You are a racketeer. Small time, bit player. Smoke and mirrors…

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Why is drama a racket? Why is it never real…

Life is never dramatic. The drama is added by the onlookers or the participants.

Things happen. And you do what you do. You may get mauled, killed, or laughed at. But drama only happens in your head… it is never out there.

You look in the mirror and you see what you see.

I look in the mirror and I see loser. Why? I don’t care. I know there is no loser there… in fact there is no loser anywhere. so I have a choice: make drama or not make drama.

Most of my life, like everyone, I was making drama.

I found clever or not so clever ways to make people say that I was a loser or something like it. Other ways to prove I was or I wasn’t.

Life was a drama around being a loser.

Being a loser is a beingness… The house you live in… Your homepage.

It’s also a theme you dance with, you dance around.

You center your drama around the beingness you see in the mirror… You feed the word to confirm it to unsuspecting people around you.

I was just reminded of this by one of my student. He was astute enough to actually see that the voices, from other people, are prompted by him behaving in a certain way.

i put myself in the position to be labeled.. i am asking to be.. so, certain people do what i feed.. if i stop needing/ asking for that.. the judgement and assessment, i am sure it will be given to me less. And if it is, and i choose to not take it personally, it can be useful feedback.

It is my choice to ‘feel’ about things.

Where does that beingness, your homepage come from?

You are already born with that. Given your date of birth, I could, probably, predict what it is.

Now, let’s be clear about that: that beingness is what you’ll have your life about, if you live an unexamined life. If your whole life is scripted, and you put up no fight to live a life worth living. Not against your racket… but for a life that is fulfilling.

We are back to distinctions: looking THROUGH distinctions… remember, a distinction is a hole punched in the wall through which you look at the world to see it anew… the world organized around that view.

A life can be made a life worth living, if you are aware of this distinction: your homepage.

But if you bring drama to it… and the Dark Side of humans is interested in drama, not a life worth living.

Every single person alive on the planet, and every single person that ever lived, lived in this homepage/drama. All of them.

Some carved out a life more worth living than others.

But the misery in each person’s life comes from that being which they see when they look in the mirror.

The way a racket works is this: there is a payoff and there is a cost, what you cannot have…

You RUN a racket, it doesn’t happen to you. 2

When you run your racket, the perceived benefit, the payoff, feels more important than the cost of all the things you can’t have.

Because this is a machine, the payoffs and the costs are cookie cutter… both are a short list.

The payoffs have goodies like looking good, or being right, or avoiding domination… all, interestingly, are tied intimately with the not so happy being of the person in the mirror.

Money, happiness, health, fulfillment are all not available, even if the racketeer gives diligent lip service to it.

What you say and what you aspire to are two different things, and that renders you a liar.

Integrity would be when the tongue in your shoes goes in the same direction as the tongue in your mouth.

It happens only rarely.

The typical integrity reading is under 10%. That is a measure to see how much of your life/time you actually speak and do the same thing.

‘Rarely’ is the answer. Which means you are engaging with your racket most of the time, more than 90% of the time.

No one needs to know: but YOU know. And that discrepancy is what keeps you unhappy.

It is also what keeps you with meager results, worldly results, by the way.

Whether you are the president, a presidential hopeful, a bookkeeper, or a retiree.

Some soul corrections are more dramatic than others… Both inwardly and outwardly.

People are in search of a life’s purpose. How about managing to stay outside of the racket by making yourself know its moves intimately, and choosing to see the immediate and puny results as puny and “not worth it”.

I have been living largely outside of my “loser” racket for a few years now. And suddenly I woke up this morning, and the racket with its inevitable drama was running amok.

Nudging me, stirring me to actions to fix it… or go and get resigned.

Writing this article is part of my toolbox to keep the racket at bay. Because it is mighty hard to write an informative article without actually looking at what I am talking about.

You trying to hide from or minimalize your racket means: living inside the racket… being used by your racket, and definitely missing the life you were planning on having.

How do you know what is the name of your racket?

I don’t have a foolproof method. I hit on it when I observed myself yearning to be a winner.

Now, this may be very important, I know nothing about being a loser or being a winner. I am in the midst of it, I am too close to it to see it.

Nothing specifically would make me a winner, that I can see.

Another way to approach this is to look at what is your reaction to a statement like: You are a loser.

Mine would be resignation. Like the donkey in the famous book with Winnie the Pooh.

Yours may be anger, resistance, cursing, fear, being personally offended, weeping, or losing it. Maybe confusion? Maybe giving up?

You want to look.

You could say: I have an angry racket. And I could say I have a resigned racket (Gentian in the Bach Flower Energies).

There are 40 Bach Energies. We could say that there are also 40 distinct and distinguishable rackets.

They also coincide with the Soul corrections.

There is a certain order in the Universe… that you can look at as a curse, or you can look at as a meaning.

Like with any machine, unless you know how it works, you are fodder for the machine, not the operator.

PS: I just went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I wondered what my delusional self sees…. Because I am sure at least half of my readers will look with their delusional self.

I cracked up laughing just from the question… it is funny when you ask a question point blank: what will your delusional see.

MY delusional self sees an unrecognized genius… ha-ha-ha… very funny. And delightful. Freeing.

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  1. Someone else can run their racket on you too. The student who is asking to be labeled is running his racket on the people, the certain people, who resonate with that racket.
  2. Someone else can run their racket on you too. The student who is asking to be labeled is running his racket on the people, the certain people, who resonate with that racket.

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