Become like god… create with your word… but how?

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I bet you want to be able to create with your word… right? But your attempts have been failed attempts…

Here is some clarification why that doesn’t work, even though you have the capacity… but it isn’t working.

I woke up early today. I woke up from probably the best-feeling dream I have ever had.

In the dream I was in some kind of exam, and I was compared, paired up, grouped with people who were decades younger, and miles below my knowledge level.

But they were home, and I was an alien. Alien to the country, not a space alien.

Anyway, there was this teacher, who worked with me… Forgot to say that the exam was in another language… not any of the languages I already speak.

The teacher and I worked. On the day of the exam I left him home to sleep, and went to the exam by myself.

I passed with flying colors… and then suddenly he appeared, all dressed up, all fresh looking.

I hugged him for like an hour… with all my love and gratitude and no words. Not even inside.

He was like me: no voices got to him, so he was even-keeled… For most people he looked unemotional, to me he was the most beautiful man on earth. My rock.

That is when I woke up. Happy. Present to the miracle that life can be.

Finding someone who doesn’t make life difficult for you by always being triggered, finding someone who supports you, unemotionally, through the challenges you took on, is heaven.

I am not about myself. My life is not about me. Nothing really is about me. So I am like a rock… solid, and quite unemotional. Probably that is why I can play with my voice, or imitate any emotion on my calls… I am playing. I am not expressing my own emotions: I have none.

Happy and joyful are not emotions, they are states… being states.

Lack of emotions is the “clearing”, the “space” inside which joy, fulfillment, happiness can live.

Everyone I meet wants to be happy… and what they mean: I don’t want to be jerked about by the emotions of sadness, disappointment, anger, fear, whatever… I just want one: happiness…

And it is possible, But it takes work.

Because the way the planet is set up right now: unless you do the work, you’ll just keep getting worse.

I took Pam Ragland’s course back in 2007. In the whole course she said one thing that still rings true: 2000 years ago the negativity on the planet was a small fragment of what it is today.

In the past 11 years (and a thousand books read) since then I have distinguished that what she meant by negativity is the voices and the marker feelings they cause in you.

  • If we set the level of voice activity of today to 100, then in then two thousand years ago the level of that same activity was 1.
  • Even in 1945, the level was just 4. Mind boggling, isn’t it?
  • In 1996 when the Internet became a little more known, that number was 7.
  • In just 22 years it jumped from 7 to 100.

What is the source of the voices?

In my inquiries, in my observation, according to Source, you can put an equal sign between the voices and the Dark Side.

The best description of the Dark Side and its connection to the voices is in the book ‘Mind Parasites’ by Colin Wilson. I have it in my paid subscribers site… you need to be logged in to see it.

It’s not perfect… but it points you in the right direction.

What I like about the book is the way it makes it clear that the mind parasites (that are the voices) pretend to be you. They tell you things about yourself that only you know. And they suggest or command that you do things… and unless you can tell that the voices are not you, you will do… all those inconsistent, difficult to justify things that you do, like procrastination. Playing computer games instead of your homework. Eating twinkies instead of going to the gym. Cheating on your husband. Hope that your married lover will leave his wife. etc.

I used to be just like you… but not any more.

Pam Ragland tried to erase the voices to her students… but nothing happened. Why? Because the voices you hear don’t belong to you.

The voices are outside, everywhere, and you tune into them, like the driver of the community van tunes into NPR, National Public Radio… The volume of the radio is low, but he hears it, on an other than conscious level, and reacts to it with smugness, or anger… whatever marker feelings the words trigger.

The words trigger emotions… that is the meaning of marker feelings. No words = no emotions.

The goal is to hear no words, but that is impossible, if there are words… lol… you cannot not hear them.

It’s like the busy highway… there is always noise.

So the Amish have to acclimate the horse to the noise… so that, despite the noise, the horse pulls the carriage steadily, without reacting to the noises.

It’s possible, but it takes time. And it takes clarity about the voices… the voices are not you. They are just voices. And you reacting to them as if they were personal is a sign that you don’t hear them as voices, you hear them as you talking to yourself.

Ignoring the voices is not what this is about: the other than conscious mind will still hear them, and you will still react to them.

So what happens when the voices get through to you and you catch yourself experiencing fear, or trepidation, or disgust, or anger, or sadness, or whatever marker feeling?

You need to, then, look at the emotion and say: it’s a marker feeling. A stray voice got through. No reason for action, no reason for alarm.

You know you succeeded if and when that marker feeling/emotion subsides.

Unless you hear the voices as voices and not you, your word will have no power.

If you want to create with your word you need to do it in the silence…

Otherwise your words and the voices commingle, and your words have lost their power.

  • Low integrity number is an indication that your word has no power.
  • Low vocabulary number indicates that there is never any silence in your mind.
  • High desire number indicates that you hate your life the way it is… and I am right with you: it is pitiful or horrible… but you are going in the wrong direction: you are making it worse.

Can you create a silent mind without being trained?

In my experience: no.

Nothing humans have ever been able to do and do well, that they didn’t train to do.

You are born with potentials, but to make them abilities, you need to be trained. Some things are easier to train than others.

This skill I suggest that you train yourself: to hear the voices as voices, is probably the hardest skill to learn and live by.

How do I know? None of my students is doing well with it, without actual training. Somewhat, but not well.

Do I expect a lot of signups to my training?

No. I don’t.

Why? The voices will tell you that 1. they don’t exist 2. you don’t need training.

Doesn’t this remind you of the meme? The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. This is exactly what I am talking about. Devil is another name for the voices…

And unless you can already hear that the voices you hear in your head are voices, not you, you’ll listen like a good little boy or a good little girl, and pass.

Instead sign up or read some stuff by the Dark Side teachers… who teach you to imagine, or control the mind, or do positive thinking, or use affirmations.

All increase the influence of the Dark Side.

By the way, the Dark Side has intensified its presence the past few days. How do I know? My water is not holding the charge as well as normal. So I have to recharge and recharge and recharge…

That is a proof positive of Dark Side activity.

Am I feeling it in any other way? No. If there are more voices: I hear noise… No emotional reaction.

But you may experience a lot more emotional activity inside…

Consider training an alternative… and sign up.

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