Phase One Case Study: Keith the Photographer

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This is a Phase One Case Study. Phase One of the Planetary Ascension. Phase One was worldwide and every person on the Planet got it. The highest vibration Phase One can take you is 299.

Some people who previously got to a high vibration by using Dark Side energies also got the activation and as a result their vibration dropped to a lower number. Tr. is like that, his vibration is now 395 compared to the 600 it used to be. On the other hand, when I got the activation, my vibration jumped by 30, from 665 to 695. And Master Gopal’s vibration went from 605 to 615.

Phase One started on July 24 with 4 people.

Next day, Monday I experimented with communities, like Syracuse and Fayetteville, NY. The Obama family, the Clintons. On Day 3 I activated New York. My capacity to witness a whole country being activated became available by Day 5. The Planet’s activation became complete on August 15.

The following case study is a New York photographer’s… so his activation began on July 26, three weeks ago.

Keith used to work for me as a photographer when I had my magazine. He just rang my bell one day, 20 years ago. That weekend I was supposed to be at three places at one time, Dallas TX at a conference, and two parties in NJ, taking pictures. I hired him on the spot.

He mostly irritated me, but always talked his way out of getting fired, or massaged my sore arms from too much computer work, or showed up with a cup of coffee… and I could not fire him. Until many of my advertisers started to call me to tell me that he was telling them that I was a crazy woman and that the magazine depended on him… Then I fired him.

Obviously we didn’t part on good terms. I was a crazy woman, and suffered mightily, from what I didn’t know. But nothing prevented him from contacting me a few times.

About 10 years ago he inherited his great grandfather’s “estate” that consisted of artwork and photographs or his great grandfather, who was a very interesting figure, a world traveler, a mind reader, a mask maker, and gay.

He needed help, and as an empath I was unable to say no: an unconscious, unevolved empath must help someone in pain.

Long story short, I have been hosting, and doing the work on his website,

He sells electronics in NYC for a living, and every waking moment takes pictures of passers by in the street. Everyone knows him as this crazy photographer, including the police. He is a character, fast talking, risk taking, talking talking talking.

He calls me, or other people at least once a week, and talks, talks, and talks. Whatever you tell him, he interrupts you and starts to talk about his agenda. Nerve wrecking. I thought of changing my phone number a few times. But an empath cannot do that. So I suffered, and yelled at him. Every time he called. Yes, even at vibration 800 I yelled at him. But, this is not the end of the story…

Now, add the Activation of the Original Design to the mix. Keith’s vibration is around 255 now. It started at 75.

What changed, other than a number?

Well, let me tell you. The Keith I was on the phone with the last three times is not the same person I’d known the past 20 years.

This Keith actually listens to me, absorbs every word, and then answers, intelligently. I call that transformation. Major, mind boggling transformation.

Now, I can start actually contemplating doing something with a person like that.

There is only one little thing that bothers me and may change this for me.

When I marvel at his changes and mention it on the phone, he immediately says, that he quit drinking, that’s why.

In the 20 years I’ve known him, he quit drinking 50 times, but there was no change in his behavior. Until now.

There Is More Where This Came From

Why this is significant, and why am I concerned about him misidentifying the source of his transformation?

Because correctly identifying and acknowledging the source of the “light” you get is mandatory in this “game” with Source.

Acknowledging Source for what you got from Source activates “There Is More Where This Came From” energy, and starts the continuous flow of like energy.

Failing to acknowledge Source stops the flow!


This is why Keith is still at 255, while people that got activated at the same time are already at 295. Because even ignorance is better than redirecting the acknowledgment!

So, my next challenge is to explain to Keith where he got this new intelligence from. I am afraid that it won’t be easy.

The ignorance of 7 billion people

As it is not easy with the seven billion people, that won’t even notice that they are more intelligent, have more energy, and have less worries, less mind chatter, can actually hear people, can actually appreciate people… They will just take it, like they take the weather.

Phase Two Is Only For People That Ask For It

This is why Phase Two is elective: only people that acknowledge the source of what they already got are eligible to request the elective activations.

And though going from near moron to an intelligent, unencumbered being is dramatic, wait until you hear what happens in the seemingly just as innocent Second Phase activation. Mind boggling.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Phase One Case Study: Keith the Photographer”

  1. Sophie,

    Thank you for your efforts on everyone's behalf.

    I'm interested in and therefore requesting the second phase activation.


    – Ken

  2. Ken, the second phase isn't like the first one, that I can 1. mass download it 2. that it is undifferentiated, at least not at this stage.

    At this stage it is going to be individual circuits activated only with people who are connected at the time of the activation. That is why the group is going to be small, and that is why I will need to check every person if they are connected.

    The free will of the soul is honored, and Source will not download anything without an express connection and request inside that connection.

    That is a big difference. At this point you don't qualify. You need to successfully connect to Source before I would pick you. I am not teaching people from zero to full connection on a group call. Sorry. You still have time.

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