What is a spiritual practice? And what does it have to do with raising your vibration?

self-awareness-2Spiritual practices are the tools we have to activate our capacities, including the new capacities just received on September 4-5.

The expression, spiritual practice, has two parts:

  1. Practice: something you do again and again, until it becomes second nature to you. Like driving. Like touch-typing, like reading. First it is chunky, you need all you got to perform the task, and you experience more failures than successes, like in learning to ride a bicycle… in learning to walk.

    to-insist-on-spiritual-practiceOnce you rise on the levels of learning, from unconscious incompetence, to conscious incompetence, to conscious competence (you still need to think about it!) to unconscious competence, you need to pick another spiritual practice, otherwise you will be stuck with thousands of capacities not used. Still in the basement of your being.

    spiritual_practice-2Each capacity has tens of different aspects… so this is a long road: I spent almost full three years distinguishing and practicing the different aspects of generosity, and almost the same amount of time to distinguish and practice authenticity: the art of having nothing to hide, the art of living a seamless life.

    Caring, as a capacity, is still largely uncharted territory for me, and so is respect, and humility… I am doing what you are doing (if you are doing it, lol) only on a different level of my being.

  2. Spiritual: the practice, knowingly, intentionally, consciously used to grow yourself, to align yourself, your being, your doing, with the Original Design: the Human Being that is the creator of their life.

    Doing spiritual practices without the correct mindset, without the correct guidance and prompting, is like practicing breathing or yoga for 40-50 years… nothing will come out of it.

The tools I offer are the activators, the various activators, first level, second level, and avatar state audio activators, they all work, and they work well at nudging you and directing your attention on the distinction you said you wanted to practice.

If the distinction you picked is on your level, if it is a good match for your current level of being, you’ll experience a certain “right-ness”, like a heated knife sinking into butter.

spiritual-practicesPicking a spiritual practice with your mind will give you the opposite results: a no-match, a discord, a WTF experience. Your mind uses shoulds and societal norms to advise you… they are always off, they are the opposite of spiritual.

Yesterday I had a 90-minute Path to Enlightenment coaching call that showed this brilliantly.

The call was around procrastination: how we consider every instance of ‘not doing what we are supposed to do’, procrastination, and how using the procrastination activator from that mindset, that societal pressure, will produce no spiritual gains, no rise of vibration, only more self-hate, and resignation.

Which means that even if you are using the Avatar State Activators, your best bet is to come to the Path to Enlightenment coaching sessions as often as you can, so you get access to the tens of aspects of an activator, the background mindset, and the correct mindset that makes it all spiritual.

recoveryBecause, believe it or not, spiritual practices done without the correct mindset will not produce the results you hope for, example for this is the 12-step programs: people go through the 12 practices of the program, dutifully, but without grasping the essence of them… and their vibration stays the same, they stay addicts, they stay victims, they stay low-low vibration wretches, no offense meant, just the fact.

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