You are either a partner, an employee, or a slave… or a slave driver

There are people I like to work with, and there are people who have no interest in working with me, they remain separate, and there is no “us”.

The ones with no “us” are the majority. Most will talk at me, demand of me, and maybe accept stuff, but there is no working together, no common shared goals, no synergy.

I feel used, and I bow out, or I fire them if they are a client.

In fact, that is the only type of client I ever fire… So if you are one of those… now you know.

Life is like sex: you can go at it on your own… and have some satisfaction, but if you try it with another, you may have bliss.

And, of course, how you do anything is how you do everything: I pity the ones with the “I am on my own, doing it alone” type of people, who, in my experience, are 70% of all people. Male, female… equally.

Sexual abuse, molestation, sexual whatever, that America is in uproar about, is about this… one using another for their own gratification.

As a coach, as a teacher, I am unwilling.

And I recommend that if you are a service provider, you become unwilling as well.

You may be the problem, though… Maybe it is you who is unwilling for synergy.

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The sum of one plus one in synergy is more than two… sometimes a whole lot more than two.

This is one of the reasons I do webinars: sometimes the people who come are willing to add their energy, and the result is a symphony. The Amish Horse Training webinar was like that. Ten times more than just me and another person. Glorious.

The 3-4 people I talk to regularly create that kind of synergy with me. It’s co-creation at its best.

All my products, by the way are co-creative.

OK, I am not saying that without your co-creating with them they are worthless… but with your co-creation they are 10-20-30 times as effective.

One of these is my water energizer audio.

Simple, short, inconspicuous.

Depending on your attitude, it will be a slave to you, or it will be a partner to you to take you to coherence.

Same audio. Only your attitude is what changes.

Sometimes it takes me to call you on the phone, if you have been playing the lone-ranger game… And you may turn around and become a co-creator in your health. I celebrate those turnarounds.

And then some people trust the energy and co-create with it… but not with me…

And then some people will allow their unconscious desire to be smarter than me, to prove me wrong, and never manage to get the water to work with them, work for them.

And I grieve for them.

Of all the energies, of all the courses, of all the products I have ever created, the water energizer is the most significant.

Why? Because if you can or willing to have it work for you, your internal state can go from misery and scarcity to coherence or near coherence with one or two glasses of water.

I have tested. Someone with a cell hydration of 10% drank 10 ounces of water, about 2.5 dl, and went from 10% hydration to 20%. Another glass and you go to 30%.

Some fired clients make sure they will go back to being miserable…

…by neglecting their cell hydration. Stupid as the stupid does… cutting their nose in spite of their face.

I went on a Chinese website today to find the kind of water filter system that I recommend, and I found it… Why is this significant? Because the biggest issue people deal with is that destroyed, denatured water cannot be made coherent again.

The second issue that most people struggle with is the length of time it takes to raise the water’s vibration to where it suddenly turns coherent.

They try to do it from their laptop or their phones… again: stupid as the stupid does… you don’t want to give up your laptop or your phone… you want a dedicated device that all it does is play the audio to the water.

This is why I, nowadays, don’t even sell the Water Energizer audio without the dedicated device and without handholding.

I need to curtail the effects of “stupid”.

Recently I got a bunch of small good quality mini speakers… That can become a dedicated device, if you energize your water in the refrigerator.

And I have reordered my favorite headphones… when you want to energize your water outside of your refrigerator.

Both come with a chip with the audio on it, and set to loop the audio indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The only trick is to keep both plugged in. So they don’t play from their battery…

I have a limited supply of both dedicated devices. Once they are gone, I’ll have them shipped to you from China…

And if you live outside of the United States… I will ship them from China… except the chip…

Chip prices have gone up… but I’ll keep the prices the same… for a while.

PS: If you buy, your handholding includes me researching your water source, recommending a filter, or bottled water… as part of that handholding.

I prefer that you go and read the page where I see the Water Energizer… If you are too lazy to do that, you are definitely going to be too lazy to use it.

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