Can You Experience Addiction At The Vibrational Level Of 900?

Addiction Cycle Can You Experience Addiction At The Vibrational Level Of 900?

Are there any experiences that disappear at the vibrational level of 900?
I don’t know… lol.
Anything that you can’t feel, see, hear, doesn’t exist for you. And it is not very easy to notice in any certain moment that you used to experience something and you are not…

Nevertheless, in spite of being an empath, I can still say that there are a few feelings that I now don’t really experience.

Why does being an empath come up again?

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Because we are talking about my feelings, not feelings that I reflect as an empath.

As an empath I still have the whole range of negative experiences, and only after identifying (my muscle testing myself) that they are not my feelings, that I can tell myself apart from those feelings.

But in rare hours, or minutes, when I am just myself with no-one else’s feelings, I am quite serene, happy, and well. Chuckle, hum, notice beauty… just wonderful.

You could ask how I benefit from the vibrational frequency I have reached. I don’t think I do, but maybe you do. And others do.

Last week, for whatever reason, my vibration rose up to 970. It was very involved. At some point I called a halt. I said to Source: You promised that I’d live till 94, but if you continue stretching me thin, I’ll croak way before that. I dropped back to 900 instantly. 970 is not fun. It is a lot like the semi-permeable state on the transporter pad… (I think in terms of Star Trek, of course!) on the verge of de-materializing, on the verge of losing cohesion.

If I weren’t so committed to completing the Planetary Ascension process, I would not want to put up with this state, even at 900. Maybe it is possible to be at 900 without the empathic torture, but no human has ever been here, so I don’t know.

Addiction Back to addiction: I made a skillet of paella today. I have been craving heavy, homey cooked food… after eating only liquids for a month or so. I took a shortcut, and used a “Spanish Rice Mix.” Obviously there is something addictive in that mix, because it took all my will-power to stop eating. That is what I would call ‘arrested addiction…’ like the expression?

This is actually the answer to your question. At 900 you notice that your behavior is addictive, and you have power over your addiction.

In AA and other 12-step programs they make you say: “I have no power over my ‘fill in the blanks for your addiction.'”

At 900 you manage to reverse that. You have power over, probably, everything.

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  1. I have noticed that some of my “bad” behaviors and cravings have lessened since I began working with you.

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