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This article can create a turning point for you. It probably won’t… but it is not the article’s fault. If you think you already know, if you think you are already smart… it won’t do a thing for you. So better you just leave now…

I just worked on extracting the relevant part from Sunday’s Muscle testing course recording…

The part where I am talking about the nature of the universe… its wave nature.

What is wave nature? It’s going on and off frequently. Another word for that is oscillation.

If you consider life and the universe particles… a thing… you are wrong more often than you’d like to be. Always?

One of the manifestation of this is faulty thinking that sounding smart is the same as being smart.

If you have ever had the opportunity to be around really smart people as they are attempting to understand or integrate something new, they sound really stupid.

On the other hand, you know, I bet, a lot of really smart sounding people who never amounted to much. They laugh, hm-hm at the right time, say really insightful things, and you think they are smart.

But I have a surprise for you: those smart sounding people are really stupid. The stupidity is that they confuse sounding smart and the work it takes to actually get something, understand it, integrate it, make it useful.

This is what separates the children and MEN. Children do things to survive, MEN do things because they either need it or enjoy it.

Whatever I teach is very difficult. You need to rearrange your molecules to get it.

If you get it on the mind-level, you won’t benefit from it. And getting it on the level where it makes a difference: it is painful.

About half of the students I have engage in pretending to be smart, while their results in life are pitiful.

The Child self (ego state in Transactional Analysis) misunderstands the world. It tries to get brownie points for understanding or being smart, but brownie points won’t help you in life. So the Child is satisfied with the sizzle… and will never give you the steak… A weird expression, but true.

Talk smart… do stupid (or nothing)

That pretentious stupid child prevents you from actually learning anything, from doing the work that is hard, from turning a corner.

I have gone through this phase… decades long. Thankfully I have left it behind, mostly. (I still have it 9%! Most of you have it 70+% Debilitating!)

So what do you do with this? This is how it is. It is killing your life.

When you catch yourself that you want to be thought of as smart, please know it is the Child, and now you know who ate your life…

If you want to do something with your life, you need to notice, catch and silence the Child. 1

When I look at soul corrections, most of them are tightly related to the Child…

So the faster you get that looking good, sounding good, being approved of is the opposite of the kind of smartness that gets things done, the faster you can get coached and nudged, gently, to do what puts you on the ‘strait and narrow’ of a life worth living.

The Child in you will discount what I am saying here.

But if despite thinking you are smart, despite sounding smart your life isn’t a proof that you are smart… you will need to work with the child so it can get what it wants without destroying your chances for a good life.

I have never taught this, but it seems to me that I will have to.

Here is the video clip that started this article

The title of the video: the on-off lightbulb-nature-of-life.mp4

The clip is 20 minutes long. If you want to get it, I mean really get it, grok it, integrate it, allow it to re-arrange your molecules, you will want to listen to it more than once… maybe more than ten times.

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  1. Silencing the Child with force will only make it go undercover. My experience has been that the Child part of you is willing to talk… and everything can be resolved in communication. The Adult you (not the Parent) needs to have the conversation with the Child.

    Is this true about your children? It is. But it is a lot harder to be in the Adult state when you are talking to actual children… THEY TALK BACK! lol. And that puts you in Parent mode… and then you just screwed up.

    I’ll see if we can work with this in the Playground. The different ego-states.

    For here I’ll just say this: Parent ego state is forcing, manipulating, and trying to be right and controlling. The Parent feels that his life depends on his success…

    Adult ego state is not concerned. Adult is free from ego concerns, how they look, how they sound, and even of the success or failure of their endeavors.

    It takes a lot of giving up to become an Adult. I struggled with this for decades, and finally a few months ago I conquered it. It was probably the only good thing that Donald Trump did for the world… I saw that as long as I feared, hated, despised Trump, he was the tail that wagged the dog that I am.

    I gave up feeling anything about him… and became an Adult. Yay.

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