Do you get discouraged? Bored? Leave things you start unfinished?

If you buy stuff, start stuff because you see where it can take you, but shortly after you run out of steam, and drop it, because suddenly it doesn’t feel important, or doesn’t inspire you, you may want to attend my free Talk To Me webinar on Wednesday, February 28. 4 pm…

I will teach you a new way to look at where you are, what you are accomplishing, so you can maintain a high enough enthusiasm so you can take a project to its culmination, to a place where you actually benefit from it.

I’ll teach you what about how you view a project, a goal, a dream disempowers you and fills you with self-doubt, and maybe even despair.

Or maybe fear?

There is no charge, no commitment, just good old useful teaching. You don’t have the have done any of my programs, you just have to be able to identify with the scenario of discouragement I tried to paint above.

I’ll record the course and make it available for people who registered.

Why not everybody? because I need you to have at least a little bit of skin in the game… or you’ll just nod and ignore the teaching.

No teaching is doing anything unless put into use.

This teaching is not different.

This is what you do:

Fill out the form below.

It will take you to the webinar registration form

Fill that out. Show up.

You’ll get your link to attend in your email. So make sure it’s a real email address.

If you are trying to fake your way through life, you’ll get a fake life you didn’t earn. Wretched…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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