What is a DNA upgrade?

dna upgradeWhat is a DNA upgrade? Not the hokey stuff you hear about, but the one that is for real?

The internet is full of false prophets and it is in vogue to want to upgrade your DNA… none of those methods actually work… if you want, I can review them one-by-one… though I think it is a waste of my time and energy.

Now, about the “real” DNA upgrade… I wish I could find an expression that doesn’t have 11 million competing websites on google…

As I’ve said, the DNA is the blueprint according to which all cells are created in the body. In addition to the physical characteristics, your inclinations, talents, capacities are also imprinted in your DNA.

By large, all human beings have the same DNA… although we are all individuals, with individual variations on the same theme.

We have the same or very similar potentialities… but in a different combination and a different start in life, different influences.

We are born with the capacity for speak, language. We are born with the capacity to smile, to eat, to procreate.

In this regard humanity hasn’t changed much, and no amount of education seems to have made a difference: our whole nature is built on an animal chassis… both physically and emotionally.

We seem to have an enormous capacity for pretense: a tool for survival: the better pretender will be better thought of… and will go further in life, will get a better mate, etc.

What we don’t seem to have capacities for are the things that we pretend we are: loving, compassionate, responsible, generous… That is why we need to pretend.

In this short clip, Steve Jobs sheds light to one of the capacities that are included in the DNA upgrade


The way to find your missing capacities is to ask the question: what do I need to pretend, because no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to be X, or not longer than a millisecond.

It seems to be your personal shortcomings, at least to you. After all the whole world seems to be able to X… except you.

What you don’t recognize that each person you know is pretending to be X…

Another way to find your missing capacities is to observe yourself judging others. Whatever you judge them about is your missing capacity. They are slovenly, cowardly, selfish, judgmental… whatever your judgment is is the sign of a missing capacity for YOU.

In my work with groups since I have gotten this assignment, I seem to have distinguished 13 missing capacities, that serve as the basis of the DNA UPGRADE to the new humanity, the seventh and last phase of human evolution.

Capacities are like money in the bank: you can have it, you can use it, you can invest it… it is your money and you do with it as you please.

You don’t have to do anything with it…

This is in answer to the many cries I have received: I like to be small… I don’t want to change.

You don’t want to. But you can.

After the upgrade, if you want to be loving: you will be able to.
After the upgrade, if you want to be generous: you will be able to.
After the upgrade, if you want to take control of your life: you will be able to.

On useful step to take is to identify one or two missing capacities… Who says they are missing is you. What says it’s missing is that you see that if you had them, you would have more life in your life, more success, more peace, more love, more joy.

Start doing the work now, and keep on doing it until you discover all that you are missing in your DNA.

It all starts with a desire.

Put it out there what capacity you would like to have, even if it still sounds like “less than” what you have… like less judgmental, less greedy, less jealous, less lazy,less argumentative, less defensive, less resistant, less concerned with what others think of you. Or if you can, name the capacity: loving, loyal, dignity, confidence, organized…

Trust me, it will be the most useful “exercise” you have ever done. Source is listening!

Comment below.

I assume you don’t want your name to show… who would, right?

So instead of your name, put “anonymous” into the name field. It is useful to use your real email address: I may have some useful information for you if you do.

Comment to your heart’s content: consider this your workbook. If we are lucky, we’ll have a large vocabulary of what could be missing… very useful for the DNA upgrade.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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12 thoughts on “What is a DNA upgrade?”

  1. I would like to be at peace (instead of struggling, fighting, doubting, crying).

  2. A capacity that it seems like everyone but me has is the ability go to parties with lots of strangers and join right in the conversations and actually enjoy themselves. In those situations, I feel awkward and uncomfortable and seem to always say the wrong thing and just want to leave. Maybe the capacity is “social”?

  3. I want to be less cluttered. The capacity I’m missing feels like a combination of tidiness and organization. I have a lot of clutter stacked up in my room and in one of my boyfriend’s rooms and any time I try to make myself clear them out, I get too exhausted to even move and instead go take a nap and the clutter remains.

  4. I want to be less ‘hollow’ and hungry for approval, and gain the qualities of integrity, strength, independence, determination, creativity, inspiration and courage.

  5. The ability to be passionate about life, to love mg human life, to have actual human goals, and to have the power to pursue them. To give everything to something. To live my purpose. To be in the moment and out of my thoughts and my analysis of the moment. To be strong and healthy in body and mind. To be connected to Source or higher consciousness. To feel joy. To share. To have something to give and to give generously. To have empathy. To listen and be with another, without judgment. To sing on pitch!!! I need that upgrade. To be a little more street-smart. To have real wisdom and discernment. To really smile.

  6. I would like to gain the capacity to feel comfortable in my own skin and ‘appropriate’ in any and all circumstances. Another way to describe it is the capacity to be ‘in the flow’ – to feel like all is well and I can and will navigate life as it presents itself to me and things will work out for me.

  7. be more confident and self-determined, more mentally strong, more understanding of people, more compassionate, intelligent, less lazy, greedy, and jealousy, know that I am on the path

  8. Being myself by stopping/ending the limitations I bought and choose as mine from education, school, teachers, surrounding, media. Not being judgemental.

  9. I love what Anonymous Sep 3, 2013 at 9:22 am wrote: “to feel like all is well and I can and will navigate life as it presents itself to me” – I want that capacity too!

  10. I want to be caring towards myself. To have more humility, courage, integrity, and strength for focusing on my goals. And I really want to discover creativity and passion.

  11. ..and I’d like to be absolutely honest, more patient and have innocence, if that is still possible.

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