Comparison Of The Different Healing Modalities, Hypnosis, Visualization, Affirmations, Brain Entrainment, Energy, And Activation

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activation on five levels instead of oneComparison Of The Different Healing Modalities, Hypnosis, Visualization, Affirmations, Brain Entrainment, Energy, And Activation

What is the difference between modalities that try to implant new thoughts, new beliefs or change existing ones?

Let me look what are these modalities:

1. Hypnosis
2. Visualization
3. Affirmations, overt or covert (subliminal included)
4. Subliminal of any medium, including visuals
5. Brain entrainment of any kind
6. Energy alignment, reconnecting, Healing Codes, sound entrainment, network chiropractic, tapping, etc.
7. Activation
Did I miss any category?

The first six modalities are narrow-band modalities. They try to effect the areas they know are responsible for certain kinds of behavior, that store the beliefs.

Although they may have some semblance of success, their success depends on using the exact modality for a narrow band aberration.

Aberration means, in this case, a deviation of what is normal: being well, being healthy, being happy, being intelligent, being capable.

Any deviation from perfect is an aberration. The aberration can be narrow band or wide band.

Most aberrations are wide band: i.e. they effect your body and being on every level.

What are the levels?

1. conscious or cognitive
2. emotional
3. history… includes past experiences, includes past lives, includes inherited aberrations on any level. It also includes your ancestors. Changes made on this level effect your entire bloodline, up on the tree, and down on the tree equally.
4. ego… includes the made up personality, your shadow side, your masks and facades, your pretenses, your self deceptions… simply put your strategies to survive
5. cellular/DNA level. Many aberrations have imprinted themselves and are wreaking havoc on the cellular level. Most diseases are created and perpetuated on this level.

Narrow band modalities only effect one or two of these levels, and therefore they don’t cause a complete alteration of behavior and state.

No man-made equipment or method is capable of being that wide-band… Only the Original Source can include all of those bands in just one activation.

One of the reason, I think, is that most of these levels are invisible and undetectable with instruments made by man. Even energy healers and healing mediums have a hard time accessing more than one level.

Even if you had an equipment, its sensory bandwidth would not be able to include the variety of frequencies where these aberrations are stored.

Every activation includes, intrinsically, all five levels, and even the beginnings of an aberration are “blasted.”

In the Phase One activations the requesting human, me, had no say in what gets activated exactly. Therefore I could not bring my narrow scope of vision to limit the activation to areas and aberrations I can have a conscious or even energetic knowledge about.

Phase Two activations are slightly different: my role is much more significant.

My personal challenge is to “Forget Thyself” and allow Source to move me, 100% of the time, so I do not become the weak link in this Planetary Activation and Ascension.

I think so far I am doing a good job. I have trained myself in the years leading up to this “event” to catch every little trembling of the ego… You can’t catch what you don’t see… or don’t feel.

I have become a very sensitive “seismograph” so I catch the ego early and catch it reliably.

And because nothing happens unless it is witnessed, after activation every “subject” makes a promise to do a journal of any unexpected activity and doing, so the results are witnessed.

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