Connect To Source or Die

connect to source or die Connect To Source or Die

What is the Quickening movie about?

That movie is a 2012 prediction.

What is the foundation of even having any predictions? There are two: the Hopi myth that seems to be coming true (I didn’t do any research! do your homework!) and the Mayan calendar.

The Mayan calendar which is conveniently (?) illustrated by one of the temples, it is shown that humanity is approaching its current state’s fifth night.

Each period, including this one, is divided to 5 days and 5 nights. According to the Mayan Calendar the time of the fifth night is approaching. The traditional interpretation puts the end of the fifth night to December of 2012, a Swedish researcher says, that it will be as soon as October of this year, 2011.

What are the types of calamities we can expect?

  1. World war.
  2. Staged alien invasion 1 spectacularly defeated by the World Government where the few (the same people that own the Federal Banks of the world) make you unite under a world government that can finally totally strip you of all your freedoms and all your humanity. Their tools? Deception, fear mongering, commanding all the resources of Planet Earth… enough?
  3. The planet could stop for a moment and start rotating in the other direction. It has done that once in recent history, that was marked by the Great Deluge, the great flood, the story of Noah and the ark. Not pretty.
  4. Earthquakes, atomic reactor meltdowns everywhere, people running, looting, killing for their lives.
  5. For more variations visit this funny page… hey, relax, it is not the end of the world, yet!

What does the movie suggest?

There are three directions, tracking my own knee-jerk reactions.

  1. 1. Be unaware, unprepared, and die early and fast
  2. 2. Stockpile and be more separate than you were before, so even if everyone dies, you may be the last man standing. Over their dead bodies. Not likely that it will succeed, I’ve warned you!
  3. 3. Raise your vibrational frequency now so when trouble hits, you can be connected to All-Knowing, you can keep your head about you, you can look for solution, you can help others and be helped, and in the experience become part of the seed of the next humanity. 2

Will any of this be happening? I think so. 3

Source’s method of getting me to do something is to show me pictures and movies that make what I am asked feel and look urgent.

Back in June, (read the article!) I complained to Source that no one wants to raise their vibration. It said “Yet! they will, when they will know that they need it. Next year this time you have to be ready to administer one million activations per minute.”

Before that conversation I had prepared 52 distinct activator downloads, and I considered this my business. Hearing those numbers changed my game.

I won’t bore you what I had to go through to arrive to the one minute activation that more than replaced the 52.

I am working on distinct second phase activations, and I am having a deja vu. I’ve been here… just about 10 weeks ago.

I will, I predict, get to a nice number of second phase activators, all tested, ready to go, and then Source will replace them with one, on demand download, that I can help people get.

Why on earth would Source make me work on the individual activations? The question makes a lot of sense, but so will the answer.

Source doesn’t know what humanity needs activated at this stage. Source is NOT a sentient being. Source learns this through the connections of people… but at this point people are not connecting. So I am THE information source Source has.

I am an empath, I am a trained and experienced transformational coach. You’ll get what I feel you need.

Once Source gets the picture, I will be handed a full download command for the second phase. I am sure of that. I will make the command available in two ways:

  1. 1. assisted. You’ll be able to download it assisted by my connection. This means you can trust that it is fully downloaded and installed on all the levels of your being.
  2. 2. the exact words of the command. You make your connection and use those words of command. If your connection is a good connection, it will work. You’d better start practicing now!

Use the connecting sequence from this site. It works. I use the same!

You may not know what you need. And at this stage of the “game” you need to ask for what you need, not what you want.

The difference? Life or Death. Literally.

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  1. According to many, the proliferation of alien invasion movies are to prepare your mind that it is possible!
  2. A wonderful kabbalistic story will illustrate this well. This man dies and is given the choice to go to Heaven, or go to Hell. The gatekeeper shows him both. It is dinner time at both places, and he sees people gathering around a big pot of stew. Each has a spoon with a long long handle. Puzzled, he asks the gatekeeper: “I can’t see any difference. They all have the same food, there seems to be no difference.” The gatekeeper answers: Observe, that in Hell, each try to feed themselves with that clumsy long handled spoon, and most of the food spills before it reaches their mouths. In Heaven they feed each other.”
  3. Whether it is comets, brown dwarf planets, red stars… I don’t care. Knowledge of that is NOT power. That is gossip level knowledge. That will not prepare you to what’s coming. On the other hand, learning to connect to Source and get creativity, love, patience, wisdom, power from it is Power itself. That is what I am going for. And I suggest you do the same.

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