I didn’t know that I didn’t know! The the dangers of thinking you know something that actually isn’t true

What you don’t know that you don’t know

If you are like me at any point you think that what you know is how it is. And that makes you stuck.

Here is what happened that woke me up from this seductive illusion that what I know is so.

I have been fascinated with nut butters. OK… nothing fancy in that…

I bought a machine to make nut butters, and it was a tedious job: 90% of the time was scraping the wall of the bowl… or the machine would run as if it were empty.

My commercial Vitamixer died a few years ago, and it could not be fixed… Vitamix came out with a brand new design.

Then I suddenly needed to make nut butter… instead of just being fascinated: I learned that I am violently intolerant to A1 milk… I put on 50 pounds, 22 kgs in spite of being really careful with what I ate. The milk was 80% causing the weight gain. The rest was eating not according to my type. 80%… grrrr. I didn’t know. And I didn’t know that I didn’t know. I was sure it was sugar…

I used to be a pretty woman… and I turned into a shapeless whale… not good. Didn’t like it. Not mentioning the fact that I had to carry all that weight on my tiny frame.

So when I found out that hemp can replace milk in my tea or my coffee, I jumped of joy. But making hemp butter with my Ninja took 30 minutes and it also overheated, broke the plastic bowl… a pain in the behind.

I muscle tested if a Vitamixer would be a better choice, and bought a used one on ebay with some parts missing which I had… already.

So just a few minutes ago, I got ready to make a batch of hemp butter. I muscletested how much to put in the stainless steel dish, I muscletested at what speed to run it (Middle) and turned the machine on.

And here it is what I didn’t know that I didn’t know: the Vitamixer didn’t even have to be stopped once, no scraping, just left it on going and voilà, I had nut butter.

I already saved what it cost me in aggravation, in time, in hating every minute of it.

I didn’t expect this. I knew from projection, that it will be the same as with the Ninja, scraping, and that I would be able to avoid just one thing: the blow breaking, because the vitamix’s “bowl” is stainless steel.

OK… I am not sharing this with you so that you buy a Vitamix… I am sharing this with you so you see that what you know may not be so.

And unless you suspend your certainty of what you know, you won’t do anything different, won’t try something OBVIOUSLY foolish… like me spending money on a second Vitamix…

But… but… but…

You have this certainty in every area of life. Including what program works, including what you need, including what you can do to become happy, wealthy, loved, and so on. You already know. And you hear everything I say through that filter: you already know… you already know that this won’t work for you.

And you have, maybe, plenty of proof… you failed at this, and that didn’t work.

Unless you suspend your certainty… you won’t find out anything new.

What allowed me to find out the truth about the Vitamix and nut butters is that I looked, ten times, I listened to the sound of the machine, I watched nut globs pop to the top of the “bowl”, and I saw that in fact the machine was still churning the nuts soon to become butter, not the air as with the other machine.

I am still stunned.

I have had people who came to my 67 steps coaching program already knowing stuff about everything.

And they held onto the stuff. And they did it the way they had been doing everything in their lives.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

What is that how? Everyone has a different how that is detrimental to their growth.

Some are stingy. Some are haughty. Some are superior, unkind, uncaring, sloppy, slothful, and unless you catch and know what is your internal enemy that doesn’t allow you to go from A to B in life, you can’t keep it in check.

You don’t have to change. You just have to get conscious, and alter your behavior from time to time. Take off the blinders, take off the filters, allow reality to show itself…

In the What is the Truth About You workshop, we did an exercise in workshop style, where you could find out what was your how that robbed you of a life worth living. That robbed you of the results you’d like. That robbed you of joy, love, and even health.

Check out the recordings, and if you see the benefit, sign up to a live call.

I have learned an awful lot since the time of the last call… so expect to be surprised how much richer and ultimately more useful the new version is going to be.

The ultimate goal I have with doing that webinar workshop again is to lead some of you to LIVING a life worth living… whether you do it with me, or with someone else.

Click here to register in the “What is your how that robs you of a life worth living?” workshop. It’s costenlos… aka FREE. You will get your join email, so use your “real” email. Please.

The workshops are on Monday, alternating between 2 pm and 4 pm to accommodate European attendees. You can attend it more than once, and get a new insight every time.

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