…And live to tell the tale…

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You want to live a life where you say this about yourself, a lot. “…And I lived to tell the tale…”

Where you are on the edge… and come back to tell the tale.

The edge? it feels like the dividing line between life and death. It is just a feeling. Some edge is quite inconsequential, but the going there is tremendous.

I signed up to be coached on Monday, and it’s Sunday, and I am already “fired”.

Another man’s integrity may be out of integrity for you. Another man’s wisdom is not YOUR wisdom. That is what happened.

I was asked to do something that doesn’t agree, doesn’t foster love between my two selves. Everybody is doing it… but for me to love ME, I can’t do it.

If you are not free to be yourself, then your integrity number is low.

Integrity is an inside job, and only you can call the shot…

But… Without integrity nothing work.

All of life starts to be skewed… because integrity is like your chassis… 2 the frame on which you build your vehicle. If it is skewed your tires will wear out, the breaks won’t quite work, the steering will be eh… just a little difficult to keep the car straight.

Do I tell you what you need to do? No. Integrity is an inside job… and unless you are OK with it… don’t do it.

Nothing compensates you for loss of integrity. Not money. Not sex. Not prestige. Not a good looking spouse.

The other day I started to ponder what makes someone prone to cancer… I have Sam Walton’s book on my bed and I look at his fakish smile every day at least once. And ponder.

According to the Kabbalah Centre people, cancer is an opportunistic disease: it fills the spaces you have between you and you. Sounds so good… but it sounds a little far fetched… But if you look, something has to fill the space… it cannot be empty.

It’s everyone, I’d say.

The world is not very conducive to authenticity… authenticity is what you get when who you are inside and out, true to yourself, instead of being true to some agenda, or some society raised standard.

The Playground is starting today, and we are going to start with something I have never done before, but when I was a participant, it was shocking to me.

I am going to ask people to list their commitments. If you are in the course, I hope you have some time to ponder it before you actually get on the call.

Everything you think you are committed today is from the outside. You are wearing it as you wear second hand clothing… and it’s a poor fit.

Underneath you also wear a layer of “me, me, me” underwear that justifies the second hand clothing.

And then underneath that layer is you… blood, sweat and tears you. Ignored, betrayed, neglected, suppressed.

I am talking about the edge… Unless you allow yourself to go to the edge, it is hard to even feel that there is a person underneath the make-believe, humdrum, everyday of life of you.

The edge can be as simple as it was mine this week: being asked to do a marketing move everyone is doing… but i don’t want to do it. And in that tug of war you get a glimpse that you are there, underneath all the layers…

Even if you don’t find out who you are, the fact that you are there is an excellent start.

Now we can work… work to remove the layers of fake, the layers of crud, the layers that have been masquerading as you.

Now that we know that the you has some energy, that it wants to live, breathe, and be expressed.

It’s not a one layer and you are done.
It’s not a fixing yourself process…
And it’s not removing some energetic blockages process either
And it is definitely not a wiping out your negativity process

It is a distinguishing what covers you up, like a layer of clothes. So you can take it off and get more and more naked.

It is also not the Landmark method where you immediately replace it with some other clothes… because some new clothes, declarations, possibilities are as restrictive, and as keeping you out of integrity as the old clothes.

My example I discovered this week… the magnificent declaration… turned out to keep me out of being able to take care of myself on the level of body, house, and money. It took me 20 years to glimpse that.

A workshop, like the Playground, can reduce that time significantly. If you let it… of course.

If you aren’t in the course, and you feel you should… you still have time. The course starts at 2 pm NY time. Today.

Email me to see if I can take you.Email me to see if I can take you.

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