The fear of finding out… the fear of being found out

We have the real self and the false self, there’s nothing wrong with them, and everyone has both of them.

Given the two selves everyone has, being afraid to be found out is normal.

And being afraid to upset the apple cart aka ess (evolutionary stable strategy) is even more obvious. 1

In playing Freecell, one of the things I am experimenting with is moving stuff around, so the covered cards can be revealed.

It’s not a hasty, scrambling type of move… it is methodical, and scary.

Human tendency is to hold onto your gains. The ess. Every time I experience the resistance, I bring in the “upsetting the apple cart” and then I experience the breakthrough.

If it is a principle that all the power is tied up in the hidden dimension, what is hidden from your view…

…then Freecell, the game, proves it positively. I win a lot more games when I use that move.

I assert that the same dynamic, fear, holding onto the ess, revealing the source of power is at play when you want to bring your two selves closer.

The unfamiliar view of the real self, given that it was abandoned when you were a child, looks a sure way to lose in life. But appearances are deceiving you in this case: the real self actually has strengths that you have never used, and has untapped potential you have never developed.

While your fake self has some wins with no fulfillment, no joy, no happiness, but more straitjacket feeling, the real self has the potential for true grace and ease: wins with good feelings.

There is no one whose real self won’t allow for more happiness and joy than any well put together fake self.

The fake self emphasizes strengths that you don’t really have… that you can’t build well on.

This is why it is so hard for any of us to answer the question: what are your strengths?

Other people, surprisingly, aren’t often fooled by the fake persona. They actually see the real self.

This is why the 5 questions exercise is so dramatic if you are willing to listen. 2

I did that exercise in 1996… 3

Obviously you’ll have to ask quite a few people: what they see will differ dramatically from one person to the other… depending on their cooperation with you and their own self.

There is, or there must be a series of voices (Dark Side!) that say that your real self sucks… whatever words the voices use have instilled the fear of god in you… you don’t want to find out.

But if you consider that if you dared to lift the curtain, you would find the little boy, not OZ the terrible. And little boys, in my experience, are lovely. And they respond well to TLC… and little girls too.

There was, maybe is, a program that centers around healing the child within.

I never studied it, because I felt that there is nothing wrong with the child. 4 There is, on the other hand, something terrible between the relationship of your two selves.

The way it happened is like this: you as a child were threatened, felt threatened, and decided to become not you, better, stronger, smarter, whatever, to survive.

And then turned around and judged your real self. Your goal was to blame the threat on the weakness of your real self… so YOU, the new fake self, doesn’t have to own it.

You have been doing this for decades. And you were wrong all along. And you are on the wrong path, on the path of no chance for oneness, no chance for inner harmony, no chance for authenticity, no chance for joy. none… Unless.

My famous unifying exercise, where you hug yourself and whisper words of love and acceptance between your selves is a weak attempt to change this dynamic.

It gets better and more potent if you do it with the Unconditional Love Activator.

But all in all, unless you can fully uncover and fully accept your real self, and start working with that to bring him up to date, to guide him to adulthood, nothing will ever cause you to be one, to be whole and complete, no parts missing.

I know this sounds pessimistic, but it is practical pessimism.

This is how it is going to play out. 100% certain.

Unless you activate endgame optimism, and start doing the inner work…

How to start doing the inner work?

Lots of different ways to start, but each way is going to include the

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  1. There was a TV series on the brain, decades ago. I think I still lived in Hungary. So more than 36 years ago.

    In one episode test subjects were fitted with prism eye glasses. The prism turned the view of the world upside down. It took a while to get used to it, some may have even vomited, but eventually they could do everything as well as before without the glasses.

    When the glasses were removed, the same symptoms happened before things returned to normal.

    In the treatment of certain traumatic brain injuries, it seems that when the patient is equipped with prisms, that flip the image horizontally, something happens in the brain, and missing vision, missing stuff re-occurs.

    Why am I sharing this? Because being afraid to upset the ess… the way the world occurs, the way you occur to yourself, is disorienting, and you may want to throw up…

  2. Here are the famous five questions:
    1. what do you like about me?
    2. what don’t you like about me?
    3. what do you see as my strengths?
    4. what do you see as my weaknesses?
    5. is there anything else you’ve ever wanted to say to me? and
  3. Have you noticed that a whole lot of things happened for me in 1996! I think because I did the Wisdom Course that year, and the Wisdom Course is the most similar process to what I am teaching you.
  4. If the child was hurt, abused, verbally, or physically, then I recommend the Playground. The Playground, my program, helps the “child” to retell the story, and own the hurt, so the child can grow. The only problem I see for humans, is that they deny the child and abandon it… leave it… and the child remains a child, the same, without developing into an adult with adult capacities.

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