The secret is in the system… No system? No life

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The secret is the system… No system? No life.

Unless, of course, you are one of Neal Stephenson’s characters, who rarely set out to do something and do it… They tackle what is thrown at them… Well, I might add…

But you are not one of his characters… and life, without a system, without a clear direction is a life not worth living.

But with some forethought, you can make life predictive, interesting, and good…


Most of what there is to do in a day, most of what moves you towards that ephemeral good life is hard or tedious

Some tasks are hard for me too. Or tedious… And I respond to both hard and tedious with tension. Impatience. Intolerance.

Sitting and watching a video, even if it is a film, but especially if it is a tutorial video, I have about 10-15 minutes that I can suffer it… and then I have to jump up… whole body tight, resistant.

This used to hinder me a lot. I would buy classes and never finish them.

or difficult books… “I can’t take any more of this…”
or doing Starting Point Measurements
or designing a page
or writing a sales letter

So I have devised a clever scheme to beat this hindrance… because life is the way life is… so instead of waiting for life to adjust to my impatient nature, I adjust myself to life.

And actually use my nature plus a system, to make myself productive.

I group these boring, unnerving, or tedious activities together. Once I jump up with “I can’t take any more of this…”, I have the next activity already lined up.

Reading, tutorial, Starting Point Measurements… 67 steps from my portable headphones… etc. going on in a cycle.

I don’t leave it to fate that I have something useful to do when I had enough of one thing…

I think ahead. I prepare it…

If I left it to fate, I would likely fill my time with sand activities… instead of pushing on my rocks.

I used to pick up the phone and release the tension by talking. I used to go out and shop… to release the tension.

I don’t like tension, and I am sure you don’t like tension.

With this foresight, with this system, I get an awful lot done, and because of the newness of each action in the series, I don’t get bent out of shape… I am actually experiencing a life full of fun. See Neal Stephenson’s characters… lol.

Things, of course, take longer than if I had the “assiduity” to do something for hours… but I don’t. But… eventually everything gets done. I read lots of books, I watch lots of videos and I implement what I learned. I do what I need to do… in a way that works for me.

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