Enslavement devices, beacons, etc. Tools of the Dark Practitioners

beaconEnslavement devices, beacons, etc. Tools of the Dark Practitioners

A student of mine wrote to me to ask about his symptoms of stomach ache, nausea, etc.

I have been feeling crap since Friday, stomach upsets, diarrhea, severe indigestion pain up back, aching muscles everywhere, exhaustion and nausea. Today has been the worst and if I didn’t know better I’d swear it was flu! I was going to join the 6 pm webinar on Friday, but had to go to bed instead!

But I suspect maybe I need to throttle back somewhat on the subject line above? Could you kindly check if I should reduce/modify what I am doing – is this some type of detox, will it pass. Was really struggling to keep going today! I also started some Yoga classes on Thursday night, I think my friend who I went with said we were doing Vinsyasa Yoga, I did enjoy doing it and felt energized after the class. . By the way the eczema did pass as you said it would but was reasonably bad before it did – thanks.

I also sleep on an earthing sheet and have earthed mouse mat and floor mat at my computer. I have been using a (for some years) Tachyon Silica disk 4” which helps localized pain and upset, I also have one of these on my electrical distribution unit (breakers) to help mitigate EMF effects. https://www.tachyon-energy-products.com/ . Do I need to level the playing field, am I mixing too many things together?

I was thinking of switching all audios off and not taking any supplements or foods for 24 hours except water to see if I can reset?

I checked him and this was my answer:

“…at this point I recommend that you remove the tachyon stuff… it seems that it acts as a beacon guiding an attacker, much like Tr.’s water is/was.

It is not a detox. It is an attack. Very similar to what I experienced.


Let me explain: one of the missing capacities, even with psychics or empaths, has been being able to connect directly to a person without a surrogate.

A surrogate is like a voodoo doll, you do your dark magic (or healing) on the doll, and it transfer to the person the voodoo doll stands in for.

To make a voodoo doll you need a part of the person, a nail shaving, a hair, something… otherwise the black magic won’t work.

If a dark practitioner doesn’t have a piece of you, they can still reach you by having a picture of you. Then they can throw darts, poisonous arrows, etc on the surrogate (your picture) and it will reach you.

This is what my attackers were doing.

And the third way to get to you without having a piece of you is through a beacon.

I first found out there is such a thing when I had a bottle of Tr. water in my house, and suddenly the dark energy found my house. As soon as I got rid of the bottle, the attacks stopped.

I have tested, and I too can connect to any of my products and check their vibration, etc. This came handy when I had to test the energized water and HOE products I shipped to Canada: none of them held their energies. I recharged them, but they lost their energy within a week, often within hours.

I assume that this is a common practice among energy practitioners: find you through the products you purchased and use.

Now, why would anyone attack their own customers (or anyone else for that matter) boggles the mind, but it seems that that is what is happening to this guy. That is why I recommended that he stops using the Tachyon energy products: they act as a beacon the creator can latch onto and send you dark energies.

My experience has been that no cloaking and no bubbling actually prevented those people from attacking me, the only thing I could ward off successfully with that method is the attachment… how I know that when I forgot to cloak, instantly I got an attachment…

By the way, the Dark Energies feed on your fear, anger, resentment, feeling like a victim, and do their damaging work through those… it is YOUR REACTION that scrambles your energy, and ultimately damage or kill you… Once I gave up thoughts of revenge, even thoughts of protection, I started to be well... surprising but true.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “Enslavement devices, beacons, etc. Tools of the Dark Practitioners”

  1. Great Article! Can you eloborate/explain more on the attachment (2nd paragraph, at end of article), thanks!

  2. Doug, you need to change what fascinates you. You are caught by the Dark Side… you have the power to claim your attention back and put it on what you want instead of what you don’t.

  3. I have had some healing transmissions from Trivedi, do I need some help? It was a long time ago – but I don’t feel very good lately.

  4. “Once I gave up thoughts of revenge, even thoughts of protection, I started to be well…” Sophie could you explain a little more about giving up thoughts of protection? So after attachments experience I am now constantly thinking about cloaking.

  5. You are either well or you are in protection mode. Only one being is possible at any one time. Being well is one being, trying to be protected is another being… can’t be there at the same time.

    You can cloak yourself without trying to be protected. When you wash your hair, or brush your teeth, or drink a glass of water, you are not trying to do anything, you just do it because it is part of living. But some, not you, but many, think about drinking, and cleanliness, and their beingness is that… instead of living.

    I hope this is clear, if not, just ask along.

  6. Thank you Sophie. I think I can see it. Just like we go about the day, eating, drinking, washing dishes so that’s how cloaking is. Its part of living just like putting clothes on, not giving a thought.

  7. I wrote the article “male/female” specifically for you. Your soul correction is that you are too aggressive: fear, protect, teach, forge ahead… no room for anything to come to you, you conquer, and spirituality and happiness, and peace, and life eludes you.

  8. Yes, that article definitely is for me. Brings tears to my eyes. I do lack being feminine. Now it’s time to learn to be feminine. I am just now beginning to see what it means. Thank you Sophie.

  9. Her vibration is 110. Her inner state is full of anxiety and worry. I would avoid her. Indian sexuality comes purely and fully from greed: desire to receive for the self alone, the only evil there is. Stay away.

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