What the heck is the worth a damn factor, what is yours, and how do you raise it?

My declared purpose is: I work to raise the truth value of people’s world view and consequently raise their vibration. This article is, seemingly, not about truth value and not about vibration… it is about your worth a damn factor 1 and your happiness… Seemingly…

Here is a world view that is very frequent, and very deadly for your vibration, and for your inner world of happiness.

The world view of jumping. The world view of binary switch reality.

Yesterday I had a long call with one of my coaching clients.

He is long on desire, and short of ambition.

Almost any bait will get him to a feverish pitch of desire… “hoohoo! I’ll make a million bucks!” Like that…

But I got really clear of the world view when we started to talk about what is the goal, what is the ultimate goal of doing the 67 steps.

The ultimate goal for the 67 steps is spelled out in Step 1: 1. The Billionaire’s Brain & Jennifer Lopez’s Voice: The worth-a-damn-deserve-it awareness factor… 2 [/note].

The ultimate goal of the 67 steps, and of life, is to become worth a damn. To become all you can become.

Now, let’s look at this statement: become worth a damn.

If your view of life is binary, if you look at things as pass/fail, if you look at things as black or white, you’ll look at everything as black or white.

HOW you look and how you see, your how is the same across all areas of life. How you see anything is how you see everything.

But reality, although it can be looked at any odd way, even the binary way, is not binary.

Reality is more like gradation. 256 shades of gray. Millions of shades of colors.

The transition of seasons, the growth of a child… you often cannot point out when something went from one state to another…

So is with becoming worth a damn.

My Starting Point Measurements are like taking your temperature. A snapshot.

The number that represents your worth, your EXTRINSIC worth, is the same… Your worth a damn factor…

Your intrinsic worth, the potential that you are as a human, will be always the same… both on the timeline, and in the comparison with others. You have the same blueprint, The Original Design, so your worth a damn measurement doesn’t measure your Intrinsic Value.

It doesn’t measure your Systemic Value either… (this is the binary, good/bad, right/wrong, etc.)

Your worth a damn measures your Extrinsic Value. How much worth you produce in the world… worth that others see as worth and are willing to acknowledge as value.

Your worth a damn factor (goes from 1 to 100) accurately measures what you produce in the world.

Not even what you CAN produce in the world. No. What value you actually produce.

So it is effected by your attitude as much as your skill level, your working knowledge level, etc.

If you are stingy… you’ll withhold your excellence, you’ll do the work you do in a way that you don’t give all you’ve got.

There are quite a few stingy soul corrections: Finish What you Start, Removing Hatred, Sharing the Light, Sexual Energy, Silent Partner and Circuitry.

Very stingy.

All attitudes, including stingy, are measurable, and on a scale of 1 to 100.

The nature of reality is the gradation.

I was about 50 years old when I learned this. So I have had 20 good years, and 50 terrible ones.

Before that I viewed the world as binary. You are either successful or a failure. You are either smart or stupid. You are either a leader or nothing. You, you, you… baaah.

But when I was 50, I learned that the world is not that way, and me viewing it was my narrow cone of vision.

Your worth a damn factor can be a 1 today… and a 1.1 tomorrow… if you increase what you can do, or if you change your attitude.

People with high desire and low ambition will be able to increase their worth a damn factor by a lot, by changing their attitudes.

So if you take everything personally today (an attitude), you can catch yourself tomorrow, and take less things personally… and your worth a damn factor will truthfully and precisely track your attitude.

How do you do it? I’ll tell you how I did it…

That was the first attitude I tackled, to what degree my life is about my life. Obviously (lol) I had no idea how to do it. So I did the best I could: notice when I got offended, or when I was attention seeking, or when I was listening to my fear.

And returned myself to “my life is not about my life”…

I created my guiding light, my North Star, my number 1 commitment to my “HOW” with a declaration. Declaration is one of those funny ways of speaking when what you are declaring doesn’t exist yet, isn’t true yet, and yet the declaration creates them. Like the Declaration of Independence… America wasn’t independent yet, but the declaration was the blueprint, the North Star, for the actions in the future.

Another declaration about my attitude was: “You’ll always get my best”.

And I made it so.

A tricky declaration came later: “I have a contribution to make… so I’ll be well and live a long life so I can make it.” That was really tricky, because I was absolutely clueless about health. And I had a strong desire to be “won against incredible odds” and that fought my declaration.

I can tell you: it was a long road to hoe… I am at 70% with that…

Now, if you actually tracked what I am saying, the worth a damn factor is influenced by your attitude and the actual work you do, that create value, real value in the world.

I put 60% of my efforts into increasing my attitudes to support me to create value, and 40% to increase my skills and knowledge.

You may need to use your efforts, a this point, 90% into changing your attitudes to support value creation.

The 67 steps, my courses, my workshops, my energies are all about the attitudes. Identifying the attitude that hinders you, and methods that can turn it around.

It is not a surprise to me that you didn’t know that your attitude is hindering you… and that without changing your attitude nothing much will change for you.

Now you know. And now you can make an authentic decision about what you’ll do.

Your attitude is invisible to you, and a book easy to read for others.

You can ask your friends… The five questions are excellent for this.

I have been doing, from time to time, a “diagnostic” workshop for many years.

Click here to register for the workshop

It’s free. It’s not a sales pitch. It is a workshop where you’ll see what attitude or attitudes keep you stuck in low “worth a damn” state, and even point to a possible declaration, a possible North Star, that if your word has power, can start to lift you out of the stuck state.

There are as many attitudes as stars in the sky…

Attitudes are crippling you.

Of course I have a secret agenda: I’d love to identify the rare person who would do well in my 67 steps coaching. Someone who isn’t just wishing, but is willing to raise their worth a damn factor. 3[/note]

You cannot be happy with a low worth a damn factor. Why? Because you are only happy when you can love yourself. And if your attitude is off, you cannot love yourself… no way. You can smile, dance, laugh as a pretense, but love? Not possible.

And when you love yourself, you love your life. Of course, that is also on a scale. It’s not a binary switch.

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  1. Here is a video from Tai:

    The expression is from Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program. The expression is interchangeable with Charlie Munger’s deserving factor… how much reward you deserve for your efforts. Many people think that deserving is their god given right… and maybe in god’s view you are deserving. But in a world, in an economy, you need to earn what you want to get… We are talking about that kind of deserving. Creating value that others are willing to give you what you want, in an exchange. Money, love, friendship, caring, etc.


    Are the people you’re listening to worth a damn? Most people in life are victims of their own making, they focus on the lottery approach (they hope and think tomorrow will be better without actually taking action) To lose 20 lbs you have to deserve to lose 20 lbs (for example by following a strict diet, exercising daily etc.) Be aware of your surroundings, become more observant. There are 3 types of people in the world:

    • People who watch things happen
    • People who make things happen
    • People who wonder what happened

    Everything (progression) starts with awareness.

    • Take inventory of your body, what’s its current condition?
    • Take inventory of your bank account
    • Take inventory of your relationships

    Money is a sign of reciprocal altruism – the most value you create and the more people you impact the more you’ll get.

    Surgeons create more value then cashiers at McDonald’s.

    The world is far more fair than the media portrays to you. You put in the work, you get the results (people that deserve more get more).

    Bill Gates worked non-stop for 20 years (!) – he earned the success he received… he didn’t get lucky with a lottery ticket.

    You’re only competing against yourself, not others.

    You can buy these summaries

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6 thoughts on “What the heck is the worth a damn factor, what is yours, and how do you raise it?”

  1. I’d love to be identified as the rare person, Sophie 🙂
    I want to be worth a damn. I’m literally sick of wishing and lying to myself.
    I’m willing to work diligently and hard.

  2. I hear you Tanja. I appreciate saying what you are saying.
    My question is: is the tongue in your shoes saying the same thing? Meaning: are you saying the same thing with your actions? Or you’ll get there when you get there? Or are you still lying to yourself?

  3. Well, I’d love to answer these questions with yes, I’m saying the same thing with my actions and yes, I’ve stopped lying to myself. But I don’t know if that wouldn’t be another lie? 🙂
    What I feel is a need, a push and something I can’t precisely define. A kind of emerging strength?
    That’s why I need a teacher like you.

  4. Yes, I wanted to apply yesterday already, but the link says: “Nothing Found”.

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