The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently

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are you a Ford with a Maserati inside?The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently.

I find myself reluctant to say anything. I find myself reluctant to write, and that feels weird after having written seven thousand pages in the past two years. After having worked on the distinguishing of these missing capacities for 10 years…

My dilemma is that just because you can, you still haven’t changed. And unless you change your behavior, unless you do what it takes to activate those new capacities, nothing will change. Nothing.

You are still listening with the old mindset. And you ARE your mindset, and no new capacity will change that. No new information will change that. Only new action will change that.

The choice, for me, is to be inspiring or truthful. It always has been the choice, I just could not see it.

Your other teachers and healers talk inspiring. 100% lie. 100% soothing. Permission for you to stay the same.

There was one half-truth in what Pam Ragland taught seven years ago… or was it six?

She said that she had to teach us to drive our new self… much like if we upgraded to a Maserati, we’d have to learn to drive again, the skill-sets of driving a Maserati are so different from driving a Volkswagen or a Ford.

The sentence is 100% true, but what she implies isn’t true. She implies that you’ll be a Maserati at once. But it’s a lie: your new Maserati will not kick in until you challenge yourself to drive faster, take the curves in the road faster, closer, until you, little by little, become a different person, a person who drives a Maserati. Who is a Maserati. Until then you will be a Ford with a Maserati hidden inside, never used, never taken advantage of.

In the group of 20 odd people no one had a transformation. Transformation isn’t automatic, and it can’t be cause by a shift, transmission, download… it cannot be caused from the outside. It’s an inside job. It’s a choice. Your choice.

What is Transformation?

Transformation starts with an insight: you, suddenly, even if just for a moment, see yourself and your place in the world differently. And then this new insight is driven home by the second part: you actually take an action consistent with that new insight. And then, if you want that new world hang around, you do it again and do it again and do it again, until it becomes the new status quo, for you.

Transformation is a big deal. Transformation is a big word and it sells people on the idea that they can change, as if by magic, just by doing a course, listening to an audio, meditating, or getting an energy treatment.

That is the inspiration part… That is the lie.

So what now? Are we doomed?

I must admit, that until this DNA upgrade, you didn’t have the capacity to do the second part and act on the insight. And neither did your teachers, with the exception of a very few… a handful.

The vibrational number of a person is very truly a reflection of their capacities and their practices.

Most teachers and healers have resorted to lying because they didn’t have the capacities they taught you about, inspired you with, entertained you with. Until now…

Now they do. Let’s see if they are going to start to use them… I hope so.

The secret of activating those unused capacities is in challenging yourself.

You can see that once one has established themselves as an authority, it is mighty inconvenient for them to take steps that are a challenge. After all, their followers want them to be consistent, authoritarian, to stay just like they are.

The leader following who they said they are, and the students following them.

Some research said that 80% of the people on the planet are authoritarian, but my estimate is that the number is much higher, around 98%.

Even the people who seem like leaders are authoritarian… most areas of their lives, most of the time.

Why? Because that is what is expected of them.

If a global catastrophe happened, all the authoritarian people effected by the catastrophe will die. Why? Because being authoritarian means: they don’t look, they don’t observe, they live in their head, their imaginary world, and they won’t even know what hit them before they die.

Is this a capacity issue? No. This is a habit issue.

Being a non-authoritarian means being awake. Feeling what you feel, doubt, fear, trepidation, anger, loss, failure, whatever, to have a high tolerance to feeling pain, emotional and intellectual pain.

Being non-authoritarian means doing your own observation, your own evaluation of facts, your own fact-finding. Being a non-authoritarian means being able to think on your feet.

Six million Jews could be killed in the Holocaust because they were authoritarian, and so were the Gentiles in the environment where they were gathered and transported, like cattle, to extermination camps.

A reporter at the Adolf Eichman’s trial in Tel-Aviv said: “I expected to see evil, but all I saw was thoughtless.”

Being authoritarian means being thoughtless.

I first woke up from being an authoritarian in 1998 when I saw that I was little different from Hitler in my relationship to other people: they weren’t people to me, they were objects supposed to perform such that my life is easier.

I was willing to be horrified. It was horrible. And then, after the initial horror subsided, I didn’t go back to sleep: I started to change myself. It was hard, but it was possible. If I could do it, you can do it too.

The question is: will you?

And that is my dilemma: the inspirational angle would be to promise you that you will, because you can.

The truth angle is: you can do an awful lot of things that you are not doing… so why would NOW be different?

Choose your angle.

If you choose to change, I am here to challenge you, personally, at the rate that you are ready for.

At this point the only forum for this I have to offer is the Path to Enlightenment coaching program. Three sessions a week, accommodating three different time-zones. Come when you need a good kick in the butt… You’ll need it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “The upgrade of the human DNA is done, and now every person on the planet has the missing 13 capacities as part of their DNA, permanently”

  1. Thank you, Sophie. You stepped up. Maybe enough of us will awaken to make you feel it was worth it. Let’s break out the owner’s manual and take this new being for a ride. A new way of being. I am here for a reason. And it may not be personal, LOL!

  2. Thank you Sophie!
    I’ve had several complicated projects at work that I’ve been dreading and putting off far too long. Suddenly, last night I found myself wanting to tackle those projects and I dove in and I’m actually enjoying working on them and my mind is staying sharp and alert and I’m doing a good job. I couldn’t figure out what caused the turnaround until I read this article. Could this surprising (to me) turnaround be a result of now having a capacity I was missing?

  3. Sophie,

    Feeling a little more connected to people. Even a little more exposed. Also, more present, or time has slowed down…?

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