New webinar series: Your concerns act like an anchor…

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I am morphing the free webinar series into a more advanced topic. Until now we’ve been looking at your context, we examined what context you could invent to alter your life. But where people have been stumbling is this: they weren’t able to live by the new context, no matter how right it was for them.

The past got into their eyes.

What is the past? We could say all the things that happened to you, but we would be wrong.

There is one main piece of past that every person has… and that is their main concern in life.

A concern acts like an anchor… it allows you two movements: you can go as far from it as the rope allows, and you can make circles around it.

A concern doesn’t allow you to go anywhere in life. A concern is the reason your life is repetitious, the reason your life can’t change, you can’t grow, and the reason that you are so prone to anxiety, anguish, and misery.

lift the anchorUnless you can lift the anchor, this is the story of your life… circling around the concern.

Although no one can eliminate the anchor, you can learn to lift it, move, lift it, move… and go anywhere you like… achieve anything you want.

In this new series, I’ll teach that.

We’ll identify your anchor, we’ll learn methods to lift it… and we’ll identify some places where you would like to go.

The webinars are given 3 times a week, Mondays at 9 pm, Wednesdays at 4 pm, and Fridays at 6 pm Eastern Daylight Time… that is New York time. Come to one, or come to all… Each time you’ll see more, practice more, and get better at it.

Understanding of this is useless… you need to live it.

If you are already registered: no need to re-register. If you aren’t registered, here is the link to register

The webinar is not scripted. It’s a workshop and I taylor it to the people that come: normally we only have 4-5 people.

Requirements: good quality headset, good internet connection, be hydrated, and be there early. The length of the session can be anywhere from one hour to two hours, depending on what’s going on.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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