The Quickening By Keith Wyatt, Awakening As One

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the quickening keith wyatt video awakening as one The Quickening by Keith Wyatt awakening as one

I got an email from one of the Pioneers of The Planetary Ascension project. He sent me a link to this movie, below, The Quickening. He said that in this movie I will see why I am doing what I am doing.

My knee jerk reaction was to summarily dismiss this, but at 900 you know better, chuckle, so I watched the movie. It is long, repetitive, an hour and 15 minutes long, in fact, but well done, and profound.

The vibration of the movie is 695/1000. Which is very very very high.

Of course the movie was made before the Planetary Activation began. But even with that, it is simply terrifying and yet feels right.

How the end of times will play out exactly, as the movie says correctly, is not predictable. For one, this activation of the Original Design didn’t seem to be predicted by the Mayans or by the Hopis. Yet.

Watch this movie, but let me say a few words before you do:

1. The likelihood that you will be watching it from fearing for your life and your possessions is very high. My recommendation that you take a breather, and use my direct connection video and follow instructions to connect yourself to Source. It will allow you to watch it from a place from where it will all make some sense, from where you will have certainty that you will make through this cataclysm, and be better off for it.
2. If you see it fit, continue increasing your vibration by either
2a. connecting frequently and directly to Source with the tangerine method
2b. enlisting with me to further activations.

The higher your frequency the easier you can take the inevitable shifts in stride.

OK, now watch the movie. I will post some of my findings that differ from the video, but they are not very important, 695/1000 truth level is very high.

The Quickening from keith wyatt on Vimeo.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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3 thoughts on “The Quickening By Keith Wyatt, Awakening As One”

  1. I watched The Awakening early this morning. Fascinating. The explanation of the Mayan calendar was very interesting. How to stage an false alien invasion was “out of this world” (LOL).

    From the perspective of June 2012, the movie loses credibility somewhat because not much if anything happened in Oct 2011. I notice that has taken it off the site and replaced it with “2012 The Return to One.” It was posted on Vimeo 4 days ago. I will have a look at that movie next.

    The movie is careful to say they are not predicting anything, just documenting possibilities based on the work of Carl Calleman, but there an insinuation that the Mayan calendar predicted something to happen in Oct 2011.

  2. There is a new movie (posted June 8, 2012) called 2012: The Return to One. It is similar to The Quickening (which I incorrectly called “The Awakening” in the post above. Please feel to correct, Sophie). All of Calleman’s material about the Mayan calendar and predictions of the shift happening in Oct 2011 have been removed (since not much happened). The producer is now suggesting that a terrorist attack could occur at the Olympics, which would kick off a chain of events leading to the shift and the One World Government.

    Despite the removal of Calleman’s material, the movie is 30 minutes longer at two hours. Still fascinating. Still worthwhile. I am recommending it to everyone as a wake-up call. Not to fear, but to prepare.

  3. I think that having been conditioned to listen to others for guidance, in case this happened, 99% of humanity will go for the world government and total enslavement, just like before.

    What makes you believe that just by talking about the possibility of fake alien invasion, anyone will resist? That you will resist?

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