What does reading your email do to you… ok, what does it do to me… A deep look…

I am working on something important to me. In fact two things I have two things I am working on: what I teach and how to put myself in the position to have more people to teach… These are important things to me.

So I get up, as always, shuffle to my computer, make my first come of tea with hemp and butter, and tackle my students’ emails…

But then I make a mistake. I look at my email from Medium, and I can feel as I am being dragged away from what is important to me. I am not on the straight and narrow… I am on someone else’s agenda.

And although that agenda may be informative, helpful, close to mine… it is still their agenda… and the further I go from what is important to me, the harder it will be to find my way back there.

If you are in the 67 step coaching program, what you said with that, signing up, that what is important to you is becoming all you can be, by doing tiny steps converging in a life worth living.

The problem with tiny steps is that they are not flashy.

You are doing imperceptibly small steps in imperceptibly different way/attitude whatever is the how there. Not flashy… in fact no news crew would come out and video you as you are building that amazing “life worth living.”

For many people, even finding a purpose, a meaning big enough to inspire them will take many many tiny steps before they get to it.

The shelf-life 1 of a life purpose, an insight, a possibility is merely seconds… at least in the beginning.

This is a lot like gardening: the “shelf life” of a seed sown (to scatter seed upon the ground or plant it in the earth) on bare ground is minutes: it will be gobbled up by a bird that is looking for its own agenda.

So how do you extend the shelf life of your purpose, of your ideas, for what is important to you?

By protecting it from all the agendas that other people have for you.

get unstuckThe reason some high achievers get up early and do things in their lonesome is to become present to who they are and what is important to them. 2

Don’t be mistaken… a night, sleeping, dreaming, takes that away from you. Why? Is that important? Is this question going to take you closer to what’s important to you, or further?

Understanding is the booby prize… asking questions of this kind is telling me that you don’t care about the seeds that you have sown. That you won’t protect it, you won’t nurture it, nourish it, so it can grow into something worth having.

You belong either to the 1% or the 99%.

It will be decided where the rubber hits the road… The questions you ask, the attention is directed by you, or by someone else’s agenda.

And it was decided BEFORE you came to this site.

I have no tools to influence you. Because I honor free will.

I know lots of people argue about free will… and it’s OK with me. I won’t get involved.

But because you are reading this article, I’ll tell you about free will: you have free will in what you consider important to you… or not, in how you direct your attention… or not, in what you listen to… or not.

Whether you consider yourself your mind… or not. Whether you are willing to do the work to get out of the mind, Plato’s care… or not.

You have free will… and I don’t mess with free will.

I had this “conversation” with one of my students whose mother sounds like me: authoritative, know it all, my way or the highway, etc.

So she hears her mother when she listens to me.

But her mother’s how, her mother’s “to what end” is agenda driven: you must do as I say or I’ll end up burning in hell.

I have another student whose mother said: you either do as I say or you are not part of this family. He was seven or eight years old.

So most people hear me as their mother or their father… punitive, either or, very conditionally accepting.

They are, in fact, enchained (bind with or as with chains) in that.

It takes me a lot of work to wake them up to the fact that certain tone of voice is just tone of voice. That they could expand their cone of vision and include other aspects, like agenda.

Most people come to you with an agenda that is theirs. I don’t like agenda, but that doesn’t mean all agenda is bad… it only means that for me agenda is oppressive… and I don’t like the feeling of being pinned down… being forced… being limited. Personal experience, really, nothing “universal”…

The emails use a different method of enslavement: they talk to your greed, they talk to your adventurous child, they promise, easy street, titillation, excitement.

The question to ask: to what degree what I want to do with my life is being represented in those emails. Or facebook. Or the newspaper. Or whatever you use to not having to be responsible for what you are up to, for what is important to you.

It is very difficult to say: this is not important to me. What’s missing is the courage to be a Self.

Which, in a way, tells me that 99% of all humanity suffers from courage deficiency.

It takes courage to pull back and attend to the seeds you have sown. It takes courage to listen to a webinar that teaches something so they can take your money for something that you can’t really use to grow what is important to you. It takes courage to not want to belong to everyone, to not fit in.

Yesterday’s Playground, two hours and 14 minutes long, was full of all the stuff that you can’t see, can’t hear, because of some limiting factor, like the tone of my voice, or the other things that remind you of something really really scary that you were the victim of.

You can get the recording. It’s not cheap. So far, I think, we had three calls… and I am planning on having 4-5 more. If you missed getting on the live calls, but want to know all the things we say… get the recordings.

Some people pay $20 a pop for my Sunday rants. And they say it’s worth it. And I know it is. Every Sunday.

My paid webinars, like the Playground, like the Amish Horse Training Method… or in fact any of my 400 or so webinars, are worth at least that much.

Are you afraid that you get caught in the energy of what’s possible for you and your life?

There you go again… Courage deficiency. Pretending that you can’t. Pretending that you are incompetent.

Because if the desire to be all you can be is close to the surface, you may get caught. And… horror… you’ll feel like building that life… and then… horror… you’ll have to say “no” a few times, or many, and you will become unrecognizable, to yourself.

The shadows of all those wonderful things outside of Plato’s cave, the mind, look really threatening and scary inside the cave.

Every person, every time, comes to the call scared. I remember when I was like that. I would even get sick. Get a fever blister. Diarrhea. Stomach ache…

I could not sleep the night before a course, seminar, or other opportunity that had the potential to help me become who I am.

Until I moved out of Plato’s cave. Out of the mind. To where life is actually happening.

Not much is scary here… Except stuff I am not attending to… lol.

I am not quite ready to tackle those… But when I’ll declare that they are important to me, I’ll protect that idea with all I got… Not yet. I am still protecting what is important to me now.

PS: This morning, in my answer to one of my students, I saw that some of the episodes of Star Trek are eerily lucid.

The episodes involving The Borg especially.

The function of the mind, the function of the voices, the function of the memes is to make you part of The Borg, the hive mind.

What you want is not important. And it takes courage to want what you want.

Instead you become dominated by wanting the inconsequential, the shallow, the never fulfilling, in a forever hungry, yearning, never ending cycle of wanting, seeking, where everything is the same as everything else. No Self, no courage, no Will, no distinction.

This is where humanity is at the present time. Vibration 120 on the vibrational scale. Not happy… because what makes you happy is individual. It is from the Self. And it is not available inside the hive mind.

In the Old Testament, 3 in Genesis, is the key: The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

The hive mind wants you to honor above yourself family, nation/country/community. And you probably do.

When you read the newspaper, watch the news, read the emails, hang out on Facebook. That is what you are doing. And you say: that land that god will show me can wait…

Consider that the god in the Old Testament is you Self… that is who you have been disobeying, while you pretend that you are looking for it.

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  1. shelf-life: the length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable. It terms of plans, possibility, good ideas, insights… they disappear really fast. It’s not a memory issue: it is a “front of the mind” issue. When you go to the bedroom to fetch your glasses, for example, you go through areas of your house that “steal” your “front of the mind”… and by you get to the bedroom, you don’t remember why you went there… And the same is with plans, possibility, good ideas, insights… except for bad stuff, like resentment, anger, etc. But if you look, a little kid can completely change their mood if you distract them from what made them angry or cry.

    One of the big difference between students of mine who do the 67 steps coaching and those who just do the one session every two weeks workshops is this: the ones that routinely do a new step every day (as it is supposed to be done) have their stuff overwritten every day. So they don’t hang out in upset, anger, wretchedness for two whole weeks…

    Each step of the 67 steps takes you to a place where you can get hooked, where you can see how you miss the mark. Or alternatively how Tai is wrong, and I am wrong, and blah blah blah…

    Either way, stuck is stuck…

  2. I just had another insight, as I am editing this article: high achievers have one thing that the 99% doesn’t: they get unstuck really fast. In the 67 steps Tai talks about Sam Walton and Jeff Bezos. They share this ability to not get stuck, or if got stuck, get unstuck really quickly.

    My hunch is that it’s a design issue. The 67 steps coaching is one design element that works miracles more often than not: the daily input does one thing well: it gets you unstuck… if you let it.

  3. I am eclectic. I find the pieces wherever I find them, including the books of the bible.

    Kabbalah says that the Torah, the Five books of Moses, the Old Testament is code. As in crypto… cypher… something the hive mind (99%) will take at face value (like religion) and the individual will take as guidance on how to be Self.

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