Imagining success, imagining stuff… here is what really happens…

Unless you know what creates your sky high desire number, and your unbridgeable gap between reality and your delusion… you need to learn where it comes from, what feeds it, and what is the feeder’s goal.

Your guiding principle should be: If in 30% you don’t know who is the sucker in the room, then it’s you. You are the sucker.

So how are you made the sucker? And how come you don’t know?

The mind, that storage/imaging device that is part of your brain, is really stupid. It really believes everything it hears.

You do “imagine” exercises, and the mind believes that it’s there.

Now, what good does that do to you? None, I say… no matter what your “wealth conditioning” expert teaches you.

It gives you delusions, and a delusional person becomes the next sucker… plain and simple.

Now, if your mind were as good as a simulation device, really, simulating really what could happen, etc. and if it were interactive (it isn’t!) then it would be a great training device, like the simulated flight machines to train pilots.

But your mind isn’t interactive. You feed it, or you allow it to be fed with images… and then you look at reality, and there is a gap.

Real sex pales in comparison with imagined sex. Real chocolate pales in comparison with real chocolate.

The imagined house never needs cleaning, never springs a leak… it is always pristine, and smells good.

Life is messy, stinky, and needs constant maintenance.

But with the ease that you can create images, mind movies, is deceptive. You can put the cart in front of the horses, and the mind doesn’t groan. It looks good…

I fell into this mind-stuff imagining success twice.

Both times I worked on a project and the revenues grew exponentially. So I imagined the number growing the way they had been growing, and even just a few months projected, I saw incredible amount of money. Heaps of money.

And I started to plan how I was going to spend all that money. I felt on the top of the world.

And while I was planning what to do with my newfound wealth, I got sloppy, both times, and bang… the money dried up.

  • When in Rome, behave like a Roman.
  • When in reality, interact with reality.

The rules of the mind are very different from the rules of reality.

In reality you need to attend to stuff, do things you don’t like to do, watch out for mistakes, and restrain yourself.

One sure sign that you are confusing mind stuff with reality is bragging. Even if you are just bragging to yourself.

Bragging is a sign that you are engaging with mind stuff, and not reality.

Most product testimonials you hear or read, are bragging. The mind went ahead and imagined using the product, having results, or generalized from the results of the first week.

I have people who report amazing results from the Water Energizer, from drinking Coherent Water. But it’s all in their heads. Their numbers didn’t move, their water is either not energized fully, or they don’t drink it.

Did they get better? No.

Imagining flying, thinking about flying isn’t… Only actually flying is flying.

In my environment I see quite a few “cancer survivors”. Muscle test says they never had cancer. But they were told they did, and they went through the agonizing years of therapies and surgeries… Thinking you have cancer makes money for the doctors, but doesn’t give you cancer. You are the sucker… however cruel that sounds.

I listened to a sales video that masqueraded as a training video just before I sat down to write this article.

I need the information they talked about to be more knowledgeable when I coach my marketing client.

The sales video clearly talks to your mind suggesting that you have everything to do what they tell you to do.

Now, the mind believes that and starts behaving accordingly. I can do this. And never even contemplates that you have no business thinking that you can operate at a PhD level if your education in marketing is at a kindergarten or elementary school level.

But the mind can’t see that… because for all intents and purposes, the mind doesn’t see. The mind only knows what someone tells it. It won’t even believe when you fall flat on your face, after you paid four grands for the course… you cannot do it. Baaah… But why?

You’ll think you have a wrong belief. You’ll think you have a blockage. But the truth is a lot simpler: you don’t know jack.

Only when you interact with reality FROM REALITY, that you can see that.

Only when you see clearly where you are standing… meaning where are your feet! and where you are heading, that you start to see that to operate at a PhD level you need to do the education in between. To actually know what’s there, and to actually develop some skills to do what needs to be done, on the PhD level.

So you see, no matter what the situation, if you let your mind run away with you, you will end up the sucker… 100% of the time.

The mind will always tell you: this is a done deal… because it knows nothing of reality where the only thing that is permanent is change.

Nothing is ever a done deal, and violating that PHYSICAL rule will get you into serious trouble.

  • A client suddenly putting more weight on helping his friends in need… while the work that makes him a living is neglected. The mind, obviously, told him that it’s a done deal: the level of income will continue… What the mind didn’t say: if the work gets done!
  • A client suddenly doesn’t feel well. In poking around I find that they started to eat stuff on their no-list. Their mind told them that now they are well they can eat everything… So they are getting sick. Good for the mind, bad for the client.
  • A client listens to a 67 step… the mind says: oh great, now I know. Now I know everything. I am now going to live the good life. No implementation, no actions, no change, no nothing… just the mind talking. But they listen as if they were their minds. Sucker… no good life for you. There is a lot more work is needed before you are worth a damn.

The methods I teach and make students practice, creates a distance between the mind and you, the person. The mind keeps doing what the mind does, but it is just noise, it is like being in a casino: all the ding, and light has nothing to do with you.

And then for the first time in your life you’ll know that the sucker is not you…

Because you are working on what you need to work on. Looking at what you need to look at. Thinking on what you need to be thinking on.

The more you practice the practices I teach, the more of a person you are, and the further in life towards the good life you can go.

I can listen to a sales video like the one designed to put you into your mind, because I am now able to extricate myself out of that desire trap.

You? I recommend that you don’t watch sales videos, don’t read sales copy, don’t read anything but books I recommend.

Or if you don’t like my recommendation, then hell… fine. Go back to your mind. I really don’t care. I am not here to save you.

PS: Your Starting Point Measurement numbers tell me exactly where you are at.

A client of mine with a sky high desire number started to say to himself: “I am not there yet” and returned his attention to the next step in the process. His number fell. Dramatically. And while the desire number fell, the ambition number went up.

Desire is what you want but are unable and unwilling to work towards.

Ambition is the willingness to work towards a goal that you can see… including learning stuff, skills, etc.

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