DNA… The Thousand Years of Peace, the Bible, and more

DNADNA… The Thousand Years of Peace, the Bible, and more

lots of misleading stuff goes around about DNA… I don’t know a lot of “popular” authors or speakers that speak the truth.

The closest to truth are Bruce Lipton, and Kabbalah.

I am ill, so I am not going to do any research, I’ll just speak from the truth as I see it: DNA is like the blueprint of a building: it says everything about the building.

Each cell in your body has a DNA in the seed of the cell, and hopefully all the cells of your body have the same DNA.

Virus is nothing more than an alien DNA that replaces the invaded cell’s DNA, and the infected cell will start to produce more virus, instead of more of you.

In its behavior, cancer is a virus.

The current DNA of humans is the sixth generation of human DNA, and its blueprint allows for the destruction of the planet.

In my work for the past two and a half years, my most important job was to distinguish, clearly, the necessary DNA changes for the creation of the seventh generation DNA: the DNA that will create the humanity that is capable of living at peace with each other, and with the planet, for the period of the Thousand Years of Peace: The Promised Land.

I found 13 missing capacities, that need to be embedded in the new DNA.

I finished that work this past Friday, while I was already under 18 hours a day attack.

The changing of the DNA is energetic, and will be done much like the Global Activation I attempted two and a half years ago, with he exception that this “activation” will work.

While I’ve been on my back from the attacks, another idea struck me: what if the Bible, The Old Testament, is not a description of the past, but instead a blueprint of the journey of humanity from savagery to divinity?

The upgrading of the human DNA to the new version containing those 13 capacities that are currently missing and have proven to be completely impossible to teach, (responsibility, integrity, caring… and more) bears a strong parallel to the escape of the Israelites from Egypt in the Bible.

You can get the people out of slavery, but can’t get the slavery out of people, the escaped Israelites had to march around the desert until the last of the people that lived in slavery died off… including Moses.

Job from the bibleBut this didn’t happen 4000 years ago, it is due to happen now, and I play the role of Moses, as soon as I get through the “adventure” of JOB, which is where I am right now: in spite of the intimidation, the pain, the losses, I need to stick with the plan, I need to not alter my plan, and pull through it.

moses, israelites, blueprint or story?My knowledge of the Torah (The Old Testament) is sketchy because of the way it is taught: it is God’s word, blah blah blah.

I don’t know what God is, but I know what the Universe intends for the Earth and Humanity… and that matches the end result of the Bible.

I cannot be saved from having to go through the suffering of Job, but it is heartwarming to receive emails or comments from you: whenever I feel better for a few moments, I check my computer, and feel supported.

Some will experience the effect of the DNA alteration immediately, some will never personally experience it… the more distinctions you have the more you’ll benefit in your lifetime.

My website, my programs all full of those distinctions, the activators work better, way better after the DNA alteration, so if you have been a student, you have a distinct advantage over the rest of humanity.

It will take 60-70 years for the complete changeover to happen, and that will be the actual beginning of the Thousand Years of Peace.

I will continue to work with the ones that want, in their person, experience the benefits of being of the New Humanity.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “DNA… The Thousand Years of Peace, the Bible, and more”

  1. Hi Sophie, How, when are you doing this DNA work with students? Very excited about your JOB. I have done lot of so-called DNA activation work and seems it either doesn’t work, is the work of the dark side or just greater DS attacks…

  2. Hi Sophie, glad you discovered this. there seems to be so much DNA activation work out there (that hasn’t in my mind produced any results, other than ds attacks, depression, etc… ). When, how are you doing this 13 deal activation? Thanks.

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