Here are a few health related findings that I have been holding really close to my vest.

The reality of weight loss for most people. This is what I escaped with what I am sharing in this article

Here are a few health related findings that I have been holding really close to my vest.

Why? Because I am a little scared to make them public.

Some have to do with my “suddenly” flat belly at age 70. Flawless, not wrinkled, flat. WTF, eh? Especially given that I dropped 44 lbs in the past two years.

And I don’t go to the gym. And all that…

That was actually my goal…

I have seen people who dropped a lot of weight, and their skin remained the same size… Not pretty, so I didn’t want that.

So, what did I do?

I could tell you everything I did, most of them mistakes…

But in essence

  • 1. I reduced my carb intake to next to nothing, to about 30 grams a day. Less than the 60 Dr Atkins was teaching, but when I consume 60 grams of carbs, I start putting on weight.
  • 2. The second thing I did is switched to French butter. Turns out that I am deadly addicted and allergic to A1 proteins, the proteins that come from Milking cows in 99% of the planet, except France, India, and New Zealand.An intersting tidbit: French cheese also tests “no” for me, except one kind that was 40 bucks for a fist size chunk… not really worth the bother for me.
  • 3. I removed everything that has ingredients, even if it is not listed on the label. I make my own capsules, I eat even simpler than before.By ingredients I mean drying agents, smoothing agents, fillers, etc.
  • 4. And found that a lot of stuff has mold, and I have to test every package of tea or coffee I buy… both get moldy easily, and my weight will show: it will start to balloon.
  • 5. I have started to take Organic Turmeric that i capsule myself… I can’t take the capsules made by factories…And I have started to take TMG which is side product of sugar production from sugar beets.Result: now I am regular, and thin…
  • 6. Another insight I gleaned is this: it’s not sugar that destroys your teeth. It is A1 milk.If you look, countries that don’t drink milk, most Far Asian countries. But people there who started to eat ice cream and fancy coffee drinks notice that their teeth are rotting.I haven’t heard anyone make the connection, so most people will probably call bull on my observation, but I’ve had bad teeth all my life, and since I switched to French butter, I haven’t had any teeth trouble, and I don’t floss and some days don’t even brush my teeth… Weird, eh?Sometimes in dreamy moments, I think about creating a fund for small farmers and small dairies to invest in A2 milk cows and start offering the milk… The A2 milk cows give a lot less milk than the Holstein breed… but the Holstein milk, A1 milk makes billions of people sick, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain… and if I am right, tooth decay.
  • 7. I am starting to see, that many exercises do not do much for your joint flexibility. I walked for 60 years. I climbed the steps for many… I went to the chiropractor for 30. But my joint didn’t start to return to supple and not painful, until I started to do moves that regular exercise doesn’t ask for.

Here is a song that is perfect for that:

Your job is to do diagonal and sideway steps, movements with your ankles, knees, and hips. Just once a day doing every day will return you to a state you were before your joints got stuck in just one way moving…

Try it. This is the kind of things we do a lot of in my exercise class, and I love it. And my body loves it.

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