The grass doesn’t grow where you walk… does that make you special?

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1. I think it was in 1991.

A manager of mine in Landmark said: you don’t make a difference.

My answer was: then I must kill myself…

I was banned from participating for about 8 months. By that time the manager and everyone have forgotten the interaction.

It was significant to me, and not significant to them.

Today, I got that I was just one of most, including themselves, who didn’t make a difference.

It sounds bad, doesn’t it? Very bad indeed. From one vantage point.

2. I heard it said once in my whole life: someone told this guy (in Landmark… again) that the grass doesn’t grow where he walks. That he kills life.

Today I got that there was nothing special about that dude… other than he could take it…

This post is about you and what you can take…

I sent an email to one of my favorite people today saying that the grass doesn’t grow where she walks, and that she is killing life.

And then I said: we shall see if you can take it.

On one hand, from one particular vantage point, I was cruel. But apart from that vantage point, I was accurate.

There is literally no human who makes a difference, or who doesn’t live in a way that kills life.

Not one.

But there are people who can be awakened to that fact when someone tells them this fact… and then there are the others, whose delusional “I” thinks what mine thought: it is time to die then.

I watched a movie on DVD a few years ago, that showed the planet as it would be if all humans died.

Life could restart on Life’s terms.

When I ask Source if we are the first experiment for intelligent life, I find out that we are the seventh. All of these went wrong somewhere… ours with the move to the mind

The question is: can we fix humanity?

There is a saying that if you buttoned your shirt wrong, you need to unbutton it and start from the beginning.

This whole article will put my work into a whole new view, if you can follow me.

Humanity is either hopeless, or some humans can beat the trend and return to being in harmony with life… aka stop killing life.

It has never been done. Why? Because all modalities are leaving most of the buttons buttoned… and try to change with some that are not buttoned… I hope that the futility of this method is clear to everyone… it is very clear to me.

You unbutton… and then button. This time rightly.

The task facing the rare humans that can take the beating… meaning that can take the truth, is to unbutton.

This is why I handpick the few individuals that are as diverse as I can make them, while I try to get two of each soul correction, so I can see its effect on the individual.

Have I unbuttoned myself? It is always a matter of degrees… Muscle test says: 91%.

What are the starting point measurements that clue you in on the degree that you have or haven’t.

It’s simple. It is not your vibration number. It is not the number of capacities. It is the degree to which you think things are personal, or even related to you. And the number that shows the level of your delusion.

Your delusion came from this self-significance, self-importance, self-centeredness.

It is the main enemy… once you get some handle on the words that run your life.

Do I know how to teach you to take yourself out of your view of life? I am working on it… meaning: no, I don’t. I have some ideas, but I don’t have a technology.

Are we screwed? Of course… what else is new.

But I’d rather spend the remaining years on working something it’s worth working on, than slowly (or fast) rotting like everyone else.

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