How to pick an activator, aka a spiritual practice for the fastest raising of your vibration?


How to pick an activator, aka a spiritual practice for the fastest raising of your vibration?

This is an important question, that I have not answered publicly yet, so here you are...

What raises your vibration is the spiritual practice that you are being nudged to do by the activator, and not the activator itself.

Each activator works on a certain level of your consciousness.

I will use, again, the analogy of a highrise building to demonstrate how this works:

Most people, when they come to me, live, fully, in the basement of their being. Nowadays I have received requests from people that are, at least partially, on the ground floor.

Let's consider the activators as exercise machines. The machines are on different floors of the building. Buying access to a fifth floor exercise machine when you have no access to the fifth floor is not going to give you access to the machine... Why?

Because the ticket to getting to the fifth floor is not your purchase of the activator, it is the climbing the stairs through doing the spiritual work of the lower floors.

Here is an example: a guy contacted me on September 7, seven days ago. His vibration was 130.

This is what I wrote to him:

"your vibration is 130, and if my feelings are not mistaken, you are feeling really miserable...

I saw you got the Harmonize Your Vibration audio, but you probably will also need the Heaven on Earth, either the drops or the audio to ease your fear and terror."

He bought the HOE long range and started using both the Harmonizer and the HOE.

Four days later he paid again to be tested for his vibration. It went up to 170.

Last night, day six, his vibration was up to 200... so he wanted a new activator.

This is the email I sent him:

"the easiest to continue with an activator that it is easy to understand on your level what is required of you, like procrastination, all power in all action, being in the present, self-discipline, serenity, ... because it is easy to see if you are growing that way or not.

Some activators are beyond your level, and cannot be effectively done without the coaching program."

He ignored my suggestion, and bought the Brilliance at Will activator. That is a 12th floor activator...

Why? Because you have no access to your brilliance until you handle the lower level issues, resistance, lack of clarity, assumptions, wishful thinking, inactivity, procrastination, having your hands out, victimhood, etc.

So, here we get a person who starts out to be a success story (raising your vibration 70 points in six days is unusually fast) who, now that he feels better, resumes what put him in the basement: his arrogance. His: "I know what I need" attitude.

Dumb, if you ask me. In not time he will be back in the basement... he won't even be able to stay on the ground floor: the Harmonizer is the only activator where you don't earn your vibration: it does it for you. So he never earned his 70-point rise... and therefore he is likely to lose it.

Another analogy I can use is picking courses for your college education. Picking complex mathematical courses before you get your basics handled will get you nothing...

Learning languages is another analogy: reading a book in a foreign language before you get the grammar down pat is stupid...

So now you have it.

This is why I am offering to check for you what should be your next activator: I make mistakes but not nearly as often as you do...

UPDATE: In the followup conversation with the man I had the interaction quoted in this email, he apologized (not necessary... actually shows lack of capacity for responsibility) he now asked for a suggestion.

Here is my answer to him:

"you can pick any of the obvious activators: procrastination, get into action, get into the present, nothing wrong, self-discipline, serenity, unconditional love activator

they will all work. the Unconditional Love activator is the best fit, though you will need to learn to connect to Source to truly benefit from that. That one has two versions of the activator and it really works best if you do both: the older, connected version, creates an awareness that the avatar state version lacks.

Done properly, that activator can take you as high as 295"

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “How to pick an activator, aka a spiritual practice for the fastest raising of your vibration?”

  1. I am glad to read this. I had mistaken ideas about the activators, namely that I had to do a lot of work and raise my vibration much higher before any of them would work. Maybe this is still the case? I would appreciate your guidance about the activators. Could you let me know if I need to get you to check my vibration again before you can advise me?

    I have been listening to HOE and Harmonize, and this is what’s been happening: More clarity (inner feeling of spaciousness), more seeing (insight into what I’m doing to cause the moment-by-moment conditions of my life, but it’s not happening because I’m trying to figure things out, it’s just happening), more courage (to listen to the course replays without needing to die of shame at my stupidity :), and being able to understand a little more each time I listen again. I am quite energised. Physically I have a lot of tightness in my neck and shoulders that I have not had for years, plus a bit of gastric distress, a few headaches (abnormal for me) and a general physical feeling of being out of alignment. I presume it is some kind of processing, so I am not trying to resist it. It feels like there is a lot going on.

    For the next two days after the call of June 11, I felt a huge physical space open up (hard to describe) I couldn’t think, process information, talk very well … sort of a blankness, but it wasn’t dumb blank . It only seems strange in retrospect, but now I would like to ask, is this sort of response to be expected/usual?

    Thank you Sophie.

  2. Recommendation: keep doing what you are doing. I see and feel work getting done. Your experience is normal, even I feel similarly when I work on an area that was before hidden from my view.

  3. Thanks Sophie. Also, re the choking in the throat, which I am much more aware of now since you asked about it, I think it is a physical manifestation of resistance to whatever is happening at the time. Eg, I was just reading about child poverty, and I felt the choking/burning strongly. And shallow breathing. I am not always aware of why it comes on, so I intend to continue to notice it. (This is me making a commitment. I am thinking the commitment has more power if it is spoken).

  4. when you react to “child poverty” that way, it is a sign that you consider it inherently and intrinsically wrong. Not something that you personally consider wrong, but inherently. As in “you live in a bad world”.

    It won’t completely go away, I still experience it from time to time when I read a book or watch a movie where someone is betrayed… that is something I can’t be with, and judge from time to time. Same symptom: tightness in the throat and chest

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