Why is meaning missing from your life? A meaningless life means you are unhappy

My methodology to lead you to become a human being is simple, and step by step.

First you become conscious of the machine and start taking control over your own life… by the Amish Horse Training Method, The memes finding, The A is A. And then fourth and final step is finding/creating the wind you walk into… The purpose. The meaning.

In the Nazi concentration camps, people who had a meaning to their lives, survived, people who didn’t… died. The guy who I learned this from is Victor Frankl, an Austrian Jew, like Sigmund Freud, and not much less significant. In my experience his discovery is the golden key to a happy existence.

His whole psychotherapy, logotherapy, was “founded on the belief that human nature is motivated by the search for a life purpose; logotherapy is the pursuit of that meaning for one’s life. Frankl’s theories were heavily influenced by his personal experiences of suffering and loss in Nazi concentration camps.”

Most people have no meaning to their life… it is a tasteless hurried affair… as if getting to the “other side” could give meaning. But alas… meaning cannot be found. Meaning has to be created as meaning.

Reading people’s stories can poke into your psyche and see what stirs it and what doesn’t. Inspiration is a kind of stirring… stirring you conscious, stirring you alive.


If you don’t read the books, you won’t be inspired. I don’t hear that you are inspired… Read for some pointers…

Tai in his 67 Steps recommend that you have personal mentors and access to the eminent great through books. And to read about famous people and how they lived, how they thought.

And allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to be inspired. 1

I am in the middle of the book about Jeff Bezos and his Amazon.com (Everything Store). I am inspired… even excited. Even though my aspiration is very different from Jeff Bezos’ aspiration. And yet…

Who will inspire you will depend on what you are up to, and your temperament, your aspirations as a person.

One thing is for sure: if you are surrounded by people who are ordinary, you won’t be inspired to be bigger. But even if you have people who you can watch, unless they speak and you see that what they say can be the meaning for your life… you are going to remain ordinary. 2

Being ordinary, going for the ordinary, money, comfort, quick success, is the secret of living a wretched life.

I am feeling better after only two liver cleanses since I wrote that article earlier today. Is it placebo? We’ll see.

One way I know I feel better is that suddenly I can see beyond the few months I though I had left.

And I am inspired by the slogan Jeff Bezos has: Gradatim Ferociter! “Step by Step, Ferociously.” This could be MY motto. going ferociously for a seemingly impossible goal… a goal I deem worthwhile… even if no one else does: Taking a few people to the next level of human evolution: human being.

You have to find someone who matches your fundamental values, and maybe even your temperament.

Jeff Bezos’ soul correction is the same as mine. He is going for something that may not happen… But if something is worth having, then it is something worth going for. Going for it gives meaning to life.

If something is worth having, then it is something worth going for

Without meaning to your life, you will always be unhappy. And going for something worth going for, something that is probably unattainable, is what gives meaning to life. “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” —Nelson Henderson.

If you go for something quickly attainable, it won’t give meaning to your life. The number of rich, or skinny, or beautiful people who are wretched is matches,probably, all of those who attained their goal: to be rich, to be skinny, or to be beautiful.

My brother and his wife amassed a lot of money in their work… and they were thoroughly unhappy. Then their oldest daughter died leaving two beautiful orphans.

My brother used that to give meaning to his life. He is the most agreeable he has ever been…

Children, grandchildren don’t automatically give meaning to your life. Really, it is you who give meaning through your relationship to what you are striving for.

My brother moves me. He is his grandchildren’s rock. It took a huge transformation to turn the prickly self-absorbed man into a real person… and I am moved by that.

Are you ready to create meaning?

Here is what I see in your Starting Point Measurements: if your desire number is too high, if your “about self” measure is too high, if you have an unbridgeable gap between your two selves, then your vibration is low.

The minimum vibration to be able to see, accept, and be guided by something that can become your life’s meaning is 200.

When your numbers are below that: you are in survival, you are in scarcity, and you can’t spare the attention, the caring, the energy for something outside of you, something that is bigger than you, something that is beyond what you need or want.

Because the tree under the shade of which you’ll never sit, is obviously not about you, it is beyond you.

When I look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I see a lot of truth there… you can pretend to be interested in spirituality, but it is that: a pretense, if you haven’t taken care of the needs that are below the level of self-actualization/spirituality in the pyramid.

One of the reason Osho is accurate about his evaluation of people, that people below 40-ish won’t meditate (that was his measure for spirituality… lol) is because life is mostly about work, and raising a family, and being a puppy to your wife/husband/parents.

I started being interested in self-actualization at age 38… I was utterly unhappy, but I could afford to take the time and the money to look at my life, go to classes… and start growing as a person.

Obviously it was a long road to hoe 3 for me, from 38 to 70 that I am now.

The tip of the pyramid, the smaller area represents the number of people, roughly, that will ever be interested… because they have fulfilled the requirements.

So what should you do if you are younger… if you are still in the middle of building a life for yourself? You can start building the foundation, planting the tree… so by the time you are ready to build it in earnest, it will be there to support you.

Living consciously, bringing awareness to your life is what the first two steps in my system can accomplish. The third step: A is A establishes yourself as authority. And the fourth, finding your “wind” you will lean into is the purpose, the meaning, that makes life worth living. 4

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  1. If you read like it’s homework, you won’t take time to feel. You won’t take time to feel if you are inspired. You’ll read to find out, you’ll read to get to the end… but not what reading is ultimately about: weaving you to the heartbeat of life.

    When I was sure I was going to die really soon I wasn’t able to read, or enjoy what I was reading. It was horrible.

    But this is how most people are with reading: they never allow the heartbeat of life to get to them.

  2. There is no meaning without words that define it.
  3. a long arduous journey
  4. “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

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