How free are you?

When you reach a certain level of freedom inside your machine, you have the presence of mind to pay attention to a lot more than now.

And I am in a growth spurt… a lot more of MY machine, and THE machine got distinguished in the last few days, due to workshops and private conversations. I went from 50% free to 70% free in these few days.

So yesterday I saw something I have never been able to see… not that I wanted to… it was something I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Before the exercise class I told one of the women that we missed her last Tuesday. She said she had something really important to do. “What?” I asked. She said: “her missionary work.” she said reticently. Hm… and I looked at her closer than normal. I realized that I saw her in my street with another woman going from door to door… Yehovah’s Witnesses.

So I asked: “Yehovas’s Witnesses?”

Yeah… and she started into suggesting that if I want to be saved… etc. I am Jewish, but that didn’t change her mind.

So I went to the bathroom… And there it hit me:

Everyone is convinced that their world view is the perfect world view, and everyone would see the world as they see it.

Regardless of their results.

I also saw that you can never convince anyone to change their opinion. I won’t become Christian, and you, probably, won’t become Free in the machine.

It doesn’t matter how fervently you insist that your world view is the right world view. It doesn’t matter how many people agree with you. How many books are written that support your theory. How many students you have. How enlightened your teacher you think is.

The only thing that matters is results.

I have been observing this woman for about 18 months, and she is wretched 90% of the time, and smiley 10%. Meh…
So either her world view isn’t worth much, or she is doing it wrong… isn’t what they tell you when you produce nothing with the Law of Attraction? That you are doing it wrong…

I did a course in 2003, I think, the Millionaire Mind Intensive. It was very trying for me: I had a lot of habits that were counter to the Millionaire Mind.

When I got home, I put in practice two of the habits even before I went to bed.

30 days later I went back to some follow up and found out that out of the 100 or so people who came back (the intensive had 2,000 people in it) none of them did any of the practices.

Now, I am sure that they told everyone how great the course was. I am sure they left testimonials. But they were lying.

Lying about what?
Thinking will never change you. Only actions will. And actions: they didn’t take. So results: they didn’t have.

Just like the woman in my exercise class… or maybe she did, and she only proved that the teaching of Yehovas’s Witnesses is not the way to go to heaven…

But Harv Eker’s methods do work, even if what he soups them up with popular woo woo popular bs… what he suggests you do actually produce predictable results… Ask me what parts, ok?

I eliminated 30 thousand dollars of negative net worth in 30 days, by following his method.

Others remained the same.

And the same is true with any discipline that works.

The Dude whose book I am still reading, the guy who has an accurate vocabulary of 3500 words, compared with your 200-400! has a methodology he teaches in that book that works. He admits that he only follows his own methodology 10% of the time. And that makes his vibration stuck at 170, makes him talk too much, makes him talk over his interview subjects… makes him an asshole.

But the methodology is sound 10% truth value.

If I take away the bs from T. Harv Eker’s stuff, his method’s truth value is 30%.

The Law of Attraction, as a methodology to get stuff, is 2% truth value… puny.

Changing limiting beliefs, as a methodology, 0% truth value

Energetically unblocking your limiting beliefs, as a methodology: 2% truth value

Affirmations, as a methodology: 1% truth value
Positive thinking, avoiding negativity as a methodology: 1% truth value.

Landmark Education: 7% truth value.

Let’s talk a little bit about Landmark Education, OK? I participated on many levels, including leadership roles, for 26 years… so I may be credible…

Landmark technology, in bold strokes, is to find out your current, unproductive attitude (way of being) and invent a new way of being, a new attitude, that seems that could be productive.

I am simplifying here, crudely, but this is the essence of Landmark.

Now, a new way of being, a new attitude, looked at from your current paradigm, your current accuracy of vocabulary, is either not going to fly, not going to become attainable to you, or will become fast the same thing, mired in your current vocabulary.

Change. Not something entirely new, but a version of your old.

Here is what I mean: you create a mountain peak with your words, and then you are left alone with it.

Let’s say you invent leadership. Or you invent being a winner. Or you invent complete and thorough. Or you invent getting yourself out of the way, like I have, on Monday.

Now you need to build a mountain under that peak, so you can start climbing.

But left to your own devices, you won’t. Even if some steps, like in the Millionaire Mind Intensive, are spelled out for you.

Why? Because from your current paradigm, the foot of the mountain you are supposed to build, can’t see up…

I feel that I am leaving you in the dust, that what i just said went way over your head…

But this is what I am talking about… What I am saying is in a higher paradigm, and the dividing floors between paradigms are one-way mirrors.

In my personal experience, only doing changes anything, and only doing guided by a personal guide… like myself.

No guide? No actions. Or if there are any actions, they are based on your low level of clarity… so they are wrong actions. 1

What Landmark can’t give you is that one-on-one guidance. Why? Because even it’s leaders didn’t get it. Why? Who is going to give it to them?

The difference between theory and execution is tremendous. A good theory not executed isn’t worth a damn.

A 30% truth value theory not executed… nothing. No change.

An experience… Exhilarating, while all of life remains the same.

It doesn’t matter how much yoga, meditation, sound therapy, shamanic therapy, or other b.s. you do.

Reading is valuable. Learning words. Looking them up on the Kindle. Reading for reading. Laughing when something is funny.

But the rest you do… meh. It does nothing.

Not a thing.

Obviously I see that when I force people to do does something… But thus far, without being in a coaching program, nothing good. Or not a thing.

Just like the Yehovah’s Witness lady can’t get that she may be wretched, regardless… You won’t get my teaching unless you do it, correctly, under my guidance.

What is it worth if it is so limited by what I can do, time, energy, etc? Every new paradigm was penetrated by one person, and then two, and then three…

Eventually it becomes available to all.

This is how it works.

If you want, you can participate in my biweekly workshop on Mondays. Next session is in 10 days.

Registration is free. No replay unless you both show up and work on the call. Just want to listen? Fine by me. Won’t make a difference…

Register in the call

Or if you prefer, come to the Talk to me call next Wednesday, the last Wednesday of the month. You can ask questions, and I’ll answer if I can.

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  1. Here is an example: Here is an advice: Choose Yourself. This advice means something dramatically differen on different levels of clarity, in different paradigms. As does “Speak Your Mind”, or Forget Thyself… or a million different phrases. You’ll always interpret everything on the level where you are, and if you create actions: your actions come from that interpretation. Why? Because it cannot come from any other place.

    Now, if you have a personal guide, then they can converse, and open up the next higher paradigm for you… and occasionally that happens, but not always. But each time you get higher… and can hear the world from a higher plane… especially if you also read. And read a lot.

    I still have students who call reading reading a page or two a day. I read 75-100 pages a day. Books. On my kindle. And look up every word I am not sure about. Articles, blog posts are in addition to that. Every day. 365 days a year. Small vocabulary? Low clarity? I am sorry, I won’t be able to help you.

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