The homework attitude and the desire trap

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dreaming of a castleI got an insight today…

People are asking this question: how do I start? How do I get to where I want to get to?

And when I tell them how to get started, they ask the same question again. My answer wasn’t good enough for them.

So the insight I got is this: when you followed the current harmful teaching to imagine yourself where you want to be, you are expecting me to hand you the key… not tell you how to build that new reality from the bottom up.

This ‘imagine…’ bullshit has destroyed people’s ability to see themselves, and see reality, accurately.

Nothing works the way those ‘imagine people’ say… everything in reality is built from the ground up.

Yesterday someone asked me how to talk to someone to get a date.

I offered, instead, to look if he is ready to date, if he knows what he wants from dating, what is his agenda, etc.

In this ‘imagine culture’ people want to build castles in the sky… no foundation.

As I was looking for pictures for this article, I actually realized that the ‘imagine-culture’ is actually the result of ‘approximate listening’. Most people, most quotes don’t say: imagine and it will happen… imagine and you’ll have it. They say: imagine and then do the steps… have the box cover to put the jigsaw puzzle together… And that is actually not inaccurate.

It seems that when religion sneaks in, with its people-duping power and its gurus, that the imagine culture becomes that… the imagine culture.

Warren Buffet has a famous saying: if within 30 minutes you don’t know who is the sucker in the room, then it is you. You are the sucker.

When I started this work back in 1985, about 10% of the world was infected. In 2018 it was 50%. (Update: 2023 January: 91% infected.)

In my business I had a breakthrough about two years ago… no. exactly two years ago.

I bought the 67 steps… for 67 bucks. It is a life course, and in the right hands it is like an MBA. I have been listening to the steps, 4-5 a week, and gently move my life on new paths, my business on new paths.

But this week I had an observation: If you have this ‘imagine…’ mentality, then you look at each step as a journey where the goal is to get through it. Not to get what’s in it, but as an inconvenience. An obstacle in your way… to the other side of it. Be done with it.

Like homework. Because on the other side of homework is what you really want…

I never had that homework attitude, the ‘imagine…’ kind. Instead I was there to learn what there was to learn. I was not even looking at the destination. Because I didn’t care. I allowed it to take me where it was taking me.

There are many attitudes that will keep you unhappy and unproductive. Optimism, the ‘it will work out’ attitude will get you into trouble.

The only attitude I see as productive, as an attitude that deals with reality as it is. It is practical pessimism… the philosophy of winners. The world is full of optimists to whom bad things happen, who never amount to much… smiling all the way to the grave, crying into their pillows.

Practical Pessimism

Prepare for the worse… meaning: do the preparation. This is not a mental preparation, this is real, in the world preparation. Know what you’ll do when things turn to sh-t.

I used to drive a lot. Lived in New Jersey at the time: I traveled from client to client… and to deliver my magazines. At night. In three states.

I spent time preparing for the worst. I got myself a car-phone when it was two thousand dollars. this way I was never in trouble, was never lost, never desperate as a result.

Also: I got myself a battery charger for the car battery. A perfect condition spare tire that I could install in less than 10 minutes flat, even on a busy highway. I practiced. I made sure I could remove the lug nuts myself, that they weren’t put on too tight. Made sure I checked after the car was in the shop.

I had drinking water, and a thermal blanket with me. And maps.

And every time I left my house, I said: today is not a good day to die.

Practical pessimism.

I had it as a necessary step to ensure that the end result will be what I wanted.

I had it and have it in nearly every area of my life. Instead of imagining that nothing bad will ever happen to me.

So, what would you do if you wanted to raise your vibration, and build a life that is worth living?

  • First, I guess, you would declare that the life you are living is empty, meaningless, and therefore not worth living. Because unless you tell the truth about your life, if you lie, you are stuck with it.

The second thing you may want to admit is that it is meaningless because of you. As long as you blame it on others, you are stuck with it.

  • This second thing will put the emphasis on you, and suggests that you start working on yourself.

How you are, so that your life is meaningless… it is itemized in your Starting Point Measurements. In your soulcorrection, in all your numbers.

Never a pretty picture. A snapshot of you, at this point.

Showing how hapless, unaware you are. That you are clueless, your life is a mess upon mess… and your comprehension both habitually and constitutionally can only be ‘approximately’.

So what is the next step?

Because the starting point measurements show what keeps you living life, approaching life akin to standing on one foot… the next step is to increase your coherence. Physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

To take you out of survival, to take you out of scarcity.

The Water Energizer. Bringing up your cell hydration to a minimum of 10%. (When MY cell hydration drops below 10%, I can see it, and I can feel it. I start making mistakes, I start tripping over my own tongue, I make false steps. But 10% is a big step in the right direction… 30% cell hydration is where you become as intelligent as your constitution and your knowledge level allows.

You won’t know things you don’t know. You won’t have capacities open that you don’t have. And you won’t magically become beautiful, kind, compassionate, or diligent, if you aren’t already that way.

But you will be able to be who you are… whereas when you live life from one foot, you are always defending, explaining, or attacking.

There is pretty much no path for you unless your hydration is consistently at or above 10%.

If you have the means, the tools, the ability to be there but you aren’t… that tells me that you are happy with your wretched life… and I am OK with that… as long as YOU are.

Once you are reliable to drink your Coherent Water, I will accept you to do the 67 steps. Whether you do it for life learning, or business learning, doing the steps they are meant to be done or better is your next job.

The journey is long. You’ll start seeing results, depending on where you were when you started.

I started seeing results a few weeks into the program. But I didn’t do it for the results. I still don’t. I do it as a practice. Because unless something forces me to look at things I don’t normally look at, I get tunnel vision.

But if you do a step as homework, your tunnel ‘doing my homework’ won’t shift.

I guess the first hurdle for most people is to get out of ‘homework mode’… and into life mode.

In the original Karate Kid there is a jump in the movie from the kid being in homework mode to being in learning life mode.

The movie gives no justification for that shift. You can’t see it, therefore you can’t use it as something to model after.

What is visible on the screen is therefore psychologically, ontologically, scientifically is flawed.

Mr. Miyagi never says that to learn karate, you need to become a different person. That karate is not a set of moves, it is a way of life.

To be able to do the wax on wax off menial tasks with the right mindset is what is needed in the 67 steps: a shift in who you are. Allowing and helping the steps to shape you…

I have been largely unsuccessful in causing this shift.

I have found that the higher a person’s desire number, especially in proportion to their ambition number, the harder it is to make this shift.

The desire number is kept high by this ‘imagine…’ bullshit. ‘If you ask you’ll get’, manifestation crap.

It’s making you keep your eyes on the fruits not the whole tree. The destination not the journey.

This life-philosophy gives rise to the ‘homework’ attitude. The desire trap.

How do you get out of the high desire trap? I don’t know. I know what I do, but I don’t know if you can do it.

I simply redirect my attention to what I am doing. To what needs my attention. To the work, to the doing.

If you have a weak handle on your attention, you’ll have a hard time doing that… But you can practice.

You go unconscious when you are in the ‘fruits’ mode… The job is to get conscious, and move the attention to what you are doing.

One interesting symptom of high desire is that you hate what you do in real life.

It feels like the real life is what you imagined. So you hate your job, hate your everyday life… yearning for the more interesting, more rewarding dream.

I had an insight and a lasting breakthrough in that in 1988… when it took me a lot of work to remove all the triggers that pulled me into desire mode. But after about a week, I started to enjoy my work, and my overall happiness and satisfaction with my life was suddenly high.

Things are enjoyable or not.

The desire, the dream, the unreal, makes everything you dream about really wonderful. And it makes reality just so-so. Or horrid.

In the comparison, reality is bad, distasteful, tasteless drudgery, and that is the life you live when you have a high desire number.

Find and remove the triggers for the high desire, and you’ll find that suddenly things ‘taste’ better. Work, sex, food.

As you are working to alter who you are, as you transform yourself from desire driven puppet to someone who causes their attention to go where they say it should go, you become a whole different person.

A higher vibration person. A more likable person. And a more effective person. And a much happier person.

As you come out of the deep ditch of desire trap life, you will come to a place where you can choose a direction for your life… Not before. It may take years for some of you.

And beware… if you forget to manage the triggers, if you became optimistic, instead of a practical pessimist, you’ll miss the early signs of the desire trap’s return…

The story about climbing out or the trap being easier the second time is wrong. Mistaken. Inaccurate. The second time it’s actually harder. But you can do it… and I hope, for your sake, that you will.

There is no one more unhappy than a person sitting in the bottom of a ditch, dreaming about being up where the sun is…

instead of climbing… he keeps on dreaming.

Want to see the reality or where you are at? Get your starting point measurements.

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