Do you feel responsible for what others say about you? The savior racket

Soul correction, responsibility, what is yours and what is not

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: what others think about me is none of my business.

For most this is the hardest thing to learn.

We grow up in a family or community that consider their “sacred duty and honor” to call us names, to assign responsibility to us.

They treat their pets more fairly. They allow the pet to do what pets do… but don’t give the same rights to humans, children.

And, depending on your soul correction, your take on their view of yourself… (how you hear what they say) you may hear that everything is your fault and it is your job to fix it.

Truth be told: nothing is your job, and fixing it (or anything much) isn’t your job either.

Your job is to take care of what is yours. Your well-being, your ambition, your brain. To become all you can become.

Other people, nature, the weather, global warming… not your job.

One of such soul corrections is the one called “Stop Fatal Attraction”. The fatal attraction to things that are none of your business. 1

You have no power to change those thing because they don’t belong to you.

So let’s talk a little bit to see what belongs to you, OK?

There are only a few things that belong to you:
What you say,
what you do,
what you listen to,
what you honor…

these belong to you. NOTHING else belongs to you.

You are only responsible for what belongs to you.

Moreover, thinking that you can be responsible for anything else is a delusion of grandeur. 2

Saving the world, saving souls, fixing things… they are none of your business, and putting your attention and efforts there is a racket. It gives you a sense of importance (fake), it gives you a feeling of inadequacy (for the wrong reason… because what doesn’t belong to you won’t answer your efforts!) and gets you off the hook in not accomplishing anything where it is YOUR JOB. Resulting a pituful life… ugh.

Having a great life, becoming a superb human, making a living, mastering living, getting an education so you can interact with the world powerfully: that is your job. But you don’t work on this… you work on “god’s job”. Talk about illusion of grandeur… can it be grander than that?! lol.

  Another word for racket is a game people play. Look ma no hands… Look how much I am doing for you! I have a bunch of books on the games people play… will post them in the subscribers’ are as requests come in.

The typical “front of the racket” is nice-nice, the back of the racket is sinister. You are probably the destroyer of life, while in the front you are trying to save it. 3

The world doesn’t need you to save it.

And while you complain about the injustices of the world, injustices in the world, against people, animals, forests, the planet, you are not doing what is YOUR job… becoming a human being. Your soul correction.

Every racket is sinister. It is through and through, everywhere, in every area of your life… poor me/poor them in the front, nasty, controlling, domineering in the back.

So this, putting your efforts where it won’t produce anything is the savior/activist racket…

The “others” that you hear telling you in so many words that you are responsible for their happiness, for the weather, for world peace, for world hunger are also playing a game… and you are too stupid to jump for it.

If this is who you have been, please know that this is probably the hardest thing for you to change. To just become an ordinary person, insignificant, not all powerful. Soul correction is very hard. But the more aware you get the more of it you can catch…

You want to weigh the cost of this racket: everything you ever wanted, I bet. Grace and ease, accomplishment, fulfillment, money, joy, love. Everything burned on the altar on a delusion of grandeur.

Because you can’t catch what you don’t see…

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  1. on one hand you are always wrong, insufficient… on the other hand the world depends on you… delusion, inflated self-importance coupled with intense suffering. BIG racket.
  2. Jesus, who had probably the soul correction of Fatal Attraction, fancied himself important enough (if he did) that with his “suicide by cop” he can save people… ugh. Ugly.

    Of course I don’t believe he existed at all… so this is a non-issue. But billions of Christians think themselves very very very important… ugh again.

  3. The word racket is from racketeering. Example: a cigar store, a grocery store in the front, a horse betting parlor in the back. The store is the cover. The payoff is from the back.

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