What is the level of your awareness? awareness of what’s going on, inside and outside

you don't know your ass from a hole in the groundFirst let me digress… If you search this question of google, you’ll find out that not many people even know what this question means, what awareness means… They confuse and collapse consciousness and awareness… It’s like they don’t know shit from shinola…

OK, back on track: If you went back to your high school class and were given the opportunity to pick one person. And you would get 10% of their earnings for your lifetime. How would you pick? Would you pick yourself?

There are many criteria you can choose by.

According to the 67 steps, the level of awareness is the most telling of how well a person will do in life.

Awareness is noticing changes, noticing what needs to be noticed so you can roll with the punches. So you can adjust. So you can change.

Because what awareness leads you to is the need to change.


Where are you when you are not aware? You are in your mind.

And as we have said before, the mind is Plato’s cave… you can only see the shadows of things there, not the things that cast the shadows. And the shadows don’t inform you accurately enough for you to have an accurate and appropriate response.

Let’s talk about response… and its opposite: reaction.

  • Response is an informed action. Tested judgment. You are aware, you are clear, and you adjust. A dance. Graceful. No past, no preconceived notions. Not machine-like. Not automaton. Dance. The vertical plane.
  • Reaction is jerky. Automatic. Triggered. No awareness, no clarity, no adjustment. Sharp, and disproportionate to the cause. Automaton-like. All from the past, all from the mind, all from an old interpretation of life. All from a set world view. The horizontal plane.

I don’t know if you can see it… but

If you live on the horizontal plane and your life is reaction reaction reaction, you will not amount to much, and you won’t have a good time.

Animals, especially in the wild, are more aware, animals are more responsive than humans. They don’t assume much… like humans. They don’t assume that the world around them doesn’t change.

They have a different relationship to life, different from humans.

Don’t act as if you were immortal and have time to sip away at knowledge and accomplishment.

Seneca said it best in ‘On the Shortness of Life’:

You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire1

There’s no guarantee you’re going to outlive a healthy 95 year old just because you’re 25 (we’re not guaranteed a set number of days or years left to live).

Don’t become too soon old and too late smart.

This quote is from the 67-step summaries…

Oh, you haven’t heard about those? It’s a 20 page summary of all the 67 steps.

So if you have them, but want to have the summaries, or if you are curious but don’t want to have to listen to them to know what’s in them, this is a good opportunity for you.

Want it? Get it! It’s only $7.


  1. Your sort live as if you’re going to live forever,

    your own human frailty never enters your head, you don’t keep an eye on how much time has passed already.

    You waste time as if it comes from a source full to overflowing, when all the while that very day which is given over to someone or something may be your last.

    You’re like ordinary mortals in fearing everything, you’re like immortals in coveting everything.

    You’ll hear many say: “After my fiftieth year I’ll retire to a life of leisure; my sixtieth year will bring release from all my duties.” And what guarantee, may I ask, do you have that your life will last longer?

    Who will allow those arrangements of yours to proceed according to plan?

    Are you not ashamed to keep for yourself only the remnants of your existence, and to allocate to philosophical thought only that portion of time which can’t be applied to any business?

    How late it is to begin living just when life must come to an end! What foolish obliviousness to our mortality to put off wise plans to our fiftieth and sixtieth year, and to want to begin life from a point that few have reached! ~Seneca the elder

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  1. “They confuse and collapse consciousness and awareness…”
    Exactly me 🙁

  2. Mam my vocabulary is 300 ( as told by you )
    i am a native hindi speaker . English is my second language .
    So if we say that my vocab is 300 is it for both languages ?
    Does it mean that my understanding is ,right now, limited to 300 words ?

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