The plot thickens

In flu season the only things that can keep you safer are staying away from other people, frequent washing of hands, and being already well… high functioning immune system.

Normally this is a picture of me… but not this time around.

I have a weakened immune system, and I went to my exercise class yesterday.

I could even feel when the bug landed in my nose. I immediately sprayed my throat with my Dr. Schulze throat spray: I don’t go anywhere without it. And I skirted a full blown flu… I hope. I spent the rest of the day in bed, shivering and blowing my nose. I also gave myself at least 10 liver cleanses. 1

It’s morning, and I still don’t feel well, but there is a chance that the flu is done. I weighed myself this morning and dropped three pounds overnight… my body was fighting for survival.

I planned my grocery shopping today, but I may skip it: it’s not fair to give this bug to others. I am still infectious.

About the liver cleanse… I did the call on Monday, and it was very disheveled…

If I can, (If the flu lets me…) I will record the information part ahead of time, and just do the actual liver cleanse live. If not… I’ll just wing it again… or not… I’ll send out an email to all subscribers If I do the call. Not a subscriber? I don’t know if I can help you…

By the way: if you had a chance to watch me, you’d laugh your head off.

I announce to myself that I don’t feel good, that I have a headache.

It is something I say out loud. Ridiculous, and it seems that only a moron would do that. But as I am sitting here, doing my work, and hearing my voice from time to time saying the narration of how I feel, I manage to do two important things:

1. I know that I am saying that, and not the voices. I hear the voices behind saying: screw everyone else, or what do you care, or you’ll die… and other “nice” things. To be able to tell my voice apart, I guess, my consciousness developed this habit of talking out loud, instead of suppressing those sayings and thus making them part of the noise.

My voice says things that I need to pay attention to. Things that I may miss, while I do other things. That I don’t feel well. That I have a headache. Or that I need to eat, pee, or move around.

When I hear it I can look if I need to do anything… because being well is my number one commitment: unless I am well, nothing is possible.

Unless you can differentiate between your own voice and The Voices, by the grammar, and the type of language they use, you will listen to everything as if it mattered.

The language of reality contains no big words that say something about you. No labels. No story. No condemnation.

I have a headache is the language of reality. Nothing added, and nothing can be taken away.

But “you are going to die” is a story. or “see how stupid you are?” is also a story plus a label.

I may say “that was stupid” and that is the language of reality. No emotional content, marker feelings, only a statement about reality.

But if I hear “see how stupid you are?” I will have an immediate reaction. Why? Because the language is a hidden future tense: saying: you are stupid and will be stupid till the end of times… and of course I will have a big marker feeling of despair, or grief, or resignation, or anger… or whatever is in my nature to have often. My home page feeling.

Learn the difference between the two languages that inhabit the circle of reality and the circle of “interpretation or story” and you’ll be head and shoulder above the crowds: you’ll go down the marker feeling route less and less.

OK, enough of this.

Just so you know, the Playground does one thing and one thing only: teaches and practices this ability to tell the two circles apart. The results, if someone is willing, are fabulous.

Why wouldn’t someone be willing? Because they are vested in the drama they call their life.

Because with distinction used diligently, the drama disappears.

And most people would be left with reality… not a pretty picture for many. Not much is happening in reality. You get up, you go to the bathroom, you make coffee… whatever, then you go to work, work, have lunch, go home, eat dinner, do something and go to bed.

That is how my life is… outside. But instead of drama, I fill my inner world with observation, questions, experiments, that are, for me, very exciting, very meaningful, and worth doing.

If instead you keep the drama, you’ll never have time, or brain power for the meaningful.

And a life worth living has no drama and is filled to the brim with meaningful… Now you have it.

The plot thickens… lol.

PS: I just spend 10 minutes with hydrogen peroxide in my right ear. That unplugged that side of my nose, and I feel almost like a person again.


  1. It seems that this will be another day in bed… I think I have a fever… no thermometer… lol. But I am very very very cold, in spite of the two extra layers of clothes on the top of normal… hm…

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