down.

A filter only allows through what the name of the filter allows.

For example: if you think that a book is the story… you’ll only pay attention to the story: character development, beauty, etc. will not get through to you.

We could say: the default context is a filter… while an invented context is an opening of the shutters to a whole new world.

Because we normally can’t see anything, can’t hear anything, can’t feel anything that first wasn’t verbalized, We could say that humans are a species that live through words.

Once we think we found what we thought can be seen… we stop looking. We already know.

If your world is impoverished, if your “vocabulary number” is low, if your “about yourself” number is high, we can be fairly certain that you stopped looking. 2

Now why would you do something so stupid as that?

My guess is that you need to feel that delusional, inflated “I” that fancies itself smart, all seeing, etc.

And this is where the third number, the size of the gap proves invaluable.

If the bridge is wide… you’ll act this way: you will use your life to make quick and blind decisions to feed the precious “I”.

As long as the gap is so big, nothing I teach will make a difference. Because you will only see what you have already seen, what is a really small slice of reality… and you’ll feel that you have seen it all.

Growing capacity is a slow process. More than that: unless you see that you are missing a capacity, you won’t be able to practice it and turn it on… double whammy in the negative.

So as unpleasant as it sounds, my job as your coach is to tear you down.

I am good at it, but it is not a pleasant job. But unless I do it, you’ll be stuck in a true schizophrenic mode: one part of you will be full of himself, imagining themselves Napoleon or Einstein… while the real you remains stupid, failure prone, jumping jack, and gullible.

I still practice seeing more, seeing beyond the built in filter, every single day. Sometime for hours.

I watched a French mini-series over the weekend. I remained open… I did all I could. It took me three hours to watch one hour of movie…

It paid off. The last scene would have made a different sense without all this slowing down.

I got to Love and redemption. I got to real love. And that, my friend, is gold.

What do other people do? They decide early on what they are seeing, and stick with it.

Tai Lopez teaches you to read book as if you were mining gold. The worst teaching of any… maybe even worse than the manifesting b.s.

Because life is not in what happens… or what you think is happening. Life is in the detail. The beauty is in the detail.

When you are an impoverished person in your impression of life, love is a word and a set of memes to you. So is health, loyalty, honor, everything that is worth living for.

You are not alive. You are a robot… limited by what you can see…

Your movements are jerky. Your words are chunky. Your life is not worth living. It’s only a skeleton of a life.

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  1. These numbers are measured in your Starting Point Measurements.

  2. These numbers are measured in your Starting Point Measurements.

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