The life of a pinball… or Your expectations and your disappointments

Your expectations and your disappointments reveal to you and to everyone who knows anything about the unconscious world view that makes sure you are miserable.

You learned that the Universe, Reality, your body, other people are like a vending machine. Push a button and outcomes what you wanted.

Or a car, or an electric mixer. Mechanistic, there for your service.

Even the evil people, religion, law of attraction, manifestation people teach that… with one little twist: if you are good, then the machine will turn on and spit out what you wanted.

So these people with their little twist make it your own fault if and when it doesn’t work.

But what you think about the world and the way the world works are very different.

And you go from expectation to disappointment, anger, dismay, disgust… according to your temperament.

You are a bumbling idiot that uses up bumbling idiots like a pinball machine uses the pinball… to have fun with it.

The biggest difference between a pinball and you is that you are upset. You expect life, reality to be different, and you are in perpetual upset.

The vibrational number could be considered as the number that expresses where you are located in how accurately you see the world.

Or we could say it differently: how much of your time you spend in Adult “ego-state” where things are what they are, things are how they are, and you access them accordingly. People and things.

The other two ego states are Child and Parent. Both are expecting the world go mechanistically… and force it, manipulate it, or just plain suffer from indignation that the world doesn’t work the way they want it to work.

One thing, for example, an adult has available to them, is to see their thinking, attitude, and behavior from a different angle than a parent does: from another vantage point. For another person’s vantage point. From empathy, through the eye of their victim.

If you don’t know, or just plain don’t care, your vibration is low.

Here is an example: you get on a webinar, a workshop, where you are going to be asked to speak.

Your microphone creates echo, or it is too loud, or it is just plain shitty eating half of your words, distorting the rest… Your vibration is predictably 100-ish.

The world is giving you plenty of feedback, but for you feedback is an error in the machine: according to your delusional self, the feedback should be that you are magnificent, smart, and perfect.

Feedback that your audio is bad… is not according to your script and it is either ignored or annoying. Not your business, you say, and you shrug.

91% of the world is with you… unless the feedback comes from a policeman, they will ignore it. Why is a feedback from a policeman treated differently? Because it comes with a ticket…

You have the same unrealistic expectations everywhere… Unrealistic expectations is your middle name. You expect to be rested with too little sleep. You expect to be knowledgeable with skimming articles. You expect to run an ad for a product and rake the big bucks in. You expect people to do things your way. You expect your hands and feet to be warm in the winter. You expect to be well in spite of the fact that you don’t use your body the way a body needs to be used… for example you don’t move it.

It’s a machine and it is supposed to work perfectly.

My main activity, on any given day, is to observe. Deeply observe. Observe on the invisible level.

It takes me, in certain cases, years of diligent looking, to get an accurate insight.

I get a lot of insights… but not all insights are created equal.

The most useful capacity to develop is to hear every voice that says that the world should be predictable, that things should be perfect, and there should be no mistakes… ever.

This is what we call the Amish Horse Training method. When you can hear the voices as voices… like someone’s good ideas that have nothing to do with life, your life, reality, then you can graduate to the next most useful capacity:

Seeing everything you hear, read, or think as memes.

Memes are words, just like the voices. The whole of life, everything you hear, read, or think, are memes, and are there to save you from having to think, having to learn, having to use your brain power. No need to be a person… just follow the memes. The novel 1984 is quite accurate about the world run by memes… but because it’s a novel, it has to have a plot.

Your life is just boring and uninteresting.

Your brain has atrophied, and you live a scripted life.

I read an interesting sentence yesterday: a transcontinental flight is long as you are in it, but short as it’s over… because nothing happened.

That is your life. Long and tedious to endure, short at the end of the day, because nothing happened.

The elements of a life that feels like life are missing.

The memes are coming in, creating their predictable emotions… marker feelings… and then you die.

The third capacity to master is A is A.

You have to master the first two, The Amish Horse Training Method, and the Memes first with getting that all emotions are marker feelings. You ignore the words, you can ignore the feelings.

And once you have distinguished your self from all the voices, and all the words that try to be you, you can look at the world, things, people, and see that they are what they are.

Your mechanistic world view, that things should be what you want them to be, is now truly visible.

You see that you can to what you can do, and cannot do what you don’t know how to do.
You can see that things take time… more if you are in a hurry. More if your attention is not on what you are doing. More if you are not good at the doing.
You can see that people will always pursue their interest not yours… and unless you learn to turn them into allies, you’ll live as if you lived in a war zone: everyone’s interest is against yours.

When you start to be interested in maneuvering this maze of things and other people’s interest, maybe start creating moves in communication that change the context, when you can change your own context inside which you do things, your vibration can jump to 200.

At 200 you see more, notice more, handle more…

You see new ways you can advance your intention in reality… with things, with people. You may even get a little bit curious… experience a little bit of the innocence you had as a child.

You now have more than “our job is meaningless if all we can do is breathe quietly as if we’re dead” or said about your life… our life is meaningless if all we can do is breathe quietly as if we’re dead or complain that life isn’t turning out the way we want it, every minute of every day.

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