Free. from me to you: Liver cleanses… without smoothies, or any gimmicks… takes 3-5 minutes each time.

Please email me if you find a typo or something unclear. Thank you. Sophie

The recording is here…

I have been under the weather. If you are foggy, fat, tired, maybe you can join me in some free treatment?

This has been a trying winter, lots of cold, lots of snow, very little time spent going outside.

I feel weaker, and it feels like I am on my last leg. When I shared this with my friend from University, she was talking about reversing, and going to the doctor… but I was resigned. But what this conversation did to her: I didn’t like. And she is “just” a friend. And what this was doing to me… suddenly my sense of freedom is gone. I don’t read for pleasure… life in hell has returned to me in patches. Thank god not all day. But enough…

The perfect combination to be wide open to be the sucker in the room.

Something is wrong and it needs to be fixed… is the perfect state to render you the sucker in the room.

So, as it’s predictable, I clicked on some link selling some miracle stuff, for which even to buy it you have to suffer through an hour long video…

This is what I learned from the presentation: unless your liver is able to function perfectly, you are getting fat, tired, foggy, and more dead every day.

The miracle stuff is some smoothie recipes that force the liver to produce more Glutathione, the “master detoxifier”.

I muscle tested if it’s true. 30% truth value. Shall I get it? No. But shall I do something? Yes.

Is my liver cleanse good enough? yes. Shall I do it regularly? yes. At this point every two days.

But doing it by my lonesome is no fun. So for a while, I think, I am going to do it publicly.

In fact Thursday afternoon I did a liver cleanse for a client of mine in New Zealand who has been having a headache and stomach problems.

The procedure takes about 3-5 minutes, and about 10 minutes after the liver cleanse his headache and nausea was gone. I felt it.

How can I do liver cleanse for you? As a True Empath, I can multiply the energy and effect your body if and when you are doing what I ask you to do.

For liver cleanse the only thing you need to do is hold your right hand at the right place: thumb on the first rib, palm flat against your skin.

I do the rest.

Why does it work? I don’t know. But it does, and it works well.

I muscle tested and muscle test (Source) recommends that I do it every other day. It may turn out that my ailing health is due to the liver being congested.

Another really good thing about my energy sessions is that they work equally well from the recording.

I am considering using Facebook live… and a webinar for this. Maybe early afternoon, my time… I am in New York State. East Coast.

What does it cost?

For now: nothing. I am doing this for my own sake, and you get a “lift”… You use it: good. You don’t use it: good.

I have to figure out how to do Facebook Live… webinars are second nature to me.

I’ll send out the schedule to my facebook friends and to my subscribers.

PS: Adding good stuff to your life is great. But the most effective in terms of speed and quantity of improvement of anything is taking away what is causing the problem.

The Michelangelo method… the sculpture method… All my programs are sculpture methods, and the health consultations I give are pretty much the same way (except when you have nutritional deficiency, of course. Then, you have to add the missing nutrients.)

Now, I haven’t tested, so it is a Tree of Knowledge, for now, that cleansing your liver regularly and often will cause dramatic improvement in your health, weight, organ functioning… and that is what I hope for.

My primary focus is circulation. I have an enlarged heart and a hole between the two sides of the hearth. If there is any sludge in my blood that the liver hasn’t been able to filter out… my symptoms are consistent with a toxic liver syndrome.

If you come on the calls, regularly, or do the cleansing with the recordings, regularly, please note down your weight, and symptoms, so we can see if we are effecting any of it.

Muscle test says we should… but measuring is the last word.

PS: If you need me to do a liver cleanse one-on-one, I may be available, if otherwise you qualify to be a client. Get your starting point measurements, successfully raise your cell hydration to 30%… and have a strategy session. Winter is especially hard on the liver…

PPS: I was looking for an educational product that you can read and get more educated, and see more why it is an incredible value what I am offering here for free.

Here is the link to that product: liver fix

PPPS: What do I do… and what is really a Liver Cleanse?

The liver is an active filter system. When it gets too full, it becomes ineffective, and even diseased.

The food we eat, every single gram of it, is toxic.

The supplement we take: every single capsule is toxic.

Some are toxic for just some people, but most are toxic for everybody.

I started to eat garlic. That was the “historical moment” when I felt that I am dying. Dizziness… which I mistakenly attributed to my brain damage. Loss of muscle strength… headaches after five maybe more years of NO headache.

But unfortunately I am not much smarter than you are… and until my friend called me a drama queen, I even refused to look if what I have can be reversed. Even Source got mad at me, because I got hooked on the idea that I am dying.

I used to be a full time Drama Queen… this time I caught it after a few days… sigh. And instead of looking at the drama of dying, I am looking at the process of getting well.

Anyway: the energetic liver cleanse is very simple and very gentle. You’ll know it’s working if you feel worse after the treatment. Why would you feel worse? Because the energy drives the toxins into your gall bladder and then I push it into your intestines… And the some of it gets re-absorbed into the blood stream.

If you have constipation: handle it before you come to the liver cleanse. It is mandatory that you poop at least once a day… or the treatment will cause a lot of trouble.

Also, make sure you bring a bottle of energized water to the call… some of the toxins can be peed out… even normal water will work.

Doing this pushing out the toxins from the liver… often enough will get you to a liver that starts working normally. I can’t recommend any special eating regimen: everything is sprayed or mixed in with toxins, some more than others. Even bottled water.

But stuff coming from China and India especially.

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