The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off… or make you an outcast, or crazy


This article is not for everybody… Exercise caution!

I think I am going crazy.

The main reason people, most of them, almost all of them, are authoritarian, meaning not doing their own due diligence finding out if what is being disseminated as the truth is really credible, is that the truth is horrible.

Your mind acts as a filter, it doesn’t allow anything to go through and become conscious that you can’t handle. If it did, we would have a lot more schizophrenics that we do.

crazyIf it is safe to pass out, the mind will make you lose consciousness if the input is too strong for you to handle. If it is not safe to pass out, it will bury the true extent and meaning of the information until you are ready.

This is why abused children only start to remember details when they are adult, and even then it comes out slowly, bit by bit, as in testing if you can handle it.

And, of course, when the mind can’t find any other way, it will make you crazy, as in multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Or an addict…

The first unconfrontable information I remember was at age nine… when accidentally I read a report about what happened during the 1956 uprising. The gap between the publicly disseminated version and the truth.

I won’t go into detail here: this article is more about my recent awakenings and yours.

how_621009_2195174It’s been a process. Up to a certain vibrational level, my only way to deal with unconfrontable truth was crying, or going into deep depression.

I have learned to carry more, bear more, deal with more.

The past few months have been, in this regard, eventful, but nothing compared with this past week.

hangedInstead of the truth dropping on my head… by accident, I have been digging for it, poking the box, taking an active stance. This way when I have this “I think I am going crazy” feeling, I can slow down for an hour, or a day or two, until I am ready for more.

The truth I am being shown is the mechanism with which “they” keep you blind, blissfully unaware, protected for your own good, protected for the greater good… from knowing the truth.

Who are “They” is not clear to me… but I am clear that the way to fight “them” is to wake up. Slowly, so you stay sane, but not so slowly that you’ll only wake up in the slaughter house.

MemoThe smooth, explainable universe is a lie. History is a lie. Archeology is a lie. Books are commissioned to keep what may seep up truth becomes a sensation: something people talk about around the water fountain, but don’t take seriously.

Movies, television series, eerily close to the truth, are made fantastical enough to fool anyone, while thinkers won’t even go close to them: “they are for fools and excitement seekers, not thinkers” they say and instead they read or watch something that is closer to the status quo, the smooth explainable universe, the universe of Einstein et al… wholly untrue, wholly a smoke screen, wholly accepted the the authoritarian majority.

You don’t need to understand what I am talking about: you are not ready to have your smooth explainable world to explode, but you can start with smaller things.

the-truth-will-set-you-free-but-first-it-will-piss-you-offWhat? For example: Seeing that family, that close family is the number one enemy of individuality, of thinking, of seeing anything outside of what they want you to see, what serves their interest.

That family is the most important reason you don’t think for yourself, that you are a sheep, that you are afraid to experiment, and skin your knee.

That family is the source of you being unhappy, feeling insufficient, not good enough, not lovable, not acceptable, not important, and thus never strive to be more, to fulfill your destiny, to expand, to take risks, to become a real human being.

That without family there would be no way politicians and church could keep you at bay… because you would not need them: you would be too busy doing what you love to do, too busy to discover, to test, to skin your knee, to expand, and fulfill your potential.

share-12One of the ways you can see that I am right about this can be proven by an experiment.

Try to truly share your experience with my teachings and with my energy products (HOE, Energizer, connecting to Source, DNA upgrade) with them and see how you feel… it will stay “trying” for nearly all of you, and an unpleasant confrontation for the rest of you, if you are lucky enough and anyone will even listen to you.

truth-comicDo this test… to the level that you can. You will see that the people you consider friends and family, are exactly the people that keep you the same, that insist on you staying with the herd… sheep, cattle, deaf and dumb.

Do it slowly and gently. The goal is to see, not to raise their suspicions. Because they are willing to kill to preserve the status quo. Kill your spirit.

By the way: I don’t share everything on my blog. It is not safe. I do share more on my coaching calls. Prerequisite for being on those calls is the purchase of my activators and reaching a certain level of vibration. Each person is evaluated individually… No spies.

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