How to get smarter with the same brain you had yesterday… Or dumber… this is the direction most people go

I wrote this article on Thursday… two days ago. I just didn’t want to jam up your pipes…

Lots of people are looking for some remedy, some solution for low IQ. Interestingly most of them are from developing countries. Mainly from Asia.

But occasionally Westerners notice, also, that they are not very smart, that they cannot think well. Same IQ, different experience.

But let’s consider that you are just foggy… that you are less smart than your usual self… what is going on?

Your brain turns slower, it misses stuff… and your results are less than pristine. You don’t see, you don’t hear, you are in a fog, or maybe molasses.

This happens to me too, but unless I am challenged, it is hard to notice. You notice that your brain is off only when you really need it.Most people never notice, because their lives are so undemanding, intellectually.

But if I think I am smart, and I am in my dull phase… I can cause damage. So I need to know, and fast, so I can do something about it.

My private IQ test of sorts

I don’t know what my IQ score is, I have never done an IQ test. Instead I have been a producer. Solved hard problems. Read thousands of books, completed university curriculums, learned six foreign languages… But my experience of myself and my brain has been predominantly an experience, that it is not smart enough.

So even though I had, all my life, lived a brainy life, I could, for all I know, have an average IQ. It is not what you have, it is what you can do with what you have.

The Scottish created the modern world. Its foundation was children reading. There was a free lending library in every village, every hamlet. If there was a church… there was a lending library.

And when children are allowed to read what they want, they go where human nature leads them: inventing, adventures, curiosity. I was a child like that… preferred reading to eating.

What you can do, what you will do depends on more than on your raw IQ… In fact 90% depends on factors other than you IQ.

I play a lot of Freecell… which is a solitaire card game. I play it on my computer. It keeps the mind busy, so I can hear what is being said, or I can ponder or allow my other than conscious mind tune into what it wants to tune into. 1

Every Freecell game can be solved, so it’s mainly a skills game. And how you perform will depend on your skills and your brain coherence. 2

Coherence is when all your nerve endings fire in harmony.

Heart coherence is the same, the HeartMath institute supposedly measures heart coherence.

Yesterday, on my monthly Talk to me webinar I did Brain and Pancreas cleansing. I did it because I felt I needed it. How I felt it? I had to lean close to the computer monitor to read…

Last night, it feels, like I didn’t sleep after two hours of sleeping. Yet I woke up ready. You know the feeling when you are ready for the day… right?

I finished a ton of half finished articles (five), and then I had nothing to do… or at least I didn’t want to start anything new. So I played Freecell.

And I made it hard for myself… and to my surprise, I won every game.

Now, what did actually happen?

I was obviously smarter than yesterday. I can also see better… a lot better.

Even though the gook is still coming out from my eyes…

Our brain is an organ. It gets fed by the food we eat. It gets challenged by our habits: eating, thinking, behaviors, sleeping, noise… all our habits.

All that creates toxins. Not only what you are afraid of. Actually YOU generate most of the toxins. With your behavior.

We eat food that isn’t completely digested, maybe, because you don’t chew… maybe because it is the wrong food for you, or the food is, maybe even toxic.

The body, to cope, hides the toxins in fat. Because the toxins, in the blood, would kill the body.

The brain is mostly fat. It is a “perfect” place to store toxins…

But the toxins interfere with brain functions. Ooops.

So, from time to time, I cleanse my brain. And this Wednesday I did it publicly… Using the channeled energy, on my Talk to me webinar.

The gentle Source energy, the Light, starts to leach the toxins out of your brain. The Light separates the toxins, and they ooze out of your brain, your eyes, and most of it clears out… unless, of course, your liver isn’t functioning correctly because it is stopped up.

It was interesting to see that some students who lately have been duller than usual, tested toxic for the brain, and muscle testing recommended seven, for one person even ten repetitions of the cleansing regimen.

You might think of asking: what is toxic? but I have found that everything is toxic, more of less. Including your emotions.

There is no food that is not toxic at all…

One of the reasons that every food is toxic is because the planet is toxic. It wasn’t always toxic, but it is getting more toxic every day.

I know you don’t care. How do I know? Because if you cared, you’d do something about it. But you are more interested in your comfort…

And then you lie about it…

The third reason I have found that your brain becomes toxic will surprise most of you: if you eat in a different style than your body likes to eat.

What do I mean by that?

Some bodies like to eat by appetite. Appetite is not hunger, appetite signals itself by salivating. Of course if you salivate for cakes or chocolate… then you are eating non-food… you have already bastardized your body.

I have found only four eating types… The Human Design institute insist that there are 12 types… but I haven’t found the other eight.

The three types are:

eating by appetite
eating by taste
eating by separating… completely, or just by a little bit of time

I am a separator: one ingredient per meal. Of course that is largely impossible, at least for me.

So I add fat, which is another ingredient.

When I add anything else, and to the degree I add, I get dumb, and get toxins in my brain.

If you are a “by appetite” person, you need to increase your appetite, or you won’t digest your food… and the undigested food is the source of your toxins.

If you are a “by taste” person, then being a good cook, eating tasty food is mandatory if you want to remain sharp.

All suggestions of “what is good for you” destroy your body’s awareness, and you’ll become toxic and dull.

It’s not easy.

The same things that make you toxic also make you fat… unless, of course, you are starving yourself to death.

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  1. When you read, when you listen, the speed of the incoming is too slow for the brain, and it cannot stand waiting for the next word… Nerve wrecking. So your mind wonders, and then you stop listening altogether.

    My brain probably would do the same thing. Or I would interrupt all the time. So instead I set it up that I have to do something to occupy the mind while it is waiting for your input.

    When I read, lying down, I go deep into what I read… not thinking, sinking. Like food… not just gobbling down, but actually tasting, enjoying.

    You have to know your brain to be able to stay with it.

  2. When you have too much time at hand, when your thoughts wonder, when your emotions are active, you have turbulence… your brain will be incoherent. Also, when you don’t sleep enough, or you are eating the wrong foods, or your cell hydration drops under 30%, all physical reasons, your brain coherence will be lower.

    You do best when your brain is coherent.

    You do best when your brain is coherent. When it fires on all cylinders… when the pipes are not plugged up… when you are using the right fuels at the right time… to use car analogy.

    You do best when your cells, including your brain cells are at or above 30% hydrated. I try to keep my cell hydration above 50%. Luckily even just a glass of coherent water will add 10-15 points… So when I notice that I am dumb, trip over my own tongue, can’t remember words, I just drink a tall glass of Coherent Water, energized with the Water Energizer Audio, and in a minute, I am good and smart. Just ask my regular students… this happens almost every webinar… I start out dumb, and turn around on a dime.

    You are best when you are not trying to make your vehicle faster than it’s designed, or make sharp turns, or have more than one task.

    You are best when you are not forcing the brain. Cramming for exams is forcing. Trying to read fast is forcing. Having an agenda to read faster is forcing.

    The brain does not respond well to forcing. It actually lowers its capacity, by far.

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