What’s the difference between a presidential candidate and an internet marketing guru?

American citizens, eligible to vote, are divided.

But whether you will vote to Obama, McCain, or you stay at home and let others decide, one thing is certain, no one is looking at the real issue:

The skill it takes to win the votes of the majority, i.e. win an election is a very different skill from the skill of running a country. Unless running it to the ground qualifies as running it…. ;-)Â as we have experienced, time and time again.

Just like in politics, the same is true for teaching anything, including internet marketing. The skill it takes to be a successful internet marketer is a vastly different skill from the skill of causing another person’s success.

We all look to our guru to teach us what to do and how to do it, so that we can be successful like them, and we all get very frustrated and very weary, because what they say and what they do are often different, and even if and when we did exactly what they said to do, we meet with meager success.

How come? We seem all very surprised.

Well, let me ask you this: have you ever heard of a successful football or basketball coach that played real well?

Or the reverse: have you ever heard of a successful player that was also a great coach?

Most successful players play from their “other than conscious mind.”

Their conscious mind doesn’t know what they are doing: they feel their way.
They say that chess masters use their other than conscious mind to play with lightening speed, that their conscious mind doesn’t even comprehend.

I play freecell (a computer game). In the beginning I looked and looked, and only made moves that made sense to me. As the years passed, I am catching myself that when I give my other than conscious mind a good look at the computer screen with the game open, it knows what to do and wins the game for me. Thank you other than conscious mind.

So what does this have to do with internet marketing?
Unfortunately, a lot.

They say internet marketing is simple but not easy.
If we stay with the freecell computer game, the moves are real simple. but it is rare that someone can score a 100. why? Because you can make the simple moves ONLY in a certain order, and be successful at the same time.

The pull to pick the low hanging fruit, and make the easy moves first, will certainly get you in trouble.

And here are we, back where we started:

The advantage of a good teacher is to give us a step by step plan… which the chess-master type guru can’t.
He never did what he did consciously, so he can’t give you the plan.

So what is the solution? What can a ‘guru’ give you that will make you succeed?

I have come up with two possible solutions that look hopeful:

1. give people chunks of ready made pieces of the puzzle, and a simple assembly plan. i.e. do it FOR them.
2. give people and environment where they can do it with others, and guide them

I am going to give you solution #1 today.

I have prepared for you six websites, each designed to self-run itself and become successful with just a little help from you.

And I have prepared for you a marketing goldmine: 103 different small and big strategies that you can follow to help nature in its work, and make the sites more successful, even take them to the top.

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