Update on the psychic attacks on my person

I have been feeling a little better.

It seems that I am coming out of this nightmare of a period with more gains than one would expect at the end of something this horrible…

For example, after a year of not being able to eat vegetables (they made me sick) I have had three meals of freshly made vegetables this weekend, and I loved it. Theses attacks must have started long before I noticed them… but now that it’s all in the open, now that I can tell who are the people that are attacking, what exactly they are doing, and what is my exact recourse to protect myself, I have times in my day when I actually feel better than before. Not many and not long.

It seems that now we see why energies do not really heal: while the energies are sent, I feel like a dog… the moment the energies stop I feel perfectly well. So it seems that there are going to be no lasting consequences.

Sitting, working on the computer is still difficult, so I spend my time on my back, alternately fighting back, or reading Sherlock Holmes detective stories on my Kindle.

I am reading and re-reading the stories. I am starting the see the difference between the thrill of the first-second reading, much like a one night stand, the rush, and the deep love, deep appreciation of the subsequent readings: most people I know never go to that place with anything or anyone.

The observation, deduction, logic: methods of the famous sleuth on the pages of Sir Conan Doyle suit well for finding the way out of my current quagmire: if all pieces fit together without contradicting each other, than one must have arrived to the answer.

The world of energetic and psychic attack was mostly a fairy tale to me before this attack: I scarcely believed it possible or even realistic.

But after observing the minute changes, the signature moves, the rhythm, the emotional content, the temperament of the attackers, it is as if I watched them on a spy camera while I also experienced them in my gut, my chest, my heart, my throat. The psychic attachments and their location belie the murderous intent.

Great learning experience.

I’ve learned that your favorite “healing master” is a powerful sorcerer when you don’t see them, intent on eliminating the competition. Or you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Update on the psychic attacks on my person”

  1. I’ve been listening to far too many “healing masters” over the past few years and now it’s scary to think what they’re really like behind the façade they present to the world.

  2. Sophie,

    Very good news. Real truth, real love, real power are precious values. Those of us fortunate enough to have found you only have a small idea of what a true treasure you really are. Thank you. Peace, Johnny. I am trying to wake up and throw of a lifetime of self-deception and hiding. You are a powerful example of living the truth and Doing The Work!

  3. Sophie, would you mind sharing those names – if that does not further put you in danger?

    People should be aware of such darkness and it will really help energy noobs like myself.

  4. OK, I’ve read it.

    Aluna Joy’s vibration is still 170, and the truth value of her teachings is 130.

    I found one valuable bit in the long article: that fretting and worrying about the attacks keeps me tethered to them… and the door open.

    I can tell you that is true: once I came to terms that these are attacks, I stopped worrying about them, and thought the frequency and the duration of the attacks didn’t change, what changed is how they affected me: much much less.

    I didn’t do this consciously, i.e. knowing what the result was going to be, more instinctively: I took my power back and put it where it’s useful… I have been reading a lot instead of trying to protect myself.

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