Want to know how you feel to others?

Want to feel your own energy?

A social media site, has been bugging me to accept a guy into my circle.

I am weighing it: shall I? I remember our last interaction. It was about ten years ago. His business was failing, and he asked me to coach him. I wasn’t busy at the time, so I did.

He was accusing his wife of sending him dark energy… He could feel the negativity radiating towards him.

I recommended that he cloaked and bubbled himself.

And then the truth came out…

…it was his darkness that he was feeling. His own. Because after he was cloaked and bubbled, his darkness became stronger. If I recall it correctly, his soul correction is Finish What You Start…

Most of you would benefit from this experiment. You may project your own darkness, your own misery on others, and then you feel superior. Or, alternatively, you find out that you have been surrounding yourself with people who want you down.

If you are like that guy, if you managed to feel your own energy, you would say: OMG… and would, maybe, want to start rising through honesty and work… instead of blaming the whole world for your misery.

So how do you feel your own energy? What you put out?

I learned this technique from several places. It’s an energy technique… for beginners. The technique has two parts:

Part 1: cloaking
Part 2: bubbling

Cloaking: the essence of the technique is to energetically cover yourself with a tent. You can use your imagination. I use energies. Unless you are an energy master, your imagination has to do… You throw up a sheet or a tent and make sure it goes over your head and reaches, front and back to the ground.

You will need to practice, but everyone can do it.

You’ll show your mettle 1 in this: are you willing to do something unfamiliar that may reveal something about you?

Bubbling: imagine a beautiful shiny, shimmering soap bubble. Now make the soap bubble grow… and grow taller than you.

Now step into it, one foot first, then the second.

The soap bubble will close after you. And you’ll notice that the soap bubble will float. Above the floor, above the ground.

You’ll be isolated from the world.

Now, check in with yourself… and keep checking.

This even works if you are an empath

That feeling you feel is you. You are that. The bubble is reflecting your energy back at you.

If you have to work on floating the bubble, or you want to feel good about yourself, please stop. Just allow yourself to feel what is there.

It is indicative of your inner world… It is triggered by nothing but the gap between your two selves…

All misery comes from that gap. And all joy comes from the two selves joining, even if just for a moment. Self-love…

Meet halfway…

You can raise the self below, and you can lower the self above…

Depending on your soul correction, different behaviors will get the job done. There in no one size fits all…

I can help. If you start doing some spiritual practice that is not a good match, you are puffing up your delusional self, instead of helping it meet your real self. So please stop…

I know you think you know everything. In fact you know everything better than me.

But unless your life is amazing, unless your health is amazing, unless your relationships are amazing… maybe what you know is not useful…

No trust? No energy?

Oh well, then you will have to remain how you are…

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  1. mettle: a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

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