The Bible Code, DNA, the Original Design… Is the Bible a Code?

is the bible code?Some 10-15 years ago there was a blockbuster book, the Bible Code. It was written in the style of a report, but really it was a novel.

Its fundamental issue was the idea that the Bible (The Old Testament) is a code that tells everything about the future, the past and the present.

It used the original Hebrew “version” that is called the authentic “Torah” and it claimed that if you take out all the spaces and punctuation out of the text and make it a string of just characters, it can be used as a code.

The idea is bogus, but us, gullible humans grasping for some meaning in life, for some certainty, it was something to investigate.

Why is the idea bogus? Because for thousands of years the text of the Bible was an oral tradition: it was never written down… and something that passed through so many mouths cannot be considered a reliable foundation for a code by its letters.

bible codeIf you did the same with the Moby Dick in English, you would have the same likelihood of finding code in it as in the Hebrew Bible… ‘nough said. BS… yet…

The weird thing is that this novel was primarily designed to cover up the deeper truth, that the Bible is really code, but not in its letters, but in its spirit.

That has been, at least, the take of Kabbalists on the Bible… and of course any code worth its salt has many interpretations… but the interpretation that I have is, I think, new: the bible is a blueprint, an instruction manual, a map to the evolution of humanity through the dark ages through the thousand years of peace.

I don’t have a lot of energy to do it now, but I’d love to team up with some bible expert, where they do most of the work and I’d be an adviser: I can make a short work of theories: theories are nice, but unless they pass the “truth test” they are just nice theories, and useless crap, just like reading the Bible at face value.

When you examine my vibrational readings of different groups with different interpretations of the bible, you can see that none of them come close to the truth.

The vibrational numbers are logarithmic, which means that 600 is a puny is about 10% truth… horrifying, isn’t it?

My 990 is about 50%… and that is the closest we’ve been able to get to the truth, to date.

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