The mind is the stupid part of you…

Your mind, your stupid part, has no direct knowledge about reality. It has no concern, no regard to reality… It has in it what the memes have programmed it to have… 1% reality, 99% b.s. And your mind is, therefore, your worst friend. It is killing YOU and it is killing your life… sometimes slowly, sometimes really fast. 1

Every Tuesday I read my email to find my weekly horoscope, and here it goes… again. Setting a context for my life, a context I could have never dreamed up myself… Rob Brezsny and his weekly horoscopes I would not want to miss.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “It takes an extraordinary person to carry themselves as if they do not live in hell,” says writer D. Bunyavong. In accordance with the astrological omens, I nominate you Virgos to fit that description in the coming weeks. You are, in my estimation, as far away from hell as you’ve been in a long time. If anyone can seduce, coax, or compel heaven to come all the way down to earth for a while, it’s you. Here’s a good way to get the party started: Gaze into the mirror until you spy the eternal part of yourself.

If and when you create your context yourself, it is always contrived… coming from the limited perspective of the human mind.

What does that mean? Easy and simple: the human mind is interested in what’s wrong, what it sees as wrong, and it will turn it around to set the fixed version of reality as right.

I had a breakthrough in being able to see why Landmark’s teaching doesn’t take, and why I haven’t been able to teach anyone, really, to set contexts that bring aliveness, joy, play, and experimentation to their lives.

The main issue is being able to see that A is A.

A is whatever you put there… it’s raining… it’s snowing… there is a broken pipe in the basement… I feel sick… My hydration is low… my husband is an a-hole… I have an exercise class today and I don’t feel like going… lol.

What the ordinary human mind does is after saying A, it says what it means, and then it either likes the meaning or it doesn’t… 99% of the time it doesn’t.

Then it thinks of fixing it. What it would rather have.

And an extraordinary person, someone not like you… lol… says AND thinks: A is A. Now what? Deep breath… and looking.

I am not concerned with fixing anything. I am not concerned with how things should be. I am not concerned with labeling A. I am concerned with standing on both feet, on the ground, steady, by saying A is A. And ask:

Is there anything I need to do?

One could label the mind reactive. Why? Because it is.

It cannot be with how things are. It is jumping around trying to fix things. ESPECIALLY things that don’t need to be fixed.

I am not telling you to not mop up the spill you made on the kitchen floor. That is not reactivity… that is just normal stuff.

I am talking about feeling a little heartburn and immediately running to the medicine cabinet OR the refrigerator to stuff something down your throat!

That kind of reactivity.

You can’t leave the f… alone!

The mind acts before it even saw what the f… is going on!

And that is you and your life.

And then you go and “create context” from this space… to fix what is wrong.

Now, one additional thing that is normally hard to see: you hardly ever take an action in the areas of life where you can and take effective action the steer your life to the right direction.

When I ask “Is there anything I need to do?” you are already miles ahead fixing what doesn’t need fixing, or cannot be fixed… and never actually look at what you can do, what you need to do.

I would laugh if it were funny… although in a Comedy Central way it is hilarious…

What I have just given a glimpse of here is the basic building block of the human hell: racket.

Can’t you see how busy I am fixing this thing here… how could I be attending to that thing over there at the same time!?

Cries the racketeer (the person with the fixing racket). And what happens is nothing…

Upset, righteous indignation, shouting… one obfuscation move, or another one: whiny tone… how can you expect me to attend to that when I am so busy here…

The human mind is unable to live in reality, doesn’t know about reality, only knows about a construct it build up about reality: all words, mostly shoulds and have tos.

So as long as you are in your mind, like most ineffective puppet on a string people, you’ll get what other people get: a mess of a life where what you really want eludes you.

I am going to write about something that I normally only deliver to paying students of mine.

But because I am noticing that a whole lot of bloggers and teachers read my site and repeat what they learned from me: I would not mind this repeated.

When we say nothing is constant in the universe, other than change… we actually mean it macro and micro.

Appearances are illusions.

Appearance appear the way they do, because you are clueless as to what is happening. You are either uneducated, unthinking, or the knowledge hasn’t been penetrated yet.

When I read Aristotle’s dissertation on human anatomy, I was exposed to this aspect of knowledge: the knowledge that hasn’t been penetrated… This will never change. 99% of all knowledge will always be in fog, or behind a veil.

Now, let me illustrate one aspect of reality that most people, had they known it, would have a much better life.

I will post a video later today… I need to edit stuff that you won’t want… Please bookmark this article, and come back later today or tomorrow…

I’ll use electric light as a vehicle, but it’s too about emotions, about learning, about life, about health, about everything.

The electric current oscillates 60 times a second. It is off 60 times a second, but you can only see that it’s on. The same is moving pictures… you can’t see when it’s off.

if this is a model for life, then life spends a lot of time in off… or you will spend a lot of time being off track… of peak form, off.

The flow state seems to be an exception, but remember the word seems… that is part of the yet undistinguished.

Your expectation of yourself and of life to be on, and happy, and smart, and productive, and in love, etc… is based on a mind-picture that knows nothing about reality.

You try to adjust reality to your picture… and I call that stupid.

Intelligent people adjust their expectations, their actions to reality. Really.

So if you are one of these fixing machine-like people… you are not intelligent. Your vibration is low, and your starting point measurements show the whole truth… as I can see it now. The rest is probably still in the undiscovered… More bad news for you, delusional readers of mine.

As I was taking a shower today I saw another are where this is exactly true: balance.

I have been dealing with some dizziness for about six weeks now. My life could be about fixing the dizziness: that is what YOU would do… don’t deny it.

Instead my life is about balance.

All balance is a lot like the sinus curve of the electricity: returning to zero.

My muscles are working to return me to balance: but I am never actually in balance for longer than a millisecond.

If you were watching me, I am a lot of the time “almost falling”… and that is life. That is the nature of reality. All you are doing is fixing what doesn’t need to be fixed… and getting further and further away from intelligence, and the strait and narrow path to the great life. Health, wealth, love and fulfillment.


  1. People, books, videos that talk about mind power are on the Dark Side. They are no friends of yours: they are working for the Mind. And you are too stupid to know.

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