Mercy. You want to receive it but You don’t want to give it?

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The Universe has three energetic elements, just like the atom. It has the negative element, equivalent with judgment in our worldly life. That is the electrons of the atom.

It has the proton, the positive, in our worldly life it is called mercy.

The third type of element is the neutral…

Without the positive element, the world, yours, ours, the Universe, falls apart.

As it’s above so it is below… and vice versa.

You have judgment, an overwhelming amount of judgment. You want to receive mercy… but the question is: are you willing to extend it to others and to yourself? Probably not!

Your life and the Universe is out of balance because of humanity’s unwillingness to give what they themselves crave: mercy.

Light created our world with mercy. We would not live out the day without it.

The question is, do we extend it to others? Or better yet, do we extend it when it’s difficult for us? When every fiber of your being wants to say: NO… it is wrong!

Today, put the brakes on the instinct to judge and criticize and separate. Your life, the quality of your life, depends on your ability to open your heart and give what only you can give: mercy, tolerance, acceptance, patience.

Don’t do it for others. Do it for your own sake… It’s OK.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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