How Do You Decide If A Piece Of Knowledge Comes From The Tree Of Life Or The Tree Of Knowledge? Hopis, Mayan Calendar?

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How Do You Decide If A Piece Of Knowledge Comes From The Tree Of Life Or The Tree Of Knowledge?

Great question, isn’t it?

This question came up, pushed itself on my mind, while I was watching the Quickening movie.

After all the movie is inspired, its truth factor is almost 70%. What is my problem. Oh you again, making trouble?

OK, it’s me again, and I am making trouble again.

Let us look at the Hopis first: Is the hopi myth Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge?

Well, let’s see what is Tree of Life knowledge: I define that kind of knowledge that is received through direct knowing during a connection with Source. Not some entity, not some “pals”, not some “friends” but Source. The Source. Through an actual connection.

My feelings (and my muscle test) tells me, that the myth that is told in this movie is 100% Tree of Life knowledge.
Now let us look at a question: if you retell that myth: is that Tree of Life, or that Tree of Knowledge?
Aren’t sure? Let’s see if YOU got that knowledge through YOUR direct connection to Source? No? Then it is Tree of Knowledge.
Bummer, eh?

The Mayan calendar: is that Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge?
That piece of myth is 100% Tree of Knowledge, none if it is of Divine origin, and never was.

How about the bible? Specifically the Old Testament, Jews know it as The Torah. Is it Tree of Life, or Tree of Knowledge?
Real bad news again: the only person who can claim that it’s Tree of Life, is Moses, and the written version, no matter who is reading it, no matter when, is Tree of Knowledge. Bummer, eh?

The rest of that movie was pure first degree Tree of Knowledge, speculation, logic, etc.

Now, does it reduce its value? As a movie? No. As a Tree of Knowledge knowledge: of course no. As the truth? Definitely.

Now, given all that: its truth value is 695. But what are the potential non-truth?

We don’t know. So far I have tested the dates and my dates don’t match theirs. But “IT is going to happen” tests positive.

Which means: get prepared. This is Tree of Life knowledge: you will need all your wits about you for the next approximately two years if you want to stay alive.

What should you do? I don’t know. I know only one thing that you must do. That is: raise your vibration, raise your capacity to connect directly to Source, to stay in expanding mode, despite what will be happening.

Because we don’t know what will happen, any and every other preparation, stockpiling food, buying a generator, the usual things that people do when they are afraid, will do more harm than good. Why? Because the action effectively puts you in a fear based vibration, and that is the opposite of what you should be doing.

What am I going to do? I will keep working with select people that want to work with me. Breathe deeply and make sure I am well. I may buy some water purifying supplies: there is a chance of floods and having to live off the land. How? Where? When? I don’t know. I am not going to ask… I want to be prepared, but only prepared to adapt.

I recommend the same.
That is definitely Tree of Life knowledge, when I say it. You should get your own… get connected!

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “How Do You Decide If A Piece Of Knowledge Comes From The Tree Of Life Or The Tree Of Knowledge? Hopis, Mayan Calendar?”

  1. I intend to accept change, and flow with it, and not resist it, but to look all the while for positive outcomes and to contribute to the positive whenever and wherever I am able, for the best and highest good of myself and all others.

  2. I think you meant to write Tree of Life for Moses in the article above, as he supposedly received it directly before speaking it Tree of Knowledge to the people…..(?)

  3. Good eyes Rosemary. I have corrected it. When he spoke it, it was still Tree of Life. People received as part of their mind, and it became Tree of Knowledge. Just like the stuff I talk about: Tree of Life leaves my mouth, Tree of Knowledge lands there.

  4. Hi Sophie 🙂 Can I ask when the movie was made so I can look it up? Thank you!

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